5 Beautiful Modular Kitchen Ideas
for Dubai Homes

Kitchens around the world have evolved to become a place of social interaction filled with the spirit of bonhomie. This requires that the kitchen should be as compact as possible to accommodate people and also easy to maintain since you can get some visitors dropping by for an impromptu rendezvous. For these and many other pragmatic reasons, it is highly recommended to opt for one of the modular kitchen designs. The modular kitchens are a smarter and easier way of designing a fully functional and stylish compact kitchen. They have a lot of benefits attached to them that make them an excellent choice for most modern homes which do not have a lot of space dedicated to the kitchen. There are many great modular kitchen ideas that you can go for when designing your kitchen.

To familiarize you with the concept, let us first discuss what is a modular kitchen and how is it different from the traditional kitchen. The modular kitchen is made of factory-built units also called modules that are built using a variety of lasting and resistant materials that can be easily installed. The process involves very little carpentry compared to a traditional kitchen involving woodwork and does not produce any mess.  Another benefit is that you can use a lot of stylish modular kitchen ideas to make your kitchen look great. Here are some of the Best Modular Kitchen Ideas which are easy to implement and make a lot of positive impacts.

modular kitchen ideas

  • Plan your storage layout – Once you have determined your storage requirement, you can plan a way to have a sufficient number of pulling out drawers, shelves, cupboards, and even a pantry to stack everything. You can determine then what kind of layout can you go for to have the maximum working area in the kitchen.
  • Choose your colors – The timeless classics are black and white while the gray color is becoming very popular. You can then look for pieces and fixtures that can stand out. One of the best modular kitchen design ideas can be seen as implemented in white in the Kelly design by Snaidero Kitchen.
  • Glass cabinets – A great way to add beauty and grace to the kitchen design is to add glass door cabinets above the counter. This beautiful modular kitchen idea gets even better looking if you add lights inside the cabinet to illuminate them sufficiently. Finally, go for frosted glass if you are not happy with displaying the contents of your cabinets.
  • Cupboards without handle – For a sleek design you can go for cupboards without handles. To operate you can go for a pop-up mechanism on the doors or recessed handles that are not very visible. This sleek look is well executed in the Vision by Snaidero Kitchen Design.
  • Kitchen Island – If space allows, one of the best modular kitchen ideas is to go for a kitchen island, provided you have enough space. It can dramatically improve the storage of your kitchen and provide extra working space.

modular kitchen design

There are many modular kitchen ideas for Dubai homes such as these at the Snaidero Kitchen Design, which you can implement to have an outstanding looking kitchen. You can contact us at +971 42944803 for easy to implement modular kitchen ideas and beautify your kitchen in just a few steps.

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