Creating Kitchen Islands: Functionality Or Design

A kitchen island is a free-standing cabinet which can have stools around it for extra seating, and include an integral storage drawer to store appliances. This is a central element in your kitchen space which can be incorporated to not only provide extra seating and storage space but can also house a sink, key appliances along with acting as a focal point for friends and family to gather around. Kitchen islands are a distinctive feature which can create an enormous change in your space, they provide an opportunity to introduce color, texture, new materials, and get creative with its design. 

Every good interior designer knows how important it is to get the kitchen island design right. It is absolutely crucial to get the size and positioning correct because a disproportionately large kitchen island could overwhelm your space. Another challenge faced in the designing of kitchen islands is balancing functionality and design. Many contemporary and geometric designs in kitchen islands often compromise on the storage space offered by it, and merely serve as a countertop. However, there are clever designs which allow you to enjoy all its functionality while also being a statement piece in your kitchen. Consider these aspects when designing your kitchen island to get the flawless enhancement. 

Streamline Your Needs

Designing a grand kitchen might be in your wishlist, however, introducing a kitchen island into your space without looking at the whole picture can be counterproductive. Being the most vital aspect of designing, kitchen islands must be added only after carefully considering what works best for your space and what are your needs. Whether you want a kitchen island that can double as a breakfast corner, or one with ample storage space, understanding your priorities can help streamline your choice. The kitchen islands must neatly complement and complete your kitchen, not appear overimposing. 

Mobile Or Fitted Kitchen Islands

Deciding on fitted or portable kitchen islands have functional features which need consideration. The suitable style for your home depends on how multifunctional you want the island to be. A mobile island is good for those who need this piece of furniture to act as a room divider during the day and pushed aside at night to create room for entertaining. Fitted islands are permanent fixtures which are more functional in larger kitchens, with extra floor space. 

Suitable Proportion & Aisle Space

While this might sound obvious to you, many designers often neglect size and positioning of the kitchen islands. Working with the available space is important, and so choosing an island which is proportional to the size of your kitchen will prevent it from creating a claustrophobic environment or make the island appear too diminutive to have any effect on the room. Clearly define the space that you wish to use for the island and ensure there is sufficient aisle space between it and the kitchen counters. Most homeowners tend to ignore this aspect as they are very engrossed on the kitchen island itself. Too much aisle space can also make it difficult while working in the kitchen as you will have to scurry between the island and the counter which is also not ideal. 

Creative Shapes & Designs

Many interior designers are getting creative with kitchen islands, introducing unconventional geometric shapes and design.The square kitchen island is a basic and popular style however there are plenty of new designs and styles such as the L-shaped, T-shaped, circular, elliptical and even polygonal. Take the liberty to get creative and use novel designs for your islands.

Storage Space

One of the essential functions of the kitchen island is to act as a modern storage space. The cabinets in kitchen islands allow you to tuck away the mess, and keep your kitchen organized. 

If the primary function of your island is not storage you can go for a limited shelving option however if you require ample storage space you will benefit from the extra deep drawers and large fold away inserts. With innovative kitchen island designs, storage too can be stylish.

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Incorporating Unconventional Geometry To Your Kitchen

Geometry, the science of shapes, sizes, positions, angles and dimensions of things is often used in interior designing to synchronize patterns and shapes in an aesthetic style. Geometry plays a prominent role in making home decor more relevant and ergonomic. Futuristic home designs employ sharp asymmetric design to create a bold and subtle effect. Unlike traditional kitchens which focus on material and color palettes, modern day designers are exploring how unconventional geometric designs can be used in home interiors. By using sharp asymmetric polygons to classic compositions which emphasize novel use of shape and proportion, high-end kitchen designers are re-inventing luxury kitchens. 

Get Innovative With Kitchen Islands

Uniquely angled architecture, and trapezoidal kitchen islands create a surreal environment which manipulates spatial perception. Introducing an island with chaotic folded angles into a largely ordinary modernist style kitchen with clean lines, can give off a strong futuristic impression. Angled or smooth tapered kitchen island and breakfast bar combination offers a striking contrast to the clean lines which dominate the rest of the interior. Such unconventional geometry is perfect to create a focal point with minimalist compositions.

Creative Backsplash

A backsplash is one area in the kitchen which can easily attract attention. Cabinets, hood or hob can turn this boring space into a distinctive feature with the use of bold, patterned tiles which easily add some geometric shapes into the room. A monochrome color palette would give a sleek, modern kitchen. The tiles can be used to create a 3-dimensional isometric effect.


Every skilled interior designer knows that the lighting is a determining feature of the character of the room. With a wide range of styles available in lighting, it is a great way to incorporate unconventional geometric patterns to your kitchen. A pendant light which uses geometric shapes to its advantage can steal the show in a modern and minimalist kitchen.


Kitchen cabinets occupy most of the space in the room, and so it pays off to be creative with it. L-shaped cabinet designs, with variations in texture and depth, can bring life to otherwise mundane surfaces. Open cabinetry, with small windows that allow us to look at the contents can make the kitchen space more interesting, as against the typical open shelving. These windows could use fascinating geometric shapes. 

Geometric Tiles

The pattern lovers will adore the geometric tiles. This is best for rooms with ample space, as busy patterns may make your kitchen appear heavily decorated and small. But it is also an ideal place to employ unconventional geometric shapes and patterns. Whether you go for tessellations or more subtle styles, geometric tiles are sure to catch your guest’s attention. 

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Choosing Luxury Faucet Designs For Your Kitchen

Designing a contemporary style kitchen that resonates with the overall personality of your home requires attention to details. Homeowners are keen on creating an aesthetic and elegant kitchen space, and are spending just as much as they would on their living halls. Luxury kitchen designers take particular care in designing every aspect of your kitchen including what you may consider minor details such as the cabinet handles, the material and color of the countertop surface, and even the faucets. Stylish new faucets designs are becoming popular, and they have quite the impact upon the larger appearance of your kitchen. Let us look at some of the top trends in kitchen faucets that will help you transform your culinary space.

Elegant Gooseneck Faucet

The gooseneck faucet is a timeless design which has been in trend forever. Its elegant arch and minimalist lines confer a sophisticated look, in addition, the two holde bridge faucet will leave the area round the sink clean and uncluttered. The stunning finish of this design is sure to impress anyone. Quooker and Franke are sought after brands for gooseneck faucet designs, which offer superior quality and versatility. 

Industrial Design 

The industrial design style which recreates the old industrial buildings, with the use of exposed brick surfaces, pipes etc. Incorporating this style in the kitchen faucet would add novelty and complement a rustic modern or contemporary setting. The pipes are industrial style and have valve-fitting handles which are perfect for an out-of-the-ordinary appearance. 

Geometric Designs 

Geometric patterns help create bright and modern interiors, balance and harmonize rooms and add an interesting, fresh touch to home decorating. It is important to carefully choose the geometric design while buying faucets as it must be contrasted and coordinated with the other aspects of the room. A faucet with a square bend, which matched the square tiles used in the room, with a single side mounted handle gives it a distinct look. 

Organic Styles 

Using faucets which are in warmer and softer finishes introduce a fresh feel to your kitchen. Brass finishes create an antique aesthetic, and bring with it a charm, unlike steel. It goes perfectly with natural styles kitchens, giving an organic appearance. Such faucet designs can give character to your kitchens, making it blend well into the overall design. 

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Designing Scandinavian Kitchens

Scandinavian designs are a minimalist characteristic style emerging from Nordic countries. It is practical, and indicates simplicity while also conferring a cozy aesthetic. It does not involve fussy details or unnecessary opulence making it accessible to all. The principal elements of Scandinavian style of interior design are the muted colors, sleek furniture and soft aesthetic. Designing your kitchen with Scandinavian style involves the use of neutral colors complemented with dark hues that resemble the nordic landscapes, as well as multifunctional and flexible designs.

Neutral Color Palette

Scandinavian kitchens use a light and bright color palette, white and pastel shades of blue, yellow and cream which give off a refined and interesting appearance as against boring shades. An all white Scandinavian kitchen design with light wooden accents is a classic and pristine style. The cabinets in the kitchen can be in an all white wood finish. This would blend in with the overall style which involves clean and straight lines, thus creating a clutter free look. The lightwood accents on the countertops and breakfast counter chairs would add natural appeal to the space.

Kitchen Island Or Functional Worktops

Scandinavian kitchen, in its simplest form, focusses on functionality. Using durable materials which are natural yet light or concrete worktops impart a minimalist and natural feel. This is also an economical choice in the long run. And nothing says Scandinavian style like kitchen islands, which make a wonderful and useful kitchen addition. This chic and minimalist feature is suitable for urban spaces. Kitchen islands in the centers create extra countertop space and can also serve as a breakfast table. Wooden dining chairs to go with the island will add warmth to the kitchen space. 

Wood & Rustic Design

The Scandinavian style kitchen design must use furniture made from natural wood. It confers a vintage and rustic appearance which is an essential quality of Nordic designs. Wood furnishings bring practicality and warmth to otherwise modern aesthetics. Such rustic elements can be introduced through the cabinets, countertops, etc. If your kitchen is also to be used as a dining space, going for a wooden dining table with wrought iron chairs would give completion to the look. 

Clutter Free Design

Using handleless cabinets and storage helps create a clutter free and organized kitchen space. Simplicity and minimalism being key features of Scandinavian styles, it helps you achieve the modular kitchen design. Using multipurpose furniture is also great for small spaces. Foldable table crockery units, and functional breakfast corners, etc. allow maximum usage of space. This is perfect for studio apartments or small homes. Sophistication and practicality merges together in this one. 

Introducing these details can help you achieve a Scandinavian style kitchen in your home. Snaidero, an Italian based company, is bringing its 75 years of uncompromised craftsmanship and Italian kitchen designs to the UAE. Their team of luxury kitchen designers blends style, uniqueness and timeless designs together to build your desired kitchen.