6 Types of Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Home Interiors

When planning your home interior, you should design your open kitchen based on practical and functional aspects. The open kitchen has numerous benefits, as it allows you to spend good family time while cooking. Also, you can attend to your guests in an open kitchen and will never feel like cooking alone. Hence, an amazing open kitchen design will turn your food prepping into an enjoyment. 

You will find the top 6 types of open kitchen design ideas in the following section. Go through that to plan a perfect kitchen based on your available space. 

open kitchen design ideas

Straight or Linear Kitchen:
It is a simple and space-efficient open kitchen design without forfeiting any functionality. In a straight kitchen, the cooking range, sink, wall cabinets, base cabinets, refrigerator and others installed in a single wall, and for the linear pattern, many refer to it as a one-wall kitchen. It is perfect for shallow spaces and saves a lot of floor space. Straight kitchens also used for outdoor setups.

L-Shaped or Corner Kitchen:
L-shaped open kitchens are trendy worldwide, which is the perfect design to utilize the corner spaces. The open area in the middle provides a smooth operation in the kitchen for more than one person. You can install striking color-combination, pattern or design of the cabinet cover to make the kitchen a gorgeous corner in your home.

Galley or Corridor Kitchen: 
It is an attractive open kitchen design, with very economical use of space. Galley Kitchen includes two rows of cabinets positioned in parallel order and allows you to get everything within your arms reach. For this reason, this layout provides an excellent utility for space management. You can place the cabinets, kitchen appliances, sink and others systematically in this layout.

U-Shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen:
In a U-shaped kitchen, three adjacent walls used to install cabinetries and countertops. It is a very functional layout for larger kitchens and provides the famous work triangle. Also, it gives the maximum working and storage space for keeping the utensils. You can maximize the wall space by creating a U-shaped kitchen and furnish your kitchen with a compact look.

Island Kitchen:
The latest open kitchen designs incorporate an island in the kitchen space to maximize the space utility. The island in the middle provides a wide work surface and storage option. It can be used for meal prep, serving, eating purposes, or you can keep your kitchen appliances on the countertop. Also, you can attend to your guests at the counter without interrupting the food preparation.

G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchen:
In this layout, one sidewall includes the cabinetries, while the opposite side has countertops, and an island connects both these sides. You can use this peninsula from both sides for food preparation, eating and other storage purposes. This open kitchen design or layout is applicable where no independent space is available to install the kitchen island.

open kitchen design ideas

The kitchen layout is a crucial factor for your home interior, and proper planning can ensure the perfect utilization of your indoor space. Feel free to contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for simple one-wall to luxurious open kitchen design ideas at +97142944803 and make the kitchen the heart of your home.

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