Luxury Kitchen Renovation In A Few Easy Steps

Your kitchen reflects your taste. Apart from this, as you cook in a beautiful kitchen, it will also uplift your mood and the result can be found in the food you make. If you have a kitchen which you think does not go well with your taste, then it is time you should consider renovation. Kitchen renovation actually is a great idea as you can play with your creativity. However, if you are a little clueless and need a bit of help, here are some steps that you can follow:

Designing The Layout

The foremost thing that you need to do is to design the layout. If the layout of your kitchen has been selected, half of your work is done. The layout also depends upon the size of your kitchen. If you have a large kitchen space, you can consider a kitchen island. If the kitchen space is small, you can consider a galley kitchen. Several other layouts can be considered depending upon the kitchen size.

Selecting The Cabinet Designs

Choosing the right cabinet design is very important. If you still have cabinets in the kitchen, you need to choose the next one as per the color and finish of the countertops and theme color. You need to be very careful while choosing the cabinets for your kitchen. After all, the cabinets play a vital role in beautifying the overall kitchen design.

Choosing The Countertop

Selecting the countertop carefully is also important as this will not only add or ruin the beauty of your kitchen but also can affect your work. If you want to get a luxurious option, then just do not stick to marble. You can also look for other options such as quartz, natural stone, wood, etc. Whatever material you get, you need to make sure that the surface is plain and there is no bump or crack on them.

Flooring Plays A Vital Role

As you are getting your kitchen renovated, you must pay attention to the flooring. If the condition of the floor is not that great, you must consider a change. To bring a modern look to it, you must get wooden flooring done. You can also consider laminating the floor. However, if you are going for laminated flooring, you need to make sure the material you are choosing is for high moisture areas.

Deciding The Sink

Although we do not pay much attention to the sink, it can make or mar the beauty of your kitchen. Sinks come in wide varieties such as stone, stainless steel, and cast iron. You have to choose it according to the rest of the kitchen furniture. Make sure the finish of the sink is fine; otherwise, it may look cheap.

Lighting Is Important

The right lighting is significant in beautifying a kitchen. Depending upon the layout and the color of the cabinets and countertops, you can choose the lighting. If you want lights in the entire area of the kitchen, you can consider task lighting.

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Innovative And Easy Designs For Small Kitchens

One of the best things about the Dubai houses is that they are big and airy. This is why the kitchens are equally big enough for more than one person to move around them. However, if you live in a tiny house or studio apartment and there is not enough space in the kitchen, fret not; you can still indulge in kitchen design. Here are some of the easy designs for a small kitchen that you can surely choose from.

Magic of Task Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in making a place look beautiful or ruining its beauty completely. For the small kitchen design, you can you task lighting as it will brighten the area. The focus will not be just at only one place but in the overall kitchen.

Style Up with Statement Lighting

So what if you have a small kitchen? You can still style it up with some statement lights. The statement lights will not only add beauty to the space but also reveal a lot about your taste. And if you are in your kitchen renovation mode, you must go for this kind of light this time. You will not regret the decision.

Get the Right Color

Just like lights, color also plays an important role in not only making a kitchen look beautiful but also making it look spacious. You need to make sure that the color that is used for your kitchen is a light shade, preferably white. Keeping everything in the kitchen in white color will make the space look much bigger than its actual size. It also makes the kitchen look cleaner.

Add Sleek Furniture

You will certainly add furniture to the kitchen, make sure they are sleek. These days, homeowners anyway go for sleek furniture, even if they have a huge kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, sleek furniture is a must.

Use the Entire Space

Since the space is lesser in the kitchen, you must use every inch of it. The corners are the ones that are mostly left. You can use them without a second thought. The next area to cover is the space above the cabinets. You can take them all the way to the ceiling. This will give you enough space for storage. If you have some space left above the refrigerator, do not leave that too. That space can be used by getting a cabinet installed which you can use for storing groceries.

Create Pull Out Pantry

Just next to your refrigerator, if there is a bit of space, you can install a pull-out pantry there. This is a way better idea than keeping your groceries or other stuff on the shelves, which might look a bit unorganized sometimes. Keeping all the items in the pull-out pantry will let you come up with a neat look for your kitchen.

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Innovative ways to add a breakfast bar to your kitchen

The popularity of a breakfast bar in the kitchen is enhancing rampantly, as it has a plethora of benefits. Apart from creating a communal and friendly hub, this saves a lot of space for your home and also offers storage solutions. Breakfast bars are generally combined within kitchen islands or peninsula-style layout designs to create a comfortable space.

If you are looking for kitchen breakfast bar ideas, then a kitchen island could be a popular option. This type of breakfast bar creates a lot of social space in the kitchen. But if you are looking for a handy breakfast bar in your kitchen, then peninsulas could be your utmost choice.  Peninsulas are the perfect kitchen bar ideas for small kitchens. If you are looking for a budget-friendly breakfast bar, then a freestanding breakfast bar could be the best choice for you.

Here, we are going to mention some inspiring breakfast bar ideas for your kitchen.

L-shaped Breakfast Bar

An L-shaped breakfast bar that is positioned perpendicularly to the kitchen island is a smart choice. You can utilize the additional counter space for food preparation as well as hosting your guests. But you need to cautiously choose the chairs that go well with the background as well as kitchen flooring.

Create an Overhanging Bar

Do you want to add a breakfast bar into an existing kitchen to give a modern look? Then, an overhang breakfast bar could be the best option for you. You can create an overhang from your kitchen countertop either by spreading the material you used for this surface or incorporating a differing texture like wood to disperse the look.

Add a Peninsula

If your present kitchen design doesn’t have adequate space for a breakfast bar, then what do you do? In this scenario, you can create a peninsula or secondary break-off bench space for your kitchen. This peninsula gives you the flexibility to create as much space you want for your breakfast bar in the kitchen. Now, you don’t need to depend on the existing structure of your kitchen.

Round Breakfast Bar

If you are looking for the best kitchen design ideas in 2021, instead of choosing a straight-line breakfast bar, you should go for a round breakfast bar. A round breakfast bar works best if you have plenty of space. This type of breakfast bar helps you create a custom storage unit and base under the bar. You can pair it up with cushioned bar stools that add color and contrast and will create a wonderful mood in your kitchen.

Lower Level Kitchen Counter Breakfast Bar

If you want to twist the look of your kitchen, then you should opt for a lower-level kitchen counter breakfast bar. Most breakfast bars are set just a few inches above the island countertop, but this lower-level breakfast bar transforms the look of your kitchen. To create an intriguing twist, you should opt for different colors and materials that create a contrast with your existing countertop.

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5 Modular Kitchen Layouts Perfect for Apartments and Villas

As we talk about the kitchen, we only think about modular kitchens. However, the challenge comes when it is about matching a particular modular kitchen design to your kitchen perfectly. Many people get confused with some of the layouts as they are not sure if the design will go with the available space and the layout of the rest of the house. Well, whether you are living in an apartment or a villa, these modular kitchen design tips on choosing the right layouts are surely going to help you in getting the perfect design.

1. U-shaped Kitchens

One of the modular kitchen design tips for villas is choosing a U-shaped kitchen design. This will help you keeping everything within reach. You can store a lot of things on the counter-tops; therefore, it will be easier for you to find things without any effort. This design is also favored if more than one person is working in the kitchen simultaneously.

2. L-shaped Kitchens

Whether the size of your kitchen is big or small, you can opt for an L-shaped kitchen. As one of the best modular kitchen design tips for apartments, this is a well-suited layout as it will not take a lot of space in your kitchen.

3. Island Kitchens

If there is a huge space in the kitchen, this is the best design to go for. One of the luxury modular kitchen design tips for an Island kitchen is to go for colors like white and golden. This not only adds a luxury touch to your kitchen but space is also utilized properly as you can use the island either for cooking or as dining space.

4. Parallel Kitchens

This is the best layout for kitchens that have long walls on both sides. In parallel kitchens, both the sides of the walls are used and each space is properly utilized. Cleaning the kitchen area also becomes easier when you have a parallel kitchen.

5. Customized Kitchens

The idea of a customized kitchen is that when you know your kitchen thoroughly, and you can arrange units from various modules and use them on the walls. You do not have to follow one particular style but can use your style. From the color of the kitchen to the design of the shelves and cabinets, you can create a unique design for your kitchen. One of the best modular kitchen design tips for customized kitchens is to decide whether you want to customize a traditional kitchen or a contemporary kitchen.

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Introducing Task-Based Lighting For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a special corner in the house that needs to be designed perfectly. And when we talk about designing the kitchen, we usually think about the cabinets, slabs, cooking range, wall texture, etc. We often forget the lighting plays a vital role in making the look of the kitchen. As a matter of fact, choosing the right lights for the kitchen ceiling is very important, especially if you have a smaller kitchen.

While choosing lights for the kitchen, many homeowners end up going for recessed lights or center-ceiling downlights. Although these lights look very beautiful, some of the areas remain illuminated while others are dark. One of the best types of lighting for a kitchen that you can go for is task lighting.

The task lighting is one of the best kitchen lighting ideas small kitchen and you do not need to get it installed on the ceiling, it can be installed in the cabinets as well. Sounds interesting? Let us discuss the many places where task lights can be installed.

Under the counter

Under the counter are usually the spaces where the light does not reach properly. This is an amazing place to place the task lights. You can find strips, dots, light pucks which are quite cost-effective as well as very easy to install. Some of them also do not need the help of an electrician to be installed.

Kitchen cabinet interiors

When you have lights inside the cabinets, it looks so much stylish. It also makes it easier for you to find things inside the cabinets. And if the doors of your cabinets are of glass, then installing task lights inside the cabinets is of course the best idea.

Inside the drawers

This is not something that you absolutely need but having this installed will surely improve the overall beauty of your kitchen. Also, if you love keeping your kitchen drawers organized, you get to show off your cutlery sets every time someone pulls the drawers. You can also get a motion sensor. As you get this, every time the drawer is pulled, the lights will get switched on, or else they will remain switched off.

Over the island

Do you have an island in the kitchen? Fantastic! Make the most out of it by getting some beautiful task lights installed. If there is already a pendant light just above the kitchen island, you can use some monorails to illuminate the area even more. However, make sure you do not use a lot of them otherwise it will look too flooded with lights.

Over the sink

The sink does not need a lot of lights, to be honest. However, when it is about making each corner of the kitchen beautiful, we must not spare even the sink. You can use a pendant light just on top of the sink and give a unique look to your kitchen.

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How To Make A Black And White Kitchen Standout

When we plan to color a kitchen, we mostly consider the color that we used for the rest of the house, isn’t it? Well, that may be a convenient idea but certainly not the best one. Your kitchen is a special area in your house and it should be painted in your favorite color. Also, as we talk about the color of the kitchen, we do not only mean the walls but the cabinets as well. Gone are the days when we would choose just any color for the kitchen. These days, people are more into all-black or all-white. Although choosing any one for the kitchen can make it a bit too dark or totally plain, you can try a mix of black and white for your kitchen. So let us check out some of the black and white kitchen ideas here.

Top cabinets black and bottom ones white

The first thing you need to make your kitchen look absolutely beautiful is to get some glossy finished cabinets. As the black kitchen concept is concerned, you can get them wall-mounted above the countertop. The cabinets under the countertop can be white glossy. This will create a great balance in the look of the kitchen.

Full length black and white cabinets

Black kitchen design is surely taking over and you can add beauty to your kitchen by getting full-length cabinets installed in the kitchen. The idea is that the majority part of the cabinets will be in black and only the middle part of the cabinet will be white. This will give a very symmetrical look to the kitchen.

Black cabinets with stainless steel accents

If you want your kitchen to look classy, you can get matte black kitchen cabinets with stainless steel accents. This will not only look attractive but will also be cost-effective for you. This monochromatic theme is surely going to be the next talk of the town. Try this and you will certainly fall in love with your kitchen yet over again.

Presence of white more

Many people do not like the idea of an all-black kitchen or too much of black color even if there is some other color. If you are fond of a white kitchen design with a bit of black in it, you can get the cabinets white while the countertop in black. To balance the black color, you can keep the pantry door black. An alternate idea of a similar type is bordering the all-white with black cabinets. This will help you to have the presence of white more while not making the kitchen look boring at the same time.

In-built appliance cabinet design

As the modern white kitchen ideas are concerned, you can the entire kitchen white and paint the in-built appliance cabinet in black color. This idea will take your kitchen to a different level of sophistication.

If you are in Dubai and want to get a beautiful black and white kitchen, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can give a call to the experts at +97142944803 and discuss all your ideas with them. They will certainly come up with something that matches your taste.

Best Island Ideas For Large Kitchens

A kitchen island is something that we all wish for, don’t we? And if you have a large kitchen, you can definitely get one. It will not only give your kitchen a luxurious look but also you will get a lot of storage space. However, choosing from the best kitchen island ideas can be a little difficult, especially if you are going to use an island kitchen for the first time. So here we are with some of the most stunning kitchen island ideas that will change the overall look of your kitchen.

Mix and match storage space

A lot of storage space is never a bad idea. You can get some drawers installed on the kitchen island which can be used for storage. And if the kitchen island is too big, you can use half of it for the installation of drawers while the half can be used as a breakfast bar with some chairs placed on them.

A usual traditional kitchen island

If you want to go for traditional kitchen designs with islands, you can go for a simple rectangular kitchen island. If you want to make it look a little different, you can make the front of the island a bit curvy. Make sure you choose the right color so that your kitchen does not look plain and boring.

Creating different zones

If the kitchen island is big enough, you can create two different zones out of it. To do so, you can keep one part in one material and the other can be used for a different purpose, and accordingly, the material has to be chosen. If you are keeping the other part for chopping vegetables on usual days, you can keep the material of the other side wood. While doing this, make sure the color combination is the right.

An L-shaped breakfast bar

The good thing about a large kitchen and a big island in it is that you can experiment with a lot of things with it. One of the things that you can successfully do with the kitchen island is make an L-shaped breakfast bar in it. The other part of the island can be used for a different purpose. While you are setting the L-shaped area of the island as a breakfast bar, you also need to get high stools of chairs that match the material and color of the island.

A long island kitchen

One of the modern kitchen island ideas is to make it long. You can do it only if you are blessed with a large space in the kitchen. While the large kitchen island will obviously be used for various purposes, you would not need an extra dining table. One part of the kitchen island can be very well used as a dining space.

If you want more ideas on kitchen islands designs, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs. All that you have to do is to make a call at +97142944803 to get in touch with the industry experts. If you have anything in mind, you can even share them with the experts.

What If There Is No Pantry Space In Your Kitchen?

Are you the kind of person who likes cooking a lot? Are you the one who prefers inviting people often to your home so that you can cook some nice food? Well, that also means you want a perfect kitchen with lots of storage space, right? What about the ones who love cooking and spending time in the kitchen but often feel sad about the fact that they don’t have a lot of space for storage in the kitchen? If you also fall into that category, there is no need to worry at all.

The kitchen pantry space is one of the areas that is mostly used for storing groceries. if your kitchen is missing out on that option, here are some ideas for you.

Overhead Cabinets

One of the best pantry ideas for small kitchens is the overhead cabinets. If there is space above the cabinets in your kitchen, you must use that for storage purposes. It is up to you whether you want to make boxes and mount them on the wall or you want to get shelves for that space. Both the options work fine and will serve the purpose. All that you need to be careful while having shelves for storage is that you have to be super-organized so that the kitchen looks nice.

Feature Containers

As the kitchen pantry design ideas are concerned, we can even consider containers. This will surely not look like a pantry but is good enough to store groceries. And if there is bench space in your kitchen, you can get beautiful containers that look the same and use them for storing all the important stuff in your kitchen. The only thing that you need to be careful about is choosing the right containers that look classy.


Have you ever thought that a rolling trolley can be a great idea for storage in the kitchen? Well, if you have a problem with space in your kitchen, get a nice rolling trolley and put the things in it for storage. You will not regret choosing the idea. You can choose the size of the trolley as per the space in your kitchen and of course your need.


An amazing alternate idea to the kitchen pantry is storing the groceries and food products in the drawers. This idea is especially good for people who have lots of drawers in the kitchen but no pantry. You can either get organizers for the drawers or just keep containers as per the size of the drawer. However, place the containers in a way that you can very easily see the items you have kept there.

Small Bookshelf

If you have a small bookshelf that is not in use, you can bring it to the kitchen and use it for storage purposes. This will save you from spending any extra money and can be a great space for storage.

Whether you are looking for kitchen storage ideas or kitchen pantry designs, you will get only the best at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. All that you have to do is to give a call to the experts at +97142944803 and discuss the ideas in length.

Sustainable Kitchen Design Materials for your home

The kitchen designs have truly evolved and flourished over the course of the past few decades. Today it is not uncommon to step into modest homes, yet find open kitchen designs fully displaying the most spectacular of kitchen layouts. Several homeowners are choosing concepts such as kitchen islands. Even the usage of kitchen materials has gone through a revolution with an increased focus on sustainable kitchen design material. If you have been wondering about how to build a sustainable kitchen, you can go through the tips mentioned below for getting the basics right.

  • Reusing material from the old kitchen – If you are renovating your kitchen, think carefully before throwing away your old kitchen materials including cabinet doors and drawers. You can use a major chunk of the old kitchen furnishings and use polishing or painting to renew these completely. Changing just the cabinet doors can give the entire cabinet a whole new look and save a bunch of money on a sustainable kitchen renovation.
  • Using Timber in countertops – Getting good and responsibly sourced timber is not impossible these days. Once you get your hand on this you can use it in getting a practical yet stylish butcher block countertop. It would also mean saving more money during the renovation.
  • Plywood cabinets – Using plywood has become a good sustainability trend that is easy on the environment. Plywood is made of wood pieces glued together to create a solid wood plank-like structure of required thickness. You can get formaldehyde-free plywood and use this versatile and durable material in various areas of the kitchen.
  • Bamboo for durability – Bamboo has become one of the favorite sustainable kitchen materials that have interested homeowners. The bamboo grows faster than most other kinds of wood, making it an easy to acquire and relatively cheaper alternative to traditional timber. It also provides excellent durability, which is ideal if you are planning to use it for designing cabinets.
  • Neolith or Engineered stone countertops – If you wish to go for a stone countertop instead of a wooden alternative, you can’t go wrong with using Neolith or Quartz. Quartz is a type of engineered stone, that is made of ground-up marble or granite as well as a resin or polymer. Neolith is a relatively newer material made of combining 100% natural materials which are even more versatile and durable than quartz.
  • Metallic appliances – Instead of appliances made of plastic material, you can opt for having metallic body types which are considered more durable and long-lasting. There are many interesting options of appliances that avoid using plastic which takes much longer time to decompose than other materials. Glass, ceramic, and metal top this list.

Using the above tips, you can create a sustainable kitchen that will be a matter of pride for you and your family. You can also club it with a small herb garden and even install less power-consuming LED lights. For more sustainable kitchen design ideas, you can consult the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can give a call at +97142944803 to book an appointment and take your first step towards having a sustainable kitchen.

Guide to Attractive yet Functional Kitchen Layouts

“How to design a kitchen layout?”, is perhaps one of the most common questions that almost all homeowners have in their minds. After all, a kitchen layout decides how practical and functional it will be. The size of the kitchen, whether big or small, does not actually matter if the kitchen layout is right. Therefore, while your kitchen is getting ready or you are planning to get it renovated, you need to be sure about the layout of the area. This complete kitchen layouts guide will help you to find the right layout for your kitchen and start working on it.

Galley Kitchen

This is a basic kitchen layout in which there are two rows of cabinets that face each other. There is a galley or inner passage between these two rows. As you get this layout, not even an inch of your kitchen will be wasted. This is also a cost-effective option. However, in this type of kitchen, not many people will be able to work together simultaneously.

L-shaped Kitchen

An L-shaped layout is an excellent option for both small and large kitchens. While the cabinets are placed on two sides of the kitchen, you will get a lot of space in this type of layout. You will also get a lot of space to place the kitchen appliances.

U-shaped Kitchen

If you have a large-sized kitchen, this layout will be just perfect. You will get plenty of storage space in one such kitchen. However, if you get upper cabinets installed on all three sides, it may look a bit enclosed. To avoid one such thing, you can get upper cabinets on one or two sides of the kitchen, while the third may remain as it is. This type of kitchen is great for the big families here more than one person works in the kitchen.

Island Kitchen

Just like an island, a large work surface or storage area is placed in the middle of the kitchen. You can get the cooktop installed on the island, or can even make it a prep area or a minibar. If you have a bigger kitchen island, you can even use the area as a breakfast bar by getting 3-4 chairs. This kind of layout helps people manage space efficiently.

One Wall Kitchen

If you have a studio apartment or the area of the kitchen is very small, you can go for a one-wall kitchen. This is a simple layout in which the cabinets and the cooktop area are all placed on only one side of the kitchen. However, to create storage areas, you can get upper and lower cabinets installed in the kitchen.

There are some of the most beautiful modular kitchen layouts available these days. However, before choosing any one, you need to be certain about the space that you have in your kitchen. If you want some more ideas about kitchen layouts, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803. You can talk to their industry experts and decide the layout that will be ideal for your kitchen.