Balancing Elements In Your Modern Kitchen Designs

The functionality of your kitchen is a crucial element in designing it. In order for you to move freely as you cook and make any of your kitchen projects, it is vital for it to be practical in a way that would suit your needs. However, functionality and practicality alone are not the only considerations in modern kitchen design. Nowadays, aesthetics have also become an important factor in kitchen designing.

If you are planning to have a modern elegant kitchen, read along and see the following design principles that can help you balance the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen.

Visual Symmetry and Focal Palette

Symmetry and balance are vital principles in interior designing. It keeps your kitchen visually stable, giving you a sense of order in a harmonious surrounding.

In order to achieve this, first find the focal point within the kitchen. In other words, determine what catches your attention first when you enter the room. Most of the time, it may either be a dining table or a kitchen island. Work outward such focal points, and place useful elements with similar visual weights at either side, such as kitchen appliances. Remember also to consider the texture, size, and shape of the elements you plan to choose in order to create a sense of harmony among the items.

Minimalism Among the Items

Minimalism is all about keeping things simple. However, simplifying your kitchen does not mean that you have to totally abandon the essential elements of design and functionality. In fact, the whole point of minimalism is to keep yourself from adding unnecessary details and enable you to focus only on the essentials, nothing more.

Significantly, what makes a modern elegant kitchen is its clean, crisp appearance. In order to achieve this, clean lines and sharp corners are typically used, along with hidden handles and hinges in your kitchen cabinets. Also make sure that your modern kitchen design is clutter free by incorporating clever storage solutions and concealed bins and cabinets, while keeping your shelves and countertops clean and minimal.

Integrated Kitchen Appliances

Integrated appliances are those embedded within your furniture, as opposed to freestanding units that can be moved around the room. This provides a lot of benefits in your kitchen, removing items that typically add more clutter and use more space, while giving the room an overall sleek and clean look without compromising functionality.

Among the appliances that can be integrated into your kitchen units are ovens, hobs, dishwashers, and fridges. While ovens can be put in spaces at a convenient height for you, such as wall units, hobs can be placed seamlessly into countertops. Meanwhile, dishwashers can either be exposed or hidden in a cupboard, while fridges can be integrated in cabinet panels.

Using this design method will allow your kitchen to have a versatile and sophisticated appeal, while giving you more space to move around.

Want Modern Kitchen Design?

Modern kitchen designs may look simple because of their minimalist décor. However, in order to truly balance the elements of your kitchen, it is vital that you seek the help of experts to help you achieve the look that you like, while making sure that you have everything you need on it.

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Using Marbles In Kitchen Designs To Add Splendour

To give your kitchen a sophisticated and classy touch, choosing the right textures and materials on walls, floors, and other furnishing details is vital in achieving it. For tasteful design that is both affordable and luxurious, marble has always been the prime choice, giving your kitchen a delicate look with surfaces that give out a naturally elegant accent.

Benefits of Using Marble in Adding Splendour

  1. Achieve a Regal and Elegant Kitchen Look

Marble comes in a variety of colours, designs, and finishes that provides a regal and elegant look to your kitchen, offering a timeless charm with its light-reflecting properties. This gives the room a greater sense of spaciousness, making it appear airy and brighter due to its high-gloss finish and subtle patterns that give a natural shimmering effect for that luxurious kitchen look. 

  1. Myriad of Colours and Patterns

When it comes to designing kitchen interior, understanding the colour theory is vital for tone harmonisation. Good thing that marble comes in a variety of patterns and shades, making it a versatile material which enhances selection diversity. When used with the right tone combination, such colours and patterns can make the ambiance and mood of your kitchen more luxurious and elegant according to your interior design preferences.  Moreover,  the material’s look and tonality will likely remain inalterable over a long period of time as it is exposed to less sunlight and usage. This gives the room a lasting splendour that can easily be restored once toned down.

  1. A Shattering-Resistant and Hard Wearing Material

Especially because heavy food supplies and groceries are typically placed in the kitchen, its floorings and countertops may be prone to damage should heavy cans and jars fall upon them. This may deteriorate the look of your kitchen overtime, diminishing its elegance. However, with the use of marble as a material, there will be less cracking and shattering in the kitchen since being a natural stone, it is highly durable, maintaining the splendour and luxurious look it gives. It is also resistant to high temperatures, ensuring that not only your kitchen, but also your home, is safe from fire hazards. 

How to Achieve an Elegant Kitchen Using Marble

In achieving an elegant interior for your kitchen with a lasting splendour, using marble with the right colours, tones, and textures that blend with each other must be first accomplished. For this, expert opinion must be resorted to, making it vital for you to seek the help of the best kitchen interior designers in Dubai who are both knowledgeable and skillful in choosing the right kitchen setup for you.

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 Examining Minimalist & Elegant Kitchen Designs

To make sure that meals prepared are not only hearty, but also made according to the full satisfaction of the people making it, it is vital that they feel at home with the kitchen that they use. With this, a kitchen must be free from clutter, with enough space to move and with minimal designs that will enable the person cooking to feel comfortable in his or her environment. In fact, according to studies, clutter can affect a person’s ability to focus, making it even more important to design your kitchen not only elegantly, but also minimally. 

Elements of Minimal and Elegant Kitchens

  • Monochromatic Colour Scheme

A monochromatic colour scheme typically consists of shades of white or crème, beige, and grey. These capture the essence of minimalism by reducing forms and colours to their most simple state for that airy and elegant space. They also give a natural light effect to a kitchen as they are combined with other soft and natural shades, like aquas and nudes, as well as textures, that give the room a bright and crisp look that creates a sense of visual calm.

  • More Functional, Less Cluttered

A modern elegant kitchen with a minimalist theme focuses only on functionality and practicality. With this, flat and smooth surfaces are typically used along with strong and clean lines that emphasise the essential nature of each item. The use of patterned accessories and furnishings, along with detailed ornamentations, are also reduced, while clear and clean countertops, kitchen cabinets, and floorings are harmonised with bare walls to enhance the purity of every shape and form. This eliminates clutter, enabling those who use the kitchen to utilise only the things that they need.

  • Ultimate Simplicity

The main purpose of minimalism is to eliminate waste, while only utilising the elements of light and form to give emphasis on simple objects as they are stripped down into their basic geometric forms. No excessive decorations and artworks, and even appliances, are used. Instead, only uncomplicated details and useful ornamentations are utilised and blended together to create an elegant and relaxing interior

Benefits of Having a Minimal and Elegant Kitchen

  • Improved Concentration

According to studies, cluttered environments make it more difficult to focus on a specific task as a person’s visual cortex becomes overwhelmed with irrelevant objects in the room. This is the same for making meals. 

With a minimal and elegant kitchen, on the other hand, those preparing food for people important to them can make sure that they are doing it with great care and concentration as they eliminate all other kitchen elements that make it hard for them to focus.

  • Refreshing Aura

Utilising only monochromatic colour schemes, while emphasising natural light and forms, a minimalist kitchen gives out an elegant and organised interior for that refreshing and relaxing aura, empowering homeowners to feel productive and motivated as they move around the kitchen.

Get That Minimalist and Elegant Kitchen Look

The best way to achieve a minimalist, yet elegant kitchen is to engage with luxury interior kitchen designers, as they know the right blend of colours and elements for a modern elegant kitchen look. Reach out to the best kitchen designers in Dubai through Snaidero Kitchens for more details.

Curating Elements Of A Grand Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most important rooms in the house, as this is where some of the most intimate gatherings usually happen. It must be carefully arranged to function not only as an area where hearty meals are prepared, but also as a place where family and friends can spend time, cooking and eating together. 

With this, it is vital that a grand kitchen be carefully curated, taking into consideration several elements that take into heart not only the overall layout and functionality of the room itself, but also the personality of the people living in a home.

Thinking Outside the Box: Choosing a Style that All Will Love

Being the part of the home where families can spend quality time together, parents can teach their children how to bake, and friends can spend time making their favourite dish, it is best to consider the personality, style, and taste of everyone who will use the kitchen in order to make it a place where they will all love to spend time at. 

For example, those expecting their emancipated children to come back home on holidays and experience the loving meal that they make as parents, a luxury kitchen interior that pays homage to time-honoured traditional furniture would be best, as it will give them that nostalgic childhood vibes. On the other hand, those starting their little families may opt to consider a kitchen design that re-proposes the tenderness of curved lines, with no sharp edges or angles, for a safer environment for children. 

There are many designs and themes available to choose from. All it takes to pick are the preferences and way of life of the people in a home. 

Finding the Right Appliances

Apart from being a special place where all can gather, a kitchen would not be complete without the proper tools and appliances that will allow it to serve its main purpose: making food. With this, along with the overall style of the kitchen, finding the right appliances is also vital to make it more functional

However, just because one can do a lot of wonders in the kitchen, it does not mean that he or she should go beyond the threshold of his or her capabilities. Avoid buying tools and appliances that you will not likely use, as this can make your kitchen feel stuffed. Rather, invest in materials that you and your family are most likely to utilise, such as a good and classy faucet, a decent working stove, a fridge with the right size, and kitchen cabinets that fit the overall design and colour of your grand kitchen.

Seek Expert Advice

Finally, to ensure that both your ideal kitchen design and the furniture and tools you prefer to have are put together in harmony to get that luxury grand kitchen interior, it is always best to seek expert advice and get the help of interior kitchen designers. They will guide you not only on the best arrangements and colours, but will also incorporate the personalities of the people you’d like to spend time with in the kitchen to make it a place where fun memories can be made.

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