8 Easy and Effective Small Kitchen Design
Ideas for Dubai Homes

You can efficiently utilize your small kitchen area using appropriate small kitchen design ideas in your Dubai home. The super-organized modular cabinets and spacious countertops make the most of the workspace and improve the workflow. So, space won’t be an issue once you position and organize every amenity smartly and strategically in your kitchen. To aid in your pursuit, we have listed the top 8 effective and attractive small kitchen design ideas, and you can select the layout that mostly fits your requirements.

kitchen design ideas

A Galley or Corridor-Style Kitchen:

It is the best layout for narrow and long kitchen spaces with two parallel wall cabinets, countertops, and base cabinets’ rows. In this setup, you need to cluster the kitchen amenities like the stove, sink, dishwater, microwave oven, mixer/grinder, and refrigerator in a small area to utilize the whole workspace. You may use the different rows for distinct purposes, and that will further organize your kitchen skills. 

Kitchen with a Small Island:

No matter how tiny your kitchen space is, you can add a multifunctional island inside it. The island with a flat countertop and base cabinets will provide you highly required work and storage efficiency in small kitchens. A suitable island will turn your small kitchen design into an amazing experience, where you can attend to your guests or have dinner parties. Kitchen Island is also applicable for the food prep area, or you may keep any modern kitchen appliances on the countertop.  

Linear or One-Wall Kitchen:

It is a tight layout with half of the cabinet and counter space of a galley kitchen. So, you may need to compromise some of the heavy kitchen appliances like roasting ovens, dishwashers, salamanders, coffee makers, etc. But these amenities are generally not included in the household kitchen. If you use the upper and lower cabinets of your linear kitchen for storage purposes and reserve the counter space for food prep, then you can enhance the functionality of your small place. 

Corner or L-Shaped Kitchen:

The latest small kitchen designs in Dubai emphasize corner or L-shaped kitchens for improved functionality. L-shaped kitchen enhances the walk area, and hence it supports smooth traffic in the kitchen workspace. You can reduce the stretch of your kitchen as per your requirement and make the kitchen a stunning corner of your apartment. Attractive color schemes will make the corner kitchen more gorgeous and separate it from the rest.  

Modular Kitchen with Transitional Design:

If you dream of luxury small kitchen designs, the transition kitchen with modular cabinetry is the best choice. Modular kitchen cabinets ensure high storage capacity in small spaces so you can keep all the culinary appliances and ingredients in order. Also, the transitional shapes have geometric and practical lines in cabinetry, countertops, and shelves, which are easy to clean and maintain.  

Kitchen with Cabinetry up to the Ceiling:

You may push the wall cabinets to the ceiling in short kitchen spaces to utilize the whole area. Generally, the kitchen cabinetry has open spaces on the top, and in most cases, those spaces are left unused. The wall along cabinetries will significantly boost the storage capacity within a tiny area. 

The Dining Kitchen:  

It is a modified concept of combined kitchen and dining, which is especially effective for small areas. The layout suggests installing all the culinary appliances by the wall to utilize the floor for dining purposes. In this way, you can open up the maximum spaces of your small apartment in Dubai. Also, you can serve hot meals to your family in a dining kitchen setup. 

The U-Shaped Kitchen:

It is the most convenient layout to keep lots of amenities in a small kitchen design. The U-shape helps to place cabinets and countertops along three adjoining walls, which significantly expands the functionality and storage capacity. Also, it provides the renowned kitchen triangle for smooth workflow during food preparation. 

small kitchen design ideas

So, no matter how small space you have, never step back from your dream kitchen setup. You can construct an impressive layout with great functionalities as per your available apace by following these ideas. Feel free to contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for more effective small kitchen design tips. You can call their representatives at +97142944803 for expert opinions.

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