10 Things to Consider When Designing a Modular Kitchen

Modular interiors are the best option to systematically organize and completely renovate your kitchen. It has been in trend for more than five decades but has continuously evolved through improvements. At present, many guidelines for the latest modular kitchen design are available on the internet. We have shortlisted the ten most essential things that you should consider while designing your modular kitchen in the following section.

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Define the Layout or Shape

It is the primary and important step of designing because you can place the modular cabinetry based on the layout. Several popular and attractive modular kitchen design layouts are available, and you can choose as per your space. Defining a proper shape is essential to ensure the perfect placement of rest amenities.

Make a List of Amenities

The amazing modular kitchen designs can conceal many amenities, which you can draw only in time of use. Thus, you should make a list of facilities and services you seek to have during food preparation before finalizing your kitchen plan. It will also help you to map your available space to boost their utilization. 

Plan the Cabinets and Countertops

Cabinets and countertops are a crucial part of a kitchen required for food prep and storage. While planning cabinetries, you need to consider the work triangle or the kitchen triangle to maximize your efficiency in the kitchen. Proper placement of all amenities will enhance the functionality of your modular kitchen. 

Install a Closet for Panty

Earlier, a room was allocated nearby the kitchen as a panty for safely keeping the food items. But with time, the room has shrunk to a closet. The panty is very helpful to keep all the ingredients in one place and safe from pests. Hence, when you design your modular kitchen, keep a pantry closet along with the food prepping range.

Consider a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island enhances the space and storage management of a kitchen considerably. In count to cabinetry, it adds a storage area, also can be used for food prep and serving. It provides a smooth workflow inside even a small kitchen area as well as opens up the whole usable space. 

Think about Heating and Plumbing

Heat is an obvious factor for the places that deal a lot with fire. Place the near an air-outlet or install a kitchen chimney over it to eradicate the heat and smoke. Also, drainage is another basic requirement for kitchens, and the latest modular units ensure smooth water outlets. So, you can wash all the utensils at ease. 

Proper Ventilation is Essential

 As we have discussed, smoke is usual in kitchens, and only a proper ventilation system can ensure healthy indoor air quality. Keep sufficient windows and air outlets in your kitchen to keep the inside fresh and airy. Also, it will help to keep your kitchen free from cooking fumes and help in emergencies like fire or gas leaks. 

Choose Good-Quality Hardware Materials

When you are designing a modular kitchen, then you need to invest a reasonable amount of money. So, you will expect good longevity against your investments. The chip-quality cabinetry and kitchen hardware won’t last more than ten years, and you need to replace those to keep the kitchen functional. That will affect your time and money. 

Keep an Adequate Source of Light

Food prepping requires sufficient light, and you can select a bright color combination to make the inside look clear. Consider the spots where maximum light is needed and install bright lights on the focused spaces. The luxury modular kitchen designs suggest several spotlights to make it look attractive with full of light.

Fit Backsplashes Around the Wet Areas

The fancy and colorful backsplashes are not only a decoration but also helps to keep the wet areas safe from any water damage. Places with heavy water flow tend to get damaged after extensive use. Hence, backsplashes are incorporated in modular kitchen design ideas to enhance the durability of wet areas.

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These are the most effective modular kitchen design tips to help you plan and set up your smart modern kitchen flawlessly. You can contact the Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803 for more details.

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