A guide to choosing the perfect kitchen countertop

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of our home where we not only prepare delicious meals for our loved ones but it is also the place where so many important conversations and memories take place. And if the dining area is attached to your kitchen, then your friends who are invited over dinner or lunch also join you there.

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Well since this area is so important, it should also be designed in the best possible way. Gone are the days when just getting a modular kitchen was enough. These days, people focus on every single thing that you add to your kitchen. And as we talk about kitchen designing, we just cannot miss out on the countertops as they play a vital role in making a kitchen look perfect. If you are planning to get that perfect kitchen countertop, here is a guide for you.

  • Stainless steel countertop: If you are looking for a great countertop choice that can go well with your perfect kitchen design layout, then the stainless steel countertop can be the best choice for you. As sophisticated as it is functional, the stainless steel countertop is a stylish choice that is also heat and stain-resistant. The homeowners, who opt for the stainless steel countertop designs, need to be conscious of the scratches that the material is prone to.
  • Ceramic tiles countertop: Ceramic tiles and their cousin Porcelain tiles have always been in fashion. These are usually less expensive than other designs however they can chip and then need to be replaced. On the plus side, the scratches are non-existent and the kitchen is super easy to clean. For a great look add the same tiles to the backsplash to make a seamless look.
  • Butcher block countertop: One of the most modern luxury kitchen layouts designs includes a kitchen island and for that, the best idea is to opt for a butcher block countertop. Made of wood, this countertop can double up as a chopping and food preparation area which will eliminate the need for a separate chopping board. It is also a great choice since wood is relatively less expensive and good at being heat resistant; however, the downside of this design is that you need to remove any spillage to preserve the wood at the earliest.
  • Marble countertop: Most luxury kitchen design tips include getting a marble countertop and that is for good reason. Marble chips and stains easily; however there is no other countertop that looks nearly as luxurious. Go for a white or black marble countertop to uplift the kitchen easily, but be prepared for the high maintenance cost attached to it.
  • Granite countertop: For those who are looking for something more functional than marble, the best option is a granite countertop. These cost lesser than marble, but are more resilient and have lesser cost. Just go easy while keeping heavy things on the countertop since it can develop cracks that can ruin the look for you.

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If you are looking for further insights about your kitchen countertop design, a great idea is to consult professionals. Dial-up the Snaidero Kitchen Designs, for some of the best advice you can receive when designing the kitchen of your dreams. The kitchen design experts are available at +97142944803.

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