8 Best Stylish Kitchen Ceiling Design ideas for Dubai Homes


8 Best Stylish Kitchen Ceiling Design ideas for Dubai Homes

If you are decorating your kitchen with every updated and stylish material and appliance, you should also compose the ceiling to match the style. As you have chosen a stunning color combination for cabinetries, you should also design the kitchen ceiling accordingly, else you will miss the finessing. Here we will mention the best 8 kitchen ceiling design ideas for your Dubai home to make it more attractive.

Stylish and Unique Kitchen

Regular Kitchen Ceiling

The regular kitchen ceilings are flat with a height of around 8 feet, and you can decorate it with white color and dark borders. Also, perfectly positioned pendant lights or recessed lights will make the kitchen look simple, yet attractive. This design idea won’t be too expensive, but make your kitchen look modern, clean, and full of light.

Drop Ceiling

The modern house needs to hide the pipelines, wearing, and ductwork as these might attract dust and debris over time. Also, it doesn’t look clean so drop ceilings are the best option to keep everything concealed. A drop ceiling will enhance the beauty of your interior, and the embedded light fittings will keep the headspace clear for easy movement.

Vaulted Ceiling

If you don’t have any other floors above your kitchen, you can go for a vaulted ceiling. It will create a perception of a larger area and keep your kitchen well ventilated. A vaulted kitchen ceiling design looks amazing also, helps light and air to freely travel through the kitchen. You can place some pendant lights or hanging lights from the ceiling on the top of the food prep counters.  

Recessed or Inverted Ceiling

A recessed or inverted ceiling is also called a tray ceiling that features a several inches higher center section than the perimeter of the Kitchen ceiling. You can apply an attractive color combination to decorate the tray ceiling more attractively. Also, you can use 3D textures if you are planning a luxury kitchen ceiling design.

Exposed Wooden Beams

Exposed wooden beams or stone-finished beams are very common in Dubai homes as many people here love this ceiling designing style. You can keep the natural wooden look of the beams or can paint in colors matching with the ceiling. For concrete beams, you can use tiles, paints, marble, wood, or granite to cover them and make them look attractive.

Coffered Ceiling

 We can mention Coffered as the most attractive kitchen ceiling design among all others for its extreme elegance. The coffered design creates lots of textures in the thick wooden beams, and for this reason, it is pretty expensive. It helps absolving the noises significantly, but you need more than 8 feet of height of your kitchen to implement this ceiling design.    

Shed Style Ceiling

Shed style referred to the single-sloped roofs, which is a famous architectural approach for contemporary housing. Many latest kitchen ceiling designs are made in shade style as it is affordable and best for modern housing plans. Skylights are perfect for this type of ceiling decoration.

Kitchen Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are one of the best options for the kitchen as this place deals the most with oil and smoke. Tiles are easy to keep clean, and they will keep the space full of light. You can choose from the wide range of colors and textures available for ceiling tiles. It is a comparatively cheap option with fewer maintenance requirements.

Unique Kitchen Ceiling Design

These kitchen ceiling designs are most common, but you can implement more customization in the kitchen ceiling style of your Dubai home. For that, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs by calling them at +97142944803 for more exclusive kitchen ceiling design tips.


10 Best Stylish and Unique Kitchen Island ideas for Dubai Homes


10 Best Stylish and Unique Kitchen Island ideas for Dubai Homes

An island adds up some additional functional space in the kitchen, and for that reason, it became very famous in modern open kitchens. The kitchen island can be utilized in several useful ways to make food preparation an easy and less hectic task. Here we will mention the 10 best stylish and unique kitchen island design ideas suitable for your Dubai home, which you can incorporate in your new kitchen or during the renovation of your old cookhouse.

Stylish and Unique Kitchen


  • Cook-top on Island: Incorporating a HOB in your kitchen island will increase the functional space, and you can work more freely even if your kitchen space is very tiny. Also, the centralized HOB will make a more social atmosphere in your kitchen, and you can attend to other essential things while cooking.
  • Waterfall Countertops: It is an amazing kitchen island design idea to dramatically showcasing your beautiful countertop. Waterfall countertops flow down along two sides to create a stunning impression. The most commonly used materials for kitchen countertops are granite, marble, engineered quartz, wood, and concrete.
  • Smart Storage Solution: Storage is always a significant factor in kitchens, and the modern kitchen islands are designed with built-in storage. It will be helpful if your kitchen space is very tiny, and the island will add up some storage space with a countertop. The modular cabinets, drawers, or pull-out shelves will solve the storage problem neatly.
  • The Breakfast Counter: You can add two or three tall stools to the Kitchen Island to use the countertop as a breakfast table. It will also help to serve the food hot at the table right after preparation. Maximum latest kitchen island designs incorporate this idea as it also helps in socialization. You can attend to your guests and can also serve them tea, coffee, snacks while cooking.
  • Island with sink: Functionally, an island with a sink helps to create the ideal working triangle in your kitchen. It is also known as the Kitchen Triangle that helps to optimize your functionality during food preparation. If you can guard the splashes, you can also use the countertop for serving breakfast to your kids.
  • Integrated Appliances in Kitchen Island: The modern hi-tech kitchen appliances became pretty essential for culinary purposes as these make food preparation a fun factor. You can integrate a microwave oven, small refrigerator, dishwasher, mixer & grinder, water purifier in your Kitchen Island for total utilization of the available space.
  • Multi-level Kitchen Island: A multi-level countertop will help to hide the food prep elements from visibility due to the guard. It is a luxury kitchen island design with multiple workspaces. Also, you can install a sink in this setup as the height difference will keep the water from splashing. You can use the multi-layers of countertops for different purposes.
  • Kitchen Island on wheels: If your kitchen space is very tiny, and you need to use the island space for some other purposes, then you can add some wheels to your Kitchen Island to move it as you like. It will open up your entire cooking space, and you can work more freely.
  • Add bookshelves in Kitchen Island: Incorporating bookshelves at the sides will make the kitchen island design more attractive, and at the same time, it will keep your guests entertained while you finish food preparations. Also, you can keep the recipe books and notes on the shelves to get easy guidance on culinary arts.
  • Install spotlights on the Island: Kitchen islands are primarily used for food prep, and for that sufficient light is required. So, you can install some spotlights above the counter. It is a popular kitchen island idea that helps in all the kitchen island functions.
Stylish and Unique Kitchen

All these latest kitchen island design tips will enhance the beauty and productivity of your kitchen space, and you can select any designs as per your preferences. For more queries, contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803 for an expert’s opinion.


The Complete Guide to Luxury Kitchen Layouts Design 2021


Complete Guide to Luxury Kitchen Layout Designs in 2021

Luxury kitchens integrate leading-edge technologies, highest-quality materials, and high-end appliances, so designing a luxury kitchen is a pretty expensive option. So, if you are planning to install a new kitchen or renovating your old kitchen and don’t have any budget constraints, you can set up a luxurious kitchen. Here we have come up with the best luxury kitchen design tips and mentioned them in the following section to aid your endeavor.

kitchen cabinet ideas


Choose the suitable layout:

It is the primary step for a luxury kitchen layout design, and for a luxurious kitchen, you will require enough space. Also, plan whether you want to build a stunning and spacious open kitchen design or turn a big room into a large luxury kitchen. It will help to install the kitchen appliances, cabinets, and countertops according to the basic layout, so you need to plan thoroughly about positioning them.

Determine the décor style:

You can choose between traditional, contemporary, and modern styles as per your preference while planning your kitchen. You can match the characteristic with the interior decoration of your house or can make the kitchen a unique space in your home. The cabinetry and ceiling decoration should go with the décor. For example, if you have chosen a traditional wooden décor style, the cabinets and counter should be wooden finished or rock-finished for the perfect visual interest.

Use the best quality materials:

The high-end materials are stunning and durable, like marble or granite countertops, wooden cabinets, copper hinges, knobs and handles, iron pipes, high-quality floor tiles, etc. Also, the modern kitchens are powered by updated appliances and always choose the best quality for extreme user satisfaction. Always, choose branded products, as they will fit perfectly in the latest luxury kitchen layouts and deliver impressive functionality.

Integrate Epic Kitchen Islands:

Generally, a luxury kitchen features at least two islands integrated with useful functionalities like HOB, sink, dishwasher, water filter, and others. You can use the multiple islands for different purposes like food prep and breakfast serving. Two waterfall islands will make the luxury kitchen layout an amazing part of your house and you will love your culinary skills in this setup.

Glam Up with Statement Light Fixtures:

Statement lighting is an attractive approach to showcase the personality of your luxurious kitchen. The intelligent lightings focus on the perfect food prep position and keep the surroundings dim, to help you concentrate on your recipe. Also, the statement lights boost up the visual impacts of the decoration and make it even more gorgeous.  

Set Up a Pantry Closet:

luxury kitchen layout should include a big closet or a small room as a pantry for storing food items safely. The pantry helps in keeping the various ingredients in perfect order and safe from harmful pests. You should set up the panty close to your food prepping area for easy accessibility, and it will solve the storage problem in the kitchen.

Keep the Appliances Concealed:

The modern modular luxury kitchens feature a minimalist decoration style, and you can see any hardware in the entire interior decoration. The concealed appliances help to open up the space and are easy to keep clean. It helps to create a good workflow inside the kitchen by presenting great functionality at finger touch. Also, these high-tech appliances run flawlessly without occupying any usable space.

luxury kitchen layout

To design an attractive luxury kitchen layout, you need to consider all the features and functions it offers. That includes the appliances, cabinetry, hardware, and plumbing. It is a comprehensive task, and an expert at Snaidero Kitchen Designs can help you with the plan and layout. So, why wait any longer? Call them at +97142944803 and create the best luxurious modular kitchen.


Tips and Trends of Kitchen Interior Design Ideas 2021

Tips and Trends of Kitchen Interior Design Ideas 2021

Kitchen interior catches up with new designing trends with changing times. Especially nowadays, the prime focus of kitchen interior design is to suit multiple purposes and give the kitchen a smart layout. It helps to boost the functionality of a modern kitchen as well as improves the general appearance. Read the following section for the best tips and trends of modern kitchen design ideas.

kitchen interior design

Double Layout of Kitchen Islands:

Kitchen islands are in popular trends for many decades, and now it is more improvised to a double layout to ensure a great functional space. The luxury kitchen interior designs with wide floor spaces now include a couple of islands to add up the functional areas. The islands can be aligned in a parallel manner or side by side depending on the available space. You can use these islands to store the utensils or ingredients, and the countertops can be used for meal prepping and serving simultaneously.

Wall to wall kitchen cabinets:

Cabinets in the kitchen serve several essential purposes, such as these helps to store lots of utensils, culinary tools, and cooking ingredients in proper order. So, kitchen cabinets are vital to keeping the kitchen clean and clutter-free. The latest kitchen interior designs include sleek, angular, and geometric-shaped cabinetries with enhanced functionalities. The wall to wall cabinets helps to utilize the entire space without engaging any floor area for storage purpose. Also, the linear cabinets deliver neatness in the appearance of your modern kitchen.

Plan for bigger kitchen space:

Previously kitchen was made in a corner area far from the family gathering place to avoid excess heat and smoke, but now the modern amenities made the cooking process quite simple and entertaining. The kitchen chimneys help to avoid smokes while cooking, and for these hi-tech technologies, the kitchen is becoming a gathering area day by day. Modern and attractive kitchen interior designs usually have much floor space, so you can attend to your guests along with prepping the dishes.

Choose marbles or porcelain tiles for floor and countertops:

Marbles or porcelain tiles will make the kitchen floor look clean, brighter, and spacious. These materials also promote luxurious design with polished surfaces. Also, both these are especially applicable for wet areas with high chances of water splashes. A white marble countertop with matched cabinets and flooring will surely enhance the elegance of your modern kitchen, and hence the latest interior design tips for kitchens usually suggest marble decorations.

Handleless drawers and cabinets:

The modern handleless kitchen cabinets make the furniture highly attractive with an incredible finish. The handles often catch the clothes or the children bump on these, and in a handless design, the kitchen will be safer for all. The handleless modern kitchen interior design ideas are trendy and efficient, but you may find it a bit expensive compared to their handled counterparts. Also, the handles become greasy while cooking, and that makes it hard to maintain. That is not a concern in the case of handless operations.

kitchen interior designs

All these designing ideas are in trend nowadays and are very helpful to enhance appearance and functionality. You can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for more latest amazing kitchen interior design ideas, so why wait any longer? Give them a call at +97142944803 and make your dream kitchen come true.

Step by Step Guide to Open Kitchen Design for Dubai Homes

Step by Step Guide to Open Kitchen Design
for Dubai Homes

Planning an open kitchen is an exciting job. You can plan your open kitchen as per your budget, space and add facilities as per your choice. Now for an open kitchen design, you need to map every step one by one without error. Else, you may not have the chance to rectify it.

Hence, adequate research is the prime requirement for designing a perfect open kitchen for your Dubai home. The following 5 steps will aid you in finding the practical factors you need to consider for setting up an attractive open kitchen design and make your efforts successful.

kitchen design

Make a list of the amenities you need in your kitchen:

A modern kitchen generally includes a refrigerator, kitchen stove or hob, sink, tall faucet sprayer, dishwasher, microwave oven, mixer-grinder, etc. Also, consider the length of storage cabinets and usable countertops you need in your kitchen. Make a list of the amenities you seek to comprise in your open kitchen, and it will help you place them when your kitchen is ready.

Consider the suitable layout for your open kitchen:

Plan your kitchen layout based on the space and position you have for your kitchen to maximize the utility. If you have a small space then, go for a galley kitchen or linear kitchen, for cozy corners L-shaped kitchen is perfect, and if you have a wide space then you can plan a peninsula kitchen or a kitchen with multiple islands. The latest open kitchen designs include several layouts that you can customize as per your requirements. Also, don’t overlook the kitchen triangle while positioning the sink, hob, and refrigerator.

Draw up the best floor-plan for your open kitchen:

Once you listed all the amenities you want to include in your kitchen and the most suitable layout, draw a perfect floor plan based on that. Your kitchen floor plan should be detailed, including the external and internal doors and windows, cabinets and countertops, Kitchen Island, and others. It will help you get the best possible functionality, whether you have a simple or a luxury open kitchen design idea.

Choose high-quality material for cabinetries and appliances:

The best material for kitchen cabinets is solid wood, but some high-quality engineered wood provides even better durability. For the countertops marvel, ceramic tiles, wood, or granite is the perfect material. Also, the other high-quality appliances ensure high durability and user satisfaction. You should focus on hardware materials like hinges, knobs, handles, pipes, etc. so, you can use those for the rest of your life.

Select the best color combination for your open kitchen:

It is the final step for designing a stunning open kitchen for your Dubai home. You can select the traditional white background with silvery-grey shaker cabinets or stony backsplashes with wooden cabinets and countertops or choose some other attractive pop colors on cabinet panels. You can go through the latest open kitchen design ideas to plan the best color scheme.

kitchen design

These are the fundamental design tips for open kitchens, and you can craft every type of kitchen based on these steps, whether simple or luxurious. Also, you can always enquire in details from Snaidero Kitchen Designs by calling their representative at +97142944803, and they will help you organize a beautiful and utmost functional open kitchen for your Dubai home.


Five Simple Open Kitchen Design Ideas to Incorporate in Dubai Homes

Five Simple Open Kitchen Design Ideas to
Incorporate in Dubai Homes

Open kitchens are the more relaxed and inviting selection which provide an open space to spend time with family while food preparation is on. Thus, the modern Dubai homes are incorporating attractive open kitchen designs in their new home. It opens up your home and promotes a comfortable workflow. Also, you can attend to your family and friends while cooking. Open kitchens are the best way out from the traditional din, less airy isolated kitchens, and these top 5 open kitchen design ideas will fit in any space.

open kitchen design

It is the best depiction of the classic minimalist approach with modern aesthetics. The smooth finished framed structure with sleek edges, the flat doors with concealed hinges provide continuous lines, which appear like a stunning decoration. The linear kitchen layout is best for small spaces, especially for the studio apartments, because it occupies a small area, typically a wall, and provides you almost the whole floor space. If you incorporate a kitchen island alongside a linear kitchen, then it will boost your workspace.

L-Shaped Kitchen:

L-shaped or corner kitchens are one of the most common open kitchen designs in modern Dubai homes. It provides the best utilization of the corner spaces and an open area in the center. The cabinetry is installed alongside the right-angled walls, and thus the empty middle space allows a comfortable traffic flow inside the kitchen area. Also, you can install an island within the kitchen to increase the workspace and storage. The L-shaped layout also allows multipurpose spaces so you can define different work zones in your kitchen.

Galley Kitchen:

You can utilize a long and narrow space by designing a galley kitchen. In this amazing open kitchen design layout, you can incorporate all the modern amenities tactfully. Galley kitchens have two parallel rows of wall and base cabinets with countertops, which is sufficient for the storage purpose of a small family. Also, you can use both rows for different purposes, such as ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ workspaces, and it helps you keep your kitchen clean and organized.

U-Shaped Kitchen:

U-shape is a beautiful and luxury open kitchen design for modern Dubai homes. It features three adjacent walls lined with cabinets and countertops, which provide a lot of storage and workspace. Also, the renowned work triangle or kitchen triangle is possible to set up in this layout, and so the experts consider U-shaped kitchens to provide the best functionality. It is the most suitable layout for larger families, where more than one person needs to work inside the kitchen simultaneously.

The Peninsula Kitchen: 

Peninsula kitchen is an independent unit with a worktop, and this layout is similar to an island kitchen but with one end attached to the wall. It is one of the smartest and latest open kitchen designs, which is focused on cooking and serving at the same time and place, without hampering the traffic flow inside the kitchen. Here the countertop can be accessible from three sides, and more than one person can work in this layout freely. Peninsula kitchens in modern Dubai homes often serve as a room divider between dining and living room.

open kitchen design

These are the basic open kitchen layout, which is in the modern trend. But you can customize your modern kitchen as per your convenience and available space. So, contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for more striking open kitchen design tips at +97142944803, and their experts will help you design your best open kitchen layout.


10 Unique Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Dubai Homes

10 Unique Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Dubai Homes

Modular Kitchen cabinets provide the secured storage for the kitchen ingredients and customized storage for utensils and appliances making the kitchen clutter free. Also, strategic layout of kitchen cabinets significantly improves your food preparation skills and enhances workflow efficiency inside the kitchen.

But you need to choose a suitable kitchen cabinet design as per your available space and requirements in your Dubai home. To ease your effort, we have shortlisted the top 10 most unique and latest kitchen cabinet designs. You can select the most suitable one as per your available space and budget.

latest kitchen cabinet design

Cabinets with multiple shelves

Hence, an effective cabinet design will make your food preparation very simple, and you will get all the ingredients within your hand’s reach. So, you can prepare foods pretty simple, which will make your culinary effort very interesting and less hectic. Hence, cabinets with multiple shaves became popular over time. It also provides ample storage in a short place. Only you need to utilize the entire space thoroughly.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets:

A five-piece door with a recessed center panel is the primary character of Shaker cabinets. You may choose Shaker cabinets as per your preference. Those are very clean and simple with decorative edge detailing. On the other hand, you can customize the Shaker cabinets before installations per your requirement. It is the best option for visual simplicity and affordability. Also, the durable all-wood construction makes it pretty tough for long-term usage.

Drawers and cabinets provide additional storage spaces:

The latest and modular kitchen cabinetries include sufficient additional drawers to keep the culinary utensils and ingredients in proper order. It offers the facility to find the required utensils and ingredients without much effort, as you can find those easily in the different sections of counters or drawers.

The natural wooden looks:

The wooden cabinets are beautiful, classic, and timeless, and with proper maintenance, they usually last real long. Good-quality woods are the best material for considerable durability. For this reason, many attractive kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood to ensure the desired longevity.

Customize your cabinetry:

Concentrate on the detailing and positioning of your cabinets and countertops. You should plan to place the customized cabinets and countertops properly inside your kitchen premises. For any unplanned error, you won’t be able to change the kitchen interior easily whenever you like. Also, this will be quite an expensive one.

Concentrate on the flat-surfaced countertops:

Flat surfaces countertops in the kitchen aids in food prepping and serving a hot meal to the family and friends. For this reason, modern kitchen designers are focusing on flat surfaces to make the maximum utilization of the storage place. You can use the countertops to keep the modern culinary appliances.

Conceal all appliances:

Modern modular kitchens are dependent on the latest electric and electronic modern appliances to make food preparation easy. If, you are planning to set up a modular kitchen then, you should know the maximum appliances run via electric connectivity, which is hectic to manage sometimes. A modular kitchen setup conceals the connectivity of such modern appliances, which makes it less hectic to store securely.

Allocate separate space for different goods:

It is of utmost benefit because the modular kitchen setup has designed a storage place for different ingredients and utensils. The setups of modular kitchen cabinets are impressive because it has several compartments for storing commodities of various nature. It helps to find the particular product or tools you are looking for without much effort.

Utilize the work island:

Islands make modular kitchen cabinets amazing. It opens up the food prep range and ensures a smooth workflow. Also, the island has several other utilities. The kitchen island is perfect for placing the hob or food prepping purposes. Even the kitchen island is useful for serving hot food, especially, for serving breakfast to the children. You may install a cabinet underneath the island for some extra storage.

Delightful color scheme and pattern:

Once you set up your modular kitchen, the last step is to select a perfect color combination for your kitchen space. While choosing the color scheme, you need to consider the other color to create an aesthetic contrast. A good color scheme will make your kitchen cabinets amazing, and you will feel enthusiastic working on the premises.

kitchen cabinet design tips

Kitchen cabinet design tips from an expert are of utmost importance because generally, you will construct your home once. So you should not turn any stone unturned in this subject. If you have any further queries feel free to contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803, and their expert representative will get in touch with you at the earliest possible.