8 Essential Modern Kitchen Design Trends that will
be Big in 2021

Over the years, so many kitchen design trends have come to the market that it has become perplexing to decide the design that we should go for. While you are looking for modern kitchen design trends for Dubai homes, you will come across several options. However, before you finalize a design, you need to be sure about the size of your kitchen. This will help you to make an informed decision about your kitchen design.

modern kitchen design trends

Here are the most attractive modern kitchen design ideas for you to choose from:

  • Totally Black: Industry experts believe that the total black Modern Kitchen Design is already catching a lot of attention and will even be more popular in the coming years. You can choose either shiny or matte, and try to keep the design as minimalist as possible.
  • Glass: One of the Modern Kitchen Design Trends that is liked by a lot of people in Dubai is the one with transparent or frosted glass. Many of the kitchen furniture that are made of transparent glass like finish can be added to the kitchen.
  • Wooden finish: Wooden finish never goes out of fashion. You can choose the design that you want in wood.
  • Gold finish: If you are looking for luxury kitchen design trends, gold finish is highly suggested. You can add as much of gold work in the kitchen as you want. While the base color can be white or black, the taps, sink and door knobs can be golden. You can also choose a majority of the designs in golden finish.
  • Double islands: When you have a larger space, you can add double islands. This is one of the luxury kitchen design trends that you should opt for, especially when it is about utilizing the space in the best way.
  • Larder cupboards: Larder cupboards or pantry cupboards has been one of the famous kitchen design trends since many years. This design is actually very helpful as you can keep all the food items at one place, and they are not scattered all around your kitchen area. You will be more organized with the availability of larder cupboards in your kitchen.
  • Walnut cabinetry: The walnut cabinetry has come back in trend. The rich and dark finish brings an instant luxury to the look of the kitchen. This idea hardly ever goes out of trend but it is becoming increasing popular.
  • Open-Plan Kitchen: Most home renovations are doing away with the need of a separate dining room; the kitchen is claiming this space. Most homes are also removing the wall between the living room and kitchen in favor of an open-plan kitchen.

modern kitchen design trends

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