Shaping The View From Your Walk-In Wardrobe With An Island Closet

Our homes and outfits are a reflection of our personal style and character. The key to a perfect ensemble is putting the right pieces together such that they complement each with an extraordinary precision. For those of us with a large collection of clothes, footwear and accessories, choosing what to wear, and matching the perfect pair of outfit is tedious because it often means turning your room upside down. The architect’s solution to our wardrobe problems is a walk-in closet! 

Designing your dream closet is about bringing together the functional aspects of a closet and aesthetics; it should meet your organizational needs and add glamor to your closet space. An effective closet design is one which allows easy access for retrieval of clothes, and as well as for you to choose clothes at a glance without having to dishevel the neatly sorted items. Walk-in closets, as their name suggests, are closet spaces which are expansive enough for you to walk into. They are dedicated storage spaces to house your clothes, accessories, jewelries and other items which can be customized and styled as per your needs. The key aspects to be considered before creating a walk-in wardrobe in your home include:


The shape of your walk-in wardrobe is a good place to begin with when designing your closet. The most commonly used is a U-shape, followed by L-shaped walk-in and the least used  is the straight corridor. Although your preference plays a role, the decisive factor is the space you are working with and how you want to utilize the room.


The utility of a storage space needs critical consideration as they must be custom designed to suit your wardrobe needs. If you’re obsessed with a sneaker collection, leave more room for footwear holders. Or if you’ve got plenty of long maxi gowns or full length skirts, you might want to build a section tall enough to accommodate them. If you’re fond of hats and have a horde of them, inform your designer about your need for a custom hat rack with sufficient space. Additional features like a shoe-shine station, jewelry cleaning nook, and pull out ironing board can be incorporated depending on your unique needs. Prioritize your needs, because a custom designed walk-in wardrobe is futile if it fails to cater to ‘your’ needs.

Clean designs

Being a storage space, it is best if kept in a clean design. Using closet doors can make the space appear more elegant as against leaving all your clothes and accessories in the open. Paneling doors with mirrors is a great idea; it offers dual benefits by letting you look at yourself as you dress and also makes the closet space look capacious. 

Closet Island

Although these above features need essential consideration, a closet island can virtually transform your entire space. A closet island is a floating storage structure that lies in the middle of the walk-in wardrobe. It involves shelves, drawers and a solid surface on top which can be used for folding as well as for getting ready. They can hold smaller articles of clothing. These islands may assume any shape, but it is important to ensure they do not occupy too much room such that it restricts mobility within the wardrobe. It is also possible to move it to the corner of the room to free up space if it is a one sided island. You can add a cute loveseat and cushions to make the room more welcoming. 

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Incorporating Art And Sculpture In Modern Kitchen Designs

Contrary to the popular perception that a kitchen is a boring space meant to hold appliances, and for cooking, it is a place that allows family members to come together to make their meals, dine, chat and share their warmth. And so, it is no less deserving of the aesthetic pleasantness that we strive so hard to create in our living spaces and bedrooms. Now what speaks aesthetics better than works of art itself? Artworks and sculptures are mostly adorned in our living halls. Kitchens are simply not considered as a place for our portraits to go in. But an unconventional trend is taking over interior designing, and people are more inclined to beautify their kitchens. 

From cottage style to industrial aesthetics, many themes are popular among the people. Art enthusiasts are interested in adding artistic pieces to their modern culinary spaces. Let’s look at some ideas:

A spacious and modern kitchen can enhance its elegance by introducing a formidable piece of sculpture. A white, monumental sculpture in the corner of your kitchen can instantly add character.  A tall structure in white would blend in with the white walls as against other colors which may appear too imposing, and out of place. 

For contemporary room designs with bold color schemes, canvas arts that use the same palette, and covering the expansive walls can express the personality of your home strongly. Sculpted table tops sets including vases, bowls and bottle sculptures are classy, artistic and make your kitchen counters stylish out of the ordinary. Designer items can transform your kitchen into a refined space, confer it a luxurious touch. A large canvas or photograph kept leaning against the wall on the kitchen cabinet might seem a little offbeat for your kitchen. But that’s the catch! Such frames draw the gazes of people by ushering in a subdued flair. 

Abstract paintings and monochrome artworks can never go wrong. They can be either hung on a plain wall or placed beneath floating shelves bearing sophisticated ornaments. It is simple, minimalist and yet characterized by a depth that remains elusive at a glance. Adding color to the grays and browns in your kitchen can be refreshing. A painting which stands distinguished in style, and character to your kitchen’s interior while also meshing coherently in the overall design brings forth a unique brilliance. 

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Understanding The Industrial Aesthetic’s Design Language And Its Use In Luxury Kitchens

In architecture, design language refers to a  style, a personality which governs all the features of a setting, whether it is a room, home or building, rendering it a thematic quality. It’s about imparting a unique but consistent appearance wherein everything coalesce harmoniously. Color schemes, shapes, line, form, textures, value, layouts, patterns are among the many pertinent aspects entailed in design vocabulary. 

A popular design language, widely in use today is industrial style. It involves the incorporation of old factory and industrial aesthetics. The design is inspired from factories, workshops and industrial units which have been converted into living spaces or lofts. The main components include weathered wood, building systems, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures and concrete. It emerged as a trend in the early 2000s and continues to be a style which despite its rather grungy appearance, is employed by luxury home designers. 

A luxury kitchen with industrial aesthetics are primarily utilitarian spaces. An essential character of industrial style kitchens is the expansive open space. It uses tough materials like concrete and steel, restaurant grade appliances, utilitarian light fixtures, exposed piping, ductwork, and neutral color palette whereas pristine surfaces, elaborate molding, wainscoting,  delicate fixtures, traditional furnishing and pastel color palettes are strictly off limits. Designing a kitchen in the industrial style involves the use of these several elements. Here’s how they can be introduced in a luxury kitchen :

  1. Concrete

The use of concrete is highly effective in conferring an industrial style to your kitchen. It can be either used for flooring or the counter top surface. It gives off the rough and sturdy appearance characteristic of factories, however being a  heavy material, it may not be suitable for your home in which case a large format tile with concrete effect be resorted to. 

  1. Steel 

What better than steel to bring an industrial touch? Stainless steel counters, luxury kitchen cabinets, shelving and washing sinks made out of this hard material provides utilitarian advantages along with the aesthetics as they are enduring and easy to clean. 

  1. Salvaged materials 

Using plumbing pipes, logs, etc. to create the islands in the kitchen can impart industrial style to the kitchen interior. Materials which look like they have been salvaged, carrying an authentic vintage appearance are used in designing kitchens. 

  1. Add-Ons

Carefully chosen detailing like exposed brick, accessories made out of repurposed pipes, factory style open lighting like filament-bulb fixtures, metal stools can be great additions to complete the industrial design. 

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Achieving A Modular Cottage-Style Kitchen Design

Kitchen is the heart of our homes. It is where the food that nourishes us is prepared, and shared with the family. Eating together is not just about satiating our hunger and taste buds, it’s also an intimate act of bonding between family members. An inviting and communal kitchen design is in fact what makes a house a home. 

A modular cottage-style kitchen gives off a rustic, vintage ambience which confers a feminine grace to your place. The key to achieving this style lies in some pertinent choices you make:

  1. Soft Colors

Cottage styles are defined by soft hues. While a classic white is a great choice, it’s important to take into consideration that it is also high maintenance. It is therefore recommended to opt for a harmonious combination of softer colors, which can be complemented with few bright decorative touches. Experiment with bold but muted colors for the table tops and inlays on cabinet doors. 

  1. Shelving

Open shelving adds a great traditional style to the kitchen by offering both aesthetic and practical utility. Not only does it allow you to retrieve your wares more quickly by facilitating easy accessibility with its design, it also makes the space feel roomy. Open shelves thereby decongests the kitchen, and gives off a cottage-y appearance to it. 

  1. Paneling 

Nothing says cottage style more than beadboard wall paneling. Wainscotting is a rather easy way of introducing a vintage feel to your home. It has a strong visual appeal that imparts a warmth akin to the countryside homes. A slightly distressed look to it can accentuate the effect produced by it.

  1. Dining Table 

If there is no dedicated dining space in your home and you intend to use the kitchen space for sharing your meals, a long farm table is your perfect fit! Farm tables are being redesigned with a chic makeover, with fresh colors and smooth finishes, emanating a quiet charm.

  1. Flooring

Hardwood flooring is an essential element of cottage style homes. Flooring can determine the character of your home to a good extent. Using wood planks, or similar cottage kitchen floors like linoleum, slate, vinyl or even vintage tiling in your kitchen can transform it drastically. 

  1. Lighting

A dangling centerpiece, low hanging pendants or vintage looking chandeliers over the counter can produce the cottage effect along with a quaint opulence. Lantern-like lighting with candles is very popular among admirers of cottage style homes but it primarily serves as a decorative piece. Although aesthetically less pleasing than the former, lighting with handcrafted appearance has visual and functional utility, and can be a better option if you want it to serve a dual purpose. 

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