Best Customizable Kitchen Storage Ideas to Save Space

If you have a small kitchen it may take a lot of time and effort just to keep it organized. A disorganized space can spoil your mood for cooking completely. When you have a small-sized kitchen, storage becomes a problem often. No matter how much you try, you will end up organizing things constantly, and this may take a lot of energy. Worry not! Here are some of the kitchen storage hacks that can be helpful for you.

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Space for the cutting boards

Has it ever happened to you that you look for the cutting board in every possible place in the kitchen and at the end find it below the pots? Well, that has happened to many. Also, a cutting board is one of the most important things in the kitchen but finding the right place for it can be difficult. If you want to make a space for it, you can install a rack on the inner side of the cabinet door. This is the area that is mostly left unused, and you can use it for storing the cutting boards.


One of the best kitchen storage ideas for small spaces is getting the right kind of drawers installed. Some drawers come with sections where you can keep your cutlery, knives, bowls of different sizes, pots, plates, etc., all separated neatly. And if your drawers do not have those sections inbuilt, you get the drawer organizers. You can choose the organizers based on the size of the drawers.

Hanging storage basket

If there is space in your cabinets, you can get hanging baskets and install them in the cabinets. You can keep your dishes on those baskets and get rid of piling them. This is one of the best kitchen cabinet storage ideas which will help you save a lot of space.

Food organizer

If there isn’t enough space in your kitchen for a pantry cabinet, you may be wondering how to maximize kitchen space. You can opt for a food organizer and keep it next to your refrigerator. You can store all your spices in the rack and even make it your pantry space. This kind of rack is very sleek and can save you a lot of space in the kitchen.


You need to be a little organized but shelves in the kitchen can save a lot of space. You can use them for various purposes. From dishes to jars, and bowls of different sizes, you can show off the beautiful pieces you have collected in all these years. Shelves are also great for keeping things accessible while cooking and therefore a great addition to most kitchens.

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All of these storage ideas can expand your kitchen’s capacity and help you make your kitchen more organized. You can easily keep things in their designated space and save time and effort trying to locate things. If you are looking to add some modules to your kitchen or expand the capacity further, the best advice can be acquired from the experts of Snaidero Kitchen Designs. The experts can also help you make the most of your current space and find innovative storage solutions customized for you. Give them a call today at +97142944803.

Lesser-known Lighting Tips to better Illuminate your Kitchen

Lesser-known Lighting Tips to better Illuminate your Kitchen

Whether it is a big kitchen or a small one, we all try hard to make our kitchen look the best, don’t we? However, no matter how much effort you put to design your kitchen to make it look unique, if you go wrong with the kitchen lighting plan, all your efforts will go down the drain. Therefore, today we will discuss the modern kitchen lighting ideas that you can opt for.

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Ambient Lighting

With ambient lighting, you can create overall illumination in the kitchen area. By adding these lights, you can make your kitchen look extra brighter. Even the areas that do not receive a lot of lighting will look clearer and illuminated with these lights. Let us talk about these lights specifically.

Recessed lights

If you are not very fond of hanging lights, recessed lights are the ones that you should opt for. These lights will fit right into your ceiling and give a sleek look. These give a lot of light and are perfect even if you are looking for a small kitchen lighting layout. To get an aligned look, you can install them in grid style.

Flush mount ceiling lights

Flush mount lights are dome-shaped and perfect for illuminating small to medium kitchens. You can choose between white and warm lights to create the desired lighting layout design in your kitchen.

Task Lighting

Instead of ambient lighting which may cast a shadow on your counters or your range, compromising the functionality of the kitchen, the task lighting instead focuses on the functionality aspect more. The task lighting works on the simple principle that the areas where more work is done should be better illuminated. Some of the types of task lightings are as follows:

Track lights

Instead of a single point of illumination, the track lighting is a strip of lights on the ceiling which has been arranged in a linear form. One of the best places you can install track lights is your island or on top of your cooking range. Make sure that the angle of the lights is arranged perfectly so that no shadows are cast in the work areas.

Under-cabinet lights

Under-cabinet lights provide an excellent direct focus on the counters. The best part about these lights is that they can help you eliminate the shadows cast by the cabinets.

Accent Lighting

Instead of providing a single source of illumination, the accent lighting work as complimentary lights to the main lighting source. They are often used as decorative lighting since they do not make a huge difference in the overall lighting of the kitchen. Here are the major types of accent lighting.

Wall-mounted light

As the name suggests, the wall-mounted lighting is similar to flush mounts lights. however, instead of the ceiling, they are installed on the walls.

Pendant lighting

Similar to the chandeliers of the olden days, the pendant lightings hang from the ceiling and come in an exciting variety.  They are usually used on top of the breakfast bars and counters and provide a nice glow to the entire kitchen.

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Saying that lighting can make or mar your kitchen’s design is not far from the truth. Some great results can be achieved by carefully integrating the lighting elements in your kitchen. To find the perfect lighting options, for creating the right ambiance in your kitchen, you can contact the industry experts at Snaidero Kitchen Design. You can call them at  +97142944803.

Modern sink designs to alter your kitchen’s appearance

Modern sink designs to alter your kitchen’s appearance

When we think about kitchen designs, we often overlook the kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks are one of the most important parts of the kitchen without which a kitchen is incomplete. However, when you are in Dubai, you need a touch of style in every part of your home. If you are getting your kitchen designed, make sure you pay attention to the kitchen sink. So, let us discuss the various ideas for the kitchen sink in Dubai here.

Modern sink designs

Black Granite

If you love black, you are going to fall in love with this sink. This is a multi-functional kitchen sink that is made of granite composite. The matte black enhances the overall look of the sink. You will get the main washing basin, along with a smaller basin where you can separate the items, and a drain to keep the washed items.

Secret Compartments

This is certainly an attractive kitchen sink which you are totally going to love. This sink is perfect for the islands, where you will have secret compartments. These compartments are sleek and can be used for storing unattractive cleaning supplies such as sponges, dishwashing scrub, detergents, etc.

Disappearing Sink

If you have a smaller kitchen attached to your living space and you don’t visitors to see that sink always, this is an ideal option for you. It is basically a custom cover that makes the sink disappear when not in use.

Drainers and Strainers

You can call them drainers, strainers, or racks, which you have to place over a regular sink. Whether you want to drain the water of the washed vegetables or the utensils, you can use these drainers. When they are not in use, you can put them away.  There is no need to make a lot of changes in your sink when you try this idea.

Transitional Kitchen Sink

In one such kitchen sink, there are three compartments. The one in the middle is the smallest one where you can put the smaller utensils. Of the other two, one can be used for washing and the other can be used for separating the items. You can also put a strainer on one of the sinks and use it for draining the water of the washed utensils.

Farmhouse Sink

The best thing about a farmhouse sink is that it is big yet sleek.  And since you are using it for a modern house, you can go for stainless steel one as it is very easy to clean the sink. The stainless sink usually goes well with almost all kinds of kitchen interiors.

open kitchen design

Platinum Series Top-Mount Kitchen Sink

With the 12 gauge sink, spiral faucet, and beautiful stainless steel material, the top mount kitchen sink certainly looks awesome. The design of the sink makes it the most unique. This is perfect for those who want a modern and luxurious touch in their house.

If you are looking for some of the most luxury kitchen sink ideas for your beautiful kitchen, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can give a call at +97142944803 and talk to their experts. If you are looking for a customized idea, you can ask the experts to design a unique look for your home.

Best alternatives to marble countertop that still look great


Best alternatives to marble countertop that still look great

We all love our kitchen, and we put a lot of effort to make it look clean and appealing. However, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen sometime soon, you can consider doing some renovation work on the countertops. This is important as the appearance of the kitchen depends a lot on the kind of countertop we are choosing. At the same time, the kitchen countertop also has to be of good quality since we do a lot of kitchen activities on them.

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One of the most common types of luxury countertops is the marble countertop. Marble is a natural stone and certainly gives a timeless look. It is also quite easier to keep the marble countertops clean. However, there are some drawbacks to using marble countertops. One of them is developing a patina over the period. This means, the marble will change its color after some years and may look yellowish if it was white while you were installing it in your kitchen. If you ever use any harsh chemical on your marble kitchen countertop, it may affect the quality of the stone. The marble countertops also get scratched and chipped very easily. Now if you are giving serious thought to getting a new countertop in your kitchen, there is no reason to stop with marble only. Today you can find various types of kitchen countertops in the market which can be an alternative to the marble countertop. Let us discuss them here.


One of the best alternatives to marble is granite. Some granites look similar to marble; however, they are more resistant to scratch and heat. It is one of the attractive kitchen countertop options as you can get them in various colors and patterns. You can choose a granite countertop that goes with the rest of your kitchen furniture and design.


Talking about the modern kitchen countertops, Quartz is one of the best options. It is vastly opted for by homeowners these days because of its versatility as well as durability. Quartz is engineered, which means there are other materials combined with it, which gives it a distinctive color. Whether you are looking for vibrant color or neutral shades, you can get all the options in Quartz. Apart from this, Quartz is also known for being heat, scratch, chip resistant needing lesser maintenance.

Solid surfaces

If you are on a budget and still want to give a different look to the countertop in your kitchen, you can go for solid surface countertops. The solid surfaces resemble stones in their texture and color. They look precisely like stones but are not porous. One of the best things about getting solid surface countertops is that even if they get damaged, you can get them repaired without burning a hole in your pockets. Also, it is low-maintenance and you can clean it very easily.

modern kitchen countertops

Apart from these, there are several options of kitchen countertops for Dubai homes that you can get from Snaidero Kitchen Designs. To know more about the countertops in-depth, you can give a call to the experts at +97142944803.


Best kitchen flooring options for each homeowner’s needs

Best kitchen flooring options for each homeowner’s needs

The kitchen is an area of the house that is not only aesthetically important but also functionally imperative. One of the key components when designing a kitchen according to your needs is to understand what kind of flooring in the kitchen would fit your needs. Based on this, you can choose the ideal kitchen flooring that will make your kitchen look great and feel even better. Once you have understood the pros and cons of the various kitchen flooring options available to you, you can use them to understand the perfect kitchen flooring for your home. In order to understand it better, and make your decision and informed choice, here are some of the popular kitchen flooring options and their unique features to compare them to your needs.

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  • Concrete: It is one of the least expensive and easy to maintain kitchen flooring options that give your kitchen a rugged look. If you are considering concrete to be used as your kitchen flooring, you must note that it is often not as smooth and refined as the other options. There are challenges with waterproofing concrete; however, it is not impossible. It will however not give you the desired results if you are aiming anywhere close to a luxury kitchen design.
  • Cork: Using cork as kitchen flooring is one of the modern kitchen design tips that have grown immensely in popularity. The cork is one of the recent options that give the kitchen a soft, warm and springy flooring feel. It is also great for making the kitchen as noiseless as possible due to its great sound absorption. You need to watch out for moisture seeping in and treat it with a sealer often. The heavy appliances can leave a dent; however, it eventually retains their original shape.
  • Hardwood: No traditional kitchen can be complete without hardwood flooring and it gives a classic look to the kitchen. You can choose among various patterns for laying the wooden planks and it is also an environmentally sustainable option since it can be completely recycled. The waterproofing of hardwood floors is the biggest challenge.
  • Tiles: Ceramic tiles are one of the most practical options for kitchen floors and it has also benefitted from the recent advancements to the technology. You can easily clean them up and it comes in many attractive patterns and sizes. A good idea is to go for slightly grainy or anti-skid tiles since the tiles can usually be slippery when wet.
  • Vinyl: It is very easy to maintain and you can get it in a variety of textures and finishes. For DIY projects also vinyl is one of the top choices. It is prone to scratches and dents and can often become discolored if they come in contact with extreme heat.
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There are many flooring options that you can consider when designing your dream kitchen. However, if you are ever in doubt, you should rely on seasoned experts, instead of committing costly mistakes. One of the best kitchens flooring advice in Dubai is available through the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can reach out to them at +97142944803 for pragmatic tips and ideas.

Best alternatives to a walk-in pantry for small kitchens

Best alternatives to a walk-in pantry for small kitchens

We all want a walk-in pantry in our home, don’t we? Well, the sad part is that not all of our houses are built in that way. If you have a small kitchen and there is not enough space in there for a walk-in pantry, you can try some alternative ideas. So let us discuss some kitchen cabinet tips that can help us store a lot of things in our kitchen.

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Keeping a section of the cabinet as a pantry cabinet

The easiest alternative to a pantry cabinet is having a dedicated cabinet for kitchen storage. You might need to make some changes in the cabinet, like moving dishes to the end of the shelves to make space. Also to do this, you do not need a huge size cabinet. It can be done in a cabinet with two shelves, where you can store pasta, canned food, cereals, etc.

Install rolling pantry in unused space

The majority of us have an unused space in our kitchen, which we do not even notice much. You can use that space for installing a narrow rolling pantry. You can use the rolling pantry for storing boxed goods, cans, etc. It is one of the latest kitchen cabinet ideas and you can customize it the way you want and at your convenience.

Getting a floor to ceiling cabinet

If you are anyway replacing the kitchen cabinets, you can consider getting a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. It will feel almost like a pantry, and you can store a lot of things in it. This will not take a lot of space in the kitchen while the area around the ceiling will be used in a meaningful way.

Changing counter space into a pantry wall

If there is sufficient counter space in your kitchen, you can get a pantry wall in the room. For this, you can use the cabinets around the refrigerator wall of cabinetry. However, this idea should be implemented only if it does not hamper your movement in the kitchen.

Getting a sideboard

This is one of the most amazing kitchen cabinet tips, especially for those houses with an open kitchen and dining room attached to them. Installing a sideboard can be a great idea as you can use it for storing non-perishable items in the kitchen. To organize it even more efficiently, you can stack some baskets and keep the goods in there.

Using the top of the refrigerator

One of the most attractive kitchen cabinet tips is using the area on top of your refrigerator. We all have some area on top of our refrigerator which remains unused. A cabinet can be installed in that area and used for storing kitchen groceries.

luxury kitchen design trends 2020

Many areas in our kitchen are not used for any purpose.  The idea is to use almost all the areas of our kitchen and use them for storage. To get some of the best luxury kitchen cabinet tips, you can reach out to Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can get in touch with their experts by giving them a call at +97142944803.

Tips to accommodate appliances in your kitchen layout


Tips to accommodate appliances in your kitchen layout

Kitchen appliances are, without a shred of doubt, one of the most important parts of the kitchen. They make life easier for the homeowner who can also save their time in processing food, washing dishes, or making cooking easier. When it comes to housing these appliances in the kitchen, it always looks better to go for a matching set of appliances that can be integrated into the kitchen layout. There are simple kitchen design layout ideas that can not only make a good workflow in the kitchen but also get the kitchen looking at its best at all times. Here are some of the best ones for your consideration.

What are some Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Kitchen Design?
  • Built-in appliances layout – One of the attractive and best simple kitchen designs is to simply build in the appliances at the time of the kitchen being designed. It is even more easily implemented when you are opting for a modular kitchen design. In the case of a built-in appliance layout, you can get all the appliances from a single company so that you get a unified styling and color theme.
  • Concealed appliances layout – If you are not very fond of having your kitchen appliance displayed prominently, you can use the kitchen cupboards, cabinets, and drawers to effectively conceal all your appliances. In this effective simple kitchen design, you also would not have any of the power cables and other outlets visible giving the kitchen a very clean and minimalistic look.
  • Grouped appliances layout – One of the best layouts that are used in the kitchen these days is the grouped appliances layout. In this layout, the appliances are grouped according to their function in various clusters or groups. You may have clusters such as tea-coffee bar, oven with cooking range, sink with dishwasher, etc. This helps you create a great workflow in your kitchen while removing any unnecessary movements.
  • One wall layout – For the smaller apartments or studio apartment setup, the appliances may need to be grouped together to optimize the appliances according to the power outlets and space availability. That is where the layout of the one-wall appliances shines. In this design there are various appliances housed against a single wall, leaving the other walls and areas completely devoid of any appliance. This design also looks the best when all the appliances match the color theme and design element.
  • Focal point layout – This is an immensely popular simple kitchen design in Dubai where one of the kitchen appliances such as oven, cooking oven, or refrigerator, is the focal point of the entire kitchen and place in the central location. For this, the kitchen must have a single-color kitchen theme such as all black or all white, and the appliance sharply contrasts with the background with some attractive color that stands out.
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Many layouts can make your appliances come together in a way that they seamlessly fall into place and look just right apart from being accessible. If you wish to gain more insights into the kitchen appliance layouts and designs, you can get in touch with Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803 and leverage the extensive experience of the experts.

Color combinations that make your kitchen livelier and bigger

Color combinations that make your kitchen livelier and bigger

The kitchen plays a vital role in any house. After all, it is the place where everyone’s favorite meals are prepared. This is why the majority of people pay attention to the kitchen design. As a matter of fact, the design of the kitchen and its layout matters a lot in making your kitchen look beautiful. Another thing about the kitchen that we do not pay much heed to is the color combination. No matter what kind of layout you are getting installed or what materials you are using for the cabinets and countertops, color certainly makes a big difference, especially if your kitchen space is smaller. So let us talk about colors that we can choose for our kitchen to make it appear bigger and to enhance its beauty.

luxury Italian kitchen

Blue and Black

No, they are not the colors just for men! These two colors can also be used for your kitchen. One of the popular kitchen design tips is keeping the blue color dominant, while the chimney and the handles of the cabinet doors can be black creating a contrast.

Green and White

This is one of the uncommon color combinations that you will get to see in the kitchens. However, if you want your kitchen to be the next talk of the town, you should definitely give these colors a try. However, to bring the best look with these colors, white should be the dominant color. Only the floor cabinets should be in green. You can try choosing a darker shade of green.

Dark Teal

Can dark teal ever go out of fashion? Well, it is one color that looks classy, no matter where you are using it. Using this color for the cabinets in the kitchen will surely bring the best look out of your kitchen.

Gray and White

This is perhaps one of the most common color combinations that you must have seen in many houses. However, this is also the color combination that can never go out of fashion. To bring out a nice contrast in the kitchen area, you can get a natural dark wooden floor installed.

Light Blue

Whether you are crazy about the Blue color or not, using light blue for the cabinets will certainly make you fall for your kitchen immediately. Let the walls be white and the rest of it light blue. If you want to add a little contrast in the kitchen, you can add some dark blue chairs.

Canary Yellow and Blue

Even if you have the smallest kitchen, this color combination can make the kitchen area look spacious. These two colors will not only add beauty to your kitchen but will also pep up your mood, every time you are there to prepare something.

Pure White

White cabinets, white countertops, white walls; well, that is one of the most popular colors since ages. If you are even a bit confused about picking a color for your small kitchen, you can trust on white. Pair it with white marble countertops to create a nice theme.

luxury kitchen design trends 2020

If you want to discuss more luxury kitchen design ideas, you can get in touch with Snaidero Luxury Designs. You can exchange ideas with the experts there and decide on the one that you think is right for your kitchen. You can reach out to the industry experts at +97142944803.

A guide to choosing the perfect kitchen countertop

A guide to choosing the perfect kitchen countertop

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of our home where we not only prepare delicious meals for our loved ones but it is also the place where so many important conversations and memories take place. And if the dining area is attached to your kitchen, then your friends who are invited over dinner or lunch also join you there.

luxury Italian kitchen

Well since this area is so important, it should also be designed in the best possible way. Gone are the days when just getting a modular kitchen was enough. These days, people focus on every single thing that you add to your kitchen. And as we talk about kitchen designing, we just cannot miss out on the countertops as they play a vital role in making a kitchen look perfect. If you are planning to get that perfect kitchen countertop, here is a guide for you.

  • Stainless steel countertop: If you are looking for a great countertop choice that can go well with your perfect kitchen design layout, then the stainless steel countertop can be the best choice for you. As sophisticated as it is functional, the stainless steel countertop is a stylish choice that is also heat and stain-resistant. The homeowners, who opt for the stainless steel countertop designs, need to be conscious of the scratches that the material is prone to.
  • Ceramic tiles countertop: Ceramic tiles and their cousin Porcelain tiles have always been in fashion. These are usually less expensive than other designs however they can chip and then need to be replaced. On the plus side, the scratches are non-existent and the kitchen is super easy to clean. For a great look add the same tiles to the backsplash to make a seamless look.
  • Butcher block countertop: One of the most modern luxury kitchen layouts designs includes a kitchen island and for that, the best idea is to opt for a butcher block countertop. Made of wood, this countertop can double up as a chopping and food preparation area which will eliminate the need for a separate chopping board. It is also a great choice since wood is relatively less expensive and good at being heat resistant; however, the downside of this design is that you need to remove any spillage to preserve the wood at the earliest.
  • Marble countertop: Most luxury kitchen design tips include getting a marble countertop and that is for good reason. Marble chips and stains easily; however there is no other countertop that looks nearly as luxurious. Go for a white or black marble countertop to uplift the kitchen easily, but be prepared for the high maintenance cost attached to it.
  • Granite countertop: For those who are looking for something more functional than marble, the best option is a granite countertop. These cost lesser than marble, but are more resilient and have lesser cost. Just go easy while keeping heavy things on the countertop since it can develop cracks that can ruin the look for you.

luxury kitchen design trends 2020

If you are looking for further insights about your kitchen countertop design, a great idea is to consult professionals. Dial-up the Snaidero Kitchen Designs, for some of the best advice you can receive when designing the kitchen of your dreams. The kitchen design experts are available at +97142944803.