5 Open Bar Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

If you have ever seen a bar in a kitchen and found that design to be an interesting addition to your kitchen, you are not alone. Plenty of homeowners around the world have successfully implemented the idea and added style, sophistication, and added functionality to their kitchen. A bar table is a worthy replacement of a dining space and can save you a lot of space while adding great visual appeal to the kitchen. It also adds to the social aspect of the kitchen and you can easily entertain guests there during a small get together as you are busy in the kitchen. You can get creative with the open kitchen design and use the bar to separate your kitchen from your living room. You can also match your kitchen bar design with the rest of the kitchen so that you can see uniform color schemes and design elements all around. If you too want to explore some open bar kitchen design ideas, we have you covered with the design ideas below:

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  • Design it together – Always try to buy the bar as a part of the kitchen and better still when you are designing the entire kitchen layout. This way you can ensure the design elements such as color and texture are continued from the kitchen. Without it, the bar design can look out of place and you have to do some research in finding the right color that compliments your kitchen.
  • Choose the right Material – You can experiment with a lot of material such as engineered wood, engineered stone, laminate, ceramic tile, metal, and even glass to create the right effect. Almost all materials that are available for the countertop can be used in designing the bar as well.
  • Under the Bar – You can choose to leave the bar as a table with some open leg space underneath or go for a closed design below. The solid design can give you some great storage options. The vacant space on the other hand can be used to accommodate the bar stools or tables below when not in use in the open bar kitchen design.
  • Choose the right furniture – Usually, bar stools or high chairs are the right furniture to go with the kitchen bar. The key here is the number of chairs that you would like and the color theme. Most homeowners like to go for high chairs with metallic or wooden legs. You also need to keep some space between the bar table surface and the level of the chairs for this open kitchen design idea.
  • Merge with the Island – If you have or planning to have a kitchen island in your layout, you can effortlessly add the kitchen bar to it. You can elevate it from the kitchen island to designate some space to the bar, or also keep it at the same level depending on your preference.

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If you wish to use these or any other ideas for modular open bar kitchen, you can contact our consultants at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. We specialize in open kitchen designs for home, which we can implement in kitchen spaces of all sizes and shapes. To book a free consultation, you can give us a call at +971 42944803.

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