7 Things to Consider when Designing a Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are in trend for many decades due to their organized and uncluttered functionality. An amazing modular kitchen design enhances the storage capacity and work efficiency as well as opens up the functional area. So, you can keep all your culinary utensils and ingredients in order. A modular kitchen will increase your interest in cooking due to the smooth operation and flexible working style.  For impressive modular kitchen planning, you should follow the 7 basic but most essential rules of kitchen designing. 

Plan the Kitchen Layout

You can easily install the smart modular cabinetries and smart appliances if the layout is perfect. There are several popular open kitchen layouts followed in modern interior decoration. The most convenient open kitchens can be L-shaped, U-shaped, galley, parallel, or linear. First, you need to determine the suitable layout as per space and position available for your kitchen.

Consider the Working Triangle

The working triangle or popularly known as “the kitchen triangle” helps to create a good workflow between the highly used areas, like the oven, sink, and refrigerator. It is a century-old formula of enhancing functionality within a limited space and is widely followed in the latest modular kitchen design ideas.  

Optimize the Storage Space

Storage is a crucial factor in kitchens, as it is tricky to store the numerous kitchen tools of different sizes and the whole batch of cooking ingredients. The cabinetry in the modular kitchen generally includes shelf cupboards, sectional drawers, and tall storage units. The separate drawers and cabinets are suitable to store different commodities in perfect order so you can get anything quickly at your hand’s reach. 

Use the Countertops

Marble countertop set upon cabinets and drawers is a common attraction for modular kitchen ideas. The countertops are highly functional for food prepping, serving, or keeping the kitchen amenities. You can also install countertops made of granite, soapstone, engineered stone, ceramic tile, wood, stainless steel, or any other solid surface. 

Select Quality Material for Low Maintenance

The kitchen material requires deep cleaning and goes through some rough abuses during food preparation. So it is better to choose high-quality material and straightforward designs for the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Steel, stone, and wood are the best choices for luxurious modular kitchen designs due to their high durability. 

Keep Ample Ventilation

The kitchen is a space that usually deals with lots of smoke and heat during culinary activities, and hence, adequate ventilation is a prime requirement for indoor kitchens. It is better to keep large windows beside kitchen space, so the air can easily circulate inside. You can install the electric kitchen chimneys for ventilation, but having windows is good in its natural way. 

Reflect on the Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures

Attractive modular kitchen designs include smart and modern appliances that run on electricity. So, you need to place the electrical points near the countertops where you will keep the gadgets. Also, plumbing is another essential factor for consideration in the kitchen, and smooth drainage is ideal for keeping up the workflow. 

modular kitchen design

These effective modular kitchen tips will help you design an open kitchen perfectly with all modern amenities. Now, if you want to know more regarding the budget and utilities of modular kitchens, feel free to call Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803. They will help you with more detailed insights and through planning. 

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