5 Tips for Planning the Design of Kitchen in Dubai


Designing a kitchen is not as easy as it first looks. The biggest challenge in planning the layout of the kitchen is to determine the workflow of the kitchen since based on this you can plan everything else, from storage to dining space. If you too have decided to undertake the task to accomplish a design of a kitchen in Dubai, you must prepare by doing your research beforehand and work with consultants who you can trust. To help you out we have compiled a list of tips that can guide you to make the right decisions. Here are the top kitchen design ideas that can help you make the most out of your available resources and make your new kitchen great to look at while amazing to use.

design of kitchen

  • Outline your budget – One of the most important decisions to make early in the designing process will be to decide on the investment that you are willing to make on the project. Although you may believe that money will not be an issue since you have enough for the kitchen designing or renovation expenses, allocating a budget will help you stay on track and decide on things such as the cost of material and equipment.
  • Kitchen layout – Finalizing a layout is one of the most important parts of creating the design of the kitchen. There are several layouts that you can go for based on the availability of space, the equipment, and the flow that you would like to maintain in the kitchen. If you want to choose between layouts, you can explore layouts such as single wall layout, galley layout, L shaped layout, U shaped Layout, Island kitchen layout, etc.
  • Consider the lighting – Since you are located in Dubai, you have the luxury of clear blue skies through most the year and you can take advantage of the natural lighting in your kitchen as one of the modern designs of the kitchen. After sundown, you can consider switching to multi-layer lighting which does not leave any dark corners. You can also consider utilizing the other light sources shared with other rooms if you want to have an open kitchen design.
  • Appliances of your choice – If you want to get a modern and luxury design of the kitchen; you must use appliances that fit well the color theme of your kitchen. This means that you need to carefully match the colors of your kitchen walls, work counters, other fixtures such as taps, and even the floor. You also need to minimize and choose only the bare minimum appliances that you want to keep out in the open and fix storage space for the rest.
  • Save enough for storage – Do make sure to reserve extra area for storage so that once you have started working in the kitchen the area does not feel cramped. Do consider the fact that you may still make impulsive purchases later and would need dedicated storage space to keep things out of sight. A pantry in these cases may come in handy.

design of kitchen

Apart from these best designs of kitchen ideas, it is also important to work with a trusted consultant who has expertise in kitchen design. In Dubai, you can doubtlessly go for Snaidero Kitchen Design, where the expert consultants would partner with you to help you make the best decision on every step of the plan. You can give us a call at +971 42944803 and come to a step closer to perfecting your kitchen plan.

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