15 Latest Open Kitchen Design Mostly Used in
Dubai Homes

The modern apartments in Dubai are spacious, full of light with all the latest amenities available inside, and the kitchen is the heart of their homes. The latest open kitchen designs have several benefits. It makes the home spaces wider, and while cooking, you won’t feel enclosed in a room. Also, it makes the kitchen more versatile for everyday activities and socializes you with the family and guests.

Open kitchens are made as per the characteristic of the home, and these following amazing ideas for open-kitchen design will make your food preparation a more delightful experience.

open kitchen design

  •  The L-Shaped Kitchen:
  • If you want to use most of the available floor places, an L-shaped kitchen design will be perfect for you. It is also the most popular kitchen design worldwide, and you can fit in a small dining table within the kitchen space.

  •  The Island Kitchen:
  • The island in the middle of the kitchen provides an extra work surface and storage space. You may use it as a cooking surface, breakfast table, bar or wine fridge, and for other purposes.

  •  The Galley Kitchen:
  • It is a long and narrow kitchen layout with two rows of wall cabinets, base cabinets, counters, and cooking range in a parallel manner. You can use both rows for different purposes like you can split it into ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ workspaces.

  •  One-Wall or Straight Kitchen:
  • If the kitchen space is shallow, then one-wall is the best open kitchen design with great functionality. This simple layout consists of wall cabinets, drawers, base cabinets, and a cooking range set up on a single wall.

  •  The U-Shaped Kitchen:
  • Larger open kitchens in Dubai usually have this layout. The U-shaped kitchen has cabinetry installed along three adjacent walls, which provides the most efficient work triangle and lots of storage space. More than one person can work simultaneously in this kitchen layout.
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  •  The Peninsula Kitchen:
  • The G-shaped design of this kitchen layout provides an extra workspace. The kitchen counters are accessible from three sides, and like the U-shaped kitchen, more than one person can work freely.

  •  Double-L Shaped Kitchen:
  • This open kitchen layout has evolved from an L-shaped Kitchen, with two separated workspaces facing each other. It provides an extra work surface and breakfast table, making this an attractive open kitchen design.

  •  Transitional Kitchen:
  • The contemporary and traditional designs are combined aesthetically in a transitional style of decoration. You can use wooded or rock style to design the cabinets, shelves, and workspaces of the kitchen.

  •  Corridor Kitchen:
  • It is like a galley-style kitchen, with two rows of workstations facing each other. You can place the cabinets on the wall on one side and place a counter on the other.

  •  Traditional Kitchen:
  • In Dubai, people are very conscious about their culture and tradition. This open kitchen design can incorporate arches, ancient walls, and roof design.

  •  Large Open Kitchen:
  • If you prefer wide spaces for living and performing household work, a large kitchen will match your needs. You can create a luxury open kitchen design with lots of cabinets and workspace.

  •  Corner kitchen:
  • If you have minimal space for your household requirements, a small corner kitchen will serve you the best. This layout allows you to create useful counter spaces and walking areas, perfect for a one-room or studio apartment.

  •  Luxurious Kitchen:
  • Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle, so the kitchen decoration should match the scale. Kitchens with modern appliances will make your life easy and comfortable.

  •  Dining Kitchen:
  • You can add a dining table within your kitchen space to help you serve hot food while cooking.

  •  Wooden Kitchen:
  • Decorating the interior with polished wood will add a sheer attraction to the open kitchen design layout. You can use radiant or country-style wood finishing based on your other home décor.

open kitchen design

These open kitchen design ideas will match every type of interior in Dubai and make food preparation easy and a fun factor. You can also discuss more ideas with the experts from Snaidero Kitchen Designs by giving them a call at +97142944803. You will surely get some useful insights about implementation of these ideas at your home.

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