15 Crucial Tips for Designing a Kitchen You’ll
Absolutely Love

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned while planning it. The modern kitchens focus on placing the latest cooking appliances and sleek modular cabinetries in a practical order to enhance the functionality.

If you are struggling to fix a perfect layout, here are 15 crucial kitchen design tips that will help you to set up a beautiful and well-designed modern kitchen.

kitchen design

Improvise a thoughtful kitchen design:

The kitchen is the busiest place in our homes, and we usually spend a considerable amount of time in it for food preparation. Kitchen islands are perfect spaces for serving breakfast, prepping the meal, or can be used to keep modern appliances. So, plan your kitchen thoughtfully because every family has different requirements. 

Keep Wide Workspace:

A large kitchen with minimum workspace doesn’t really helps, while broad countertops in a tiny space can provide better functionality. Hence it is better to open up the workspaces by creating multiple flat surfaces inside the kitchen area. 

Determine the Functions of the Kitchen Island:

Almost every latest kitchen designs include an island to add up the functional area. The kitchen island serves several purposes, like cutting vegetables and meat, serving hot food, keeping some latest cooking appliances, and many more. When you get some extra functional space in your kitchen, you will know how to utilize it. 

Analyze the functionality from a practical perspective: 

Design and appearance are secondary requirements for the kitchen, while functionality comes first. Everything in the kitchen is designated as per their respective utilities. So, a practical perspective will help keep a good workflow between the amenities inside the kitchen area, and you can finish food preparation at ease. 

Focus on tiles and backsplash:

Cover the wet areas inside the kitchen with heavy water flow with porcelain tile or the other backsplash materials. Else, the water may damage the surrounding walls within a maximum of a couple of decades. 

Utilize the corners:

Modular kitchen cabinetries include perfect corner drawers for utilizing the corner areas inside the kitchen. You can plan an L-shaped design of the kitchen in corner areas, and that will enhance the overall space management of your modern home. 

Specifically, arrange the cooking range:

Generally, a kitchen has three separate areas with different functions. Those are the cooking area, washing area, and storage. Among them, cooking is of primary requirements, and hence you should arrange all the necessary utensils and ingredients neat the oven range. 

Choose a simple design for low maintenance:

Kitchen cabinets with a simple design and straight panels are easy to clean and maintain. It will save your time and energy for cleaning. Also, straightforward design is popular for its considerable durability if you use high-quality materials. Simple cabinets and countertops can also lead to an attractive kitchen design.

Boost the storage capacity with modular cabinetry:

Modular accessories and fittings help to organize the stuff in the kitchen in smaller spaces. It has separate drawers, shelf cupboards, and tall units to boost up the storage capacity. 

Plan the electrical outlets near countertops:

Modern kitchens include several hi-tech culinary appliances like microwave oven, mixer, grinder, juicer, blender, etc. So it will be convenient if you position the power outlets near the amenities.  

Install a wide kitchen sink with a tall water faucet:

Dishwashing is a hectic task in the entire food prepping procedure, and a wide sink with a tall water faucet will considerably cut your cleaning efforts. 

Emphasize the minimalist style:

Modern minimalist-style amazing kitchen designs are mainly focused on the base functions and cut the extra items. The angular, sleek and geometrical designs are easy to clean and also look pretty gorgeous. 

Windows are perfect for good ventilation:

You may install the modern electric kitchen chimneys to clear the smoke while cooking, but a large window will help to circulate and purify the indoor air much easily and quickly. Excess smoke can damage your lungs, so it is worth focusing on ventilation. 

Try to source maximum possible natural lights:

Food preparation is one of the finest tasks, and that requires an adequate amount of light for cutting the ingredients, cooking the foods, and decorating the plates. Hence try to keep some large windows in your kitchen area to maximize the brightness indoor.

Maintain decent landing spaces near culinary appliances:

The luxury kitchen designs usually include landing spaces near the appliances to keep the food before and after preparation. Landing space will protect you from any unwanted accidents while cooking and help you organize your food. 

kitchen design

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