5 Cost-Effective Modular Kitchen Design Tips for Dubai Homes

Do you have the notion that modular kitchens are pretty expensive and it will break your bank? If yes, please read this article for cost-effective modular kitchen design tips.

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Modular kitchens are in trend for a seamless cooking experience and stunning visualizations. It usually includes modern cooking appliances and modular cabinetries that makes it expensive than traditional kitchens. But with proper planning, you can build a budget-friendly modular kitchen, and here we will present some practical ideas for budget-friendly modular kitchen designs to aid in your endeavor.

Understand the Features of a Modular Kitchen

The prime feature of a modular kitchen is maximizing the utility space and work efficiency. For that purpose, the customized countertops and cabinet units are installed to place all the utensils and ingredients. Now, if you understand the purposes of the setup, then you can go for cheaper alternative options. In this way, you can build a modular kitchen at a much lesser cost with equivalent utilities. There are wide ranges of cabinetries available for the latest modular kitchen design, which you can select as per your budget and requirements.

Understand your Kitchen Requirements

The amazing modular kitchen designs are planned to conceal the amenities, and you can draw them only to use. Modular kitchens usually include ovens, dishwashers, electric or electronic chimneys, microwave ovens, freezers and ice makers, electric grills, tea/coffee makers, food processors, and many more. So, if you understand your particular kitchen requirements, you can cut the extra investment for expensive appliances and set up a modular kitchen at a much lesser cost.

Install Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplashes are the best option to keep the walls safe from water damages or stains, and they will add fresh color, pattern, and texture to your cooking range. In this way, you can avoid the costly wall tiles and have similar visual effects. Also, after a certain time, you can replace the old backsplash with a new texture or pattern. It will provide fresh and new looks every time you replace them and keep your modular kitchen design attractive.

Choose Budget-friendly Cabinetry

Timbers are usually expensive than engineered woods. So, if you build your kitchen cabinetry with engineered wood, it will provide the same finishing at a much lesser cost. There are no visual differences between these two, and you can set up a luxurious modular kitchen design as per your budget. But the longevity of wood is much higher than engineered wood, so you need to consider this while planning kitchen cabinetry.

Avoid expense on Kitchen Flooring and Ceiling

Sheet vinyl, plank vinyl, lamination are the cost-effective options for kitchen flooring that provides similar visualization. These are applicable for all types of modular kitchen designs whether traditional or contemporary. Vinyl flooring can last 5 to 25 years, which depends on its quality and installation. Also, regular kitchen ceilings are budget-friendly, and you can decorate your kitchen ceiling with white color and dark borders.

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The above trends are likely to continue well into 2020 as the top trends in Italian kitchen design. To have a better understanding of the various option that may work for you, we at Snaidero Kitchens Design, can help bring to life your dream Italian kitchen. Schedule an appointment with our team of Kitchen Design consultants today, by calling us at +971 42944803.

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