5 Fantastic Modular Kitchen Design Ideas that
will Work for Dubai Homes

If you live in the beautiful city of Dubai, you are not only accustomed to the fast-paced life and luxury of the city but also the spacious houses with quite big kitchens. While living in a smaller 2 BHK apartment or even a studio apartment, you can still create your dream kitchen with amazing modular kitchen design tips. Anything is possible in Dubai, and if you are looking for modular kitchen design ideas, then you have some great sources to get your kitchen designed. All that you need to do is to get in touch with a company that can make it happen. When you are looking for a stylish modular kitchen in Dubai, nothing can beat Snaidero Kitchen Designs. Before we start talking about the company, let us first discuss some latest modular kitchen design ideas that will certainly woo you.

modular kitchen design

  • Kitchen Island: You know what is the best thing about a kitchen island? You can get it installed both in a large as well as a small kitchen. Only the size of the kitchen island will change. And as you are looking for Modular Kitchen Design ideas, you can get units like a sink, hob, and even dishwasher installed in it. Wait, there is more! You can even get cabinets or shelves installed in it for additional storage.
  • Hidden Appliances: If you have appliances that are a bit old but working fine, or they are of different colors, you can conceal them. Wondering how would you use them then? Well, you can house them in cabinets and keep them away from prying eyes. For example, you can get a tall cabinet installed and keep your refrigerator inside it. It is one of the most attractive modular kitchen design tips that will let you use your existing appliances without compromising the kitchen theme.
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  • Drawers: Instead of cabinets, for the under-the-counter areas you can get drawers. The drawers come with more space and you will get more area to organize your utensils. You do not even have to bend down to access them.
  • Integrated Power Outlets: The power outlets sometimes create a lot of hindrance in designing a kitchen properly. One of the very useful modular kitchen design tips is to get integrated power outlets. Once you pull the cabinets, you will get to see the power outlets. Be prepared to see that surprised look on the face of your guests as they will keep wondering how you manage your kitchen without any power outlet.
  • Pull-out Pantry: A pull-out pantry is one of the most sought-after modular kitchen ideas as this helps a lot in saving space. You can get a tall pantry installed in your kitchen, which can be less in width but more in depth. There won’t be any door, and you have to pull it out every time you want to take something out from the pantry. This is an amazing space-saving idea that helps you stack away plenty of condiments and ingredients.

modular kitchen design ideas

Like these five, there are heaps of luxury modular kitchen design tips that you can get from the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can contact them at +97142944803, and even exchange your ideas with them. The ideas shared by the experts here will actually help you get a one-of-a-kind modular kitchen in Dubai.

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