5 Modular Kitchen Layouts Perfect for
                              Apartments and Villas

As we talk about the kitchen, we only think about modular kitchens. However, the challenge comes when it is about matching a particular modular kitchen design to your kitchen perfectly. Many people get confused with some of the layouts as they are not sure if the design will go with the available space and the layout of the rest of the house. Well, whether you are living in an apartment or a villa, these modular kitchen design tips on choosing the right layouts are surely going to help you in getting the perfect design.

modular kitchen layout

  1. U-shaped Kitchens: One of the modular kitchen design tips for villas is choosing a U-shaped kitchen design. This will help you keeping everything within reach. You can store a lot of things on the counter-tops; therefore, it will be easier for you to find things without any effort. This design is also favored if more than one person is working in the kitchen simultaneously.
  2. L-shaped Kitchens: Whether the size of your kitchen is big or small, you can opt for an L-shaped kitchen. As one of the best modular kitchen design tips for apartments, this is a well-suited layout as it will not take a lot of space in your kitchen.
  3. Island Kitchens: If there is a huge space in the kitchen, this is the best design to go for. One of the luxury modular kitchen design tips for an Island kitchen is to go for colors like white and golden. This not only adds a luxury touch to your kitchen but space is also utilized properly as you can use the island either for cooking or as dining space.
  4. Parallel Kitchens: This is the best layout for kitchens that have long walls on both sides. In parallel kitchens, both the sides of the walls are used and each space is properly utilized. Cleaning the kitchen area also becomes easier when you have a parallel kitchen.
  5. Customized Kitchens: The idea of a customized kitchen is that when you know your kitchen thoroughly, and you can arrange units from various modules and use them on the walls. You do not have to follow one particular style but can use your style. From the color of the kitchen to the design of the shelves and cabinets, you can create a unique design for your kitchen. One of the best modular kitchen design tips for customized kitchens is to decide whether you want to customize a traditional kitchen or a contemporary kitchen.

modular kitchen layout

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