11 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Simplicity is the best solution to make your life more comfortable. Design the interior of your Dubai home in such a way, so you can easily avail all the amenities. It’s vital while planning your kitchen because it’s always that one small place with lots of utensils in your house.

The following simple and attractive kitchen design ideas will make your culinary experience fantastic, and you will love working in your kitchen.

simple kitchen design

Always choose an open kitchen for simplicity:

Open kitchen layouts make them multifunctional and provide them with a broader look. Also, you can socialize with your family and friends while working in an open kitchen.

Choose a simple layout:

Many kitchen layouts are complicated, like a Peninsula or G-shapes Kitchen. So if you choose a simple kitchen design or layouts like a Straight Kitchen or L-shaped Kitchen, you can access all the cabinets and drawers easily and make good use of the floor space.

Maintain the Kitchen Triangle for efficient workflow:

Many Kitchen Planner or Interior Decorators place the stove/oven, sink and refrigerator in three corners of the kitchen or golden triangle to provide the best workflow. Even if you create a very simple kitchen layout, you can set up this triangle to ease operation.

Keep enough floor space:

You should be comfortable while working in your kitchen. The floor space will allow you to move freely within your kitchen, and more than one person can work freely. Also, it will make the kitchen look wider and full of light as well as the area will be easy to keep clean.

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Use the floor space for dining: 

If you choose simple kitchen design ideas like straight or L-shaped kitchens, you can use the floor space for dining. It’ll allow you to spend time with your guests while cooking. Also, if the floor space is adequate, you can hold get-together parties around your open kitchen.

Minimize the unnecessary appliances:

Never make your kitchen too crowded by filling it with all the modern culinary appliances. It will make your movement in the working range very hectic, and you won’t be comfortable while cooking. Instead, minimize kitchen accessories apart from the essential appliances like oven, refrigerator, juicer, etc.

Keep a large window near the cooking range:

The large window will keep the kitchen’s indoor air clear, allow enough light to come inside, and make the kitchen look wider and more hygienic. Also, you may install skylights in place of a large window in case you don’t have adequate space.

Install a simple Kitchen Island:

If your kitchen space is not ample, you can install a Kitchen island in an open layout to make your kitchen design simple. The island can be used for food preparation, serving and eating purposes. Also, you may look after your children’s homework on the counter while cooking.

Install kitchen cabinets and drawers:

The modern kitchen cabinets and drawers help to keep many utensils in a small place. In addition, it’ll help you organize your kitchen in lesser time, and for this reason, the simple and latest kitchen designs incorporate rows of cabinetries.

Design Parallel Kitchen in small space:

Parallel or Galley Kitchen will be the perfect option for a smaller space. In this layout, two rows of cabinets and counters are placed in a parallel manner. You can thus use most of the area and it also looks clutter-free and organized.

Create a visual divider with color:

It is utmost applicable for the corner kitchens in one-room or studio apartments. You can use a different color combination in the kitchen space to make it easily identifiable. It will save your space for separators and make your kitchen more attractive.

simple kitchen design

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