10 Things to Consider When Designing a Modular Kitchen

10 Things to Consider When Designing a Modular Kitchen

Modular interiors are the best option to systematically organize and completely renovate your kitchen. It has been in trend for more than five decades but has continuously evolved through improvements. At present, many guidelines for the latest modular kitchen design are available on the internet. We have shortlisted the ten most essential things that you should consider while designing your modular kitchen in the following section.

modular kitchen

Define the layout or shape:

It is the primary and important step of designing because you can place the modular cabinetry based on the layout. Several popular and attractive modular kitchen design layouts are available, and you can choose as per your space. Defining a proper shape is essential to ensure the perfect placement of rest amenities.

Make a list of amenities:

The amazing modular kitchen designs can conceal many amenities, which you can draw only in time of use. Thus, you should make a list of facilities and services you seek to have during food preparation before finalizing your kitchen plan. It will also help you to map your available space to boost their utilization.

Plan the cabinets and countertops:

Cabinets and countertops are a crucial part of a kitchen required for food prep and storage. While planning cabinetries, you need to consider the work triangle or the kitchen triangle to maximize your efficiency in the kitchen. Proper placement of all amenities will enhance the functionality of your modular kitchen.

Install a closet for panty:

Earlier, a room was allocated nearby the kitchen as a panty for safely keeping the food items. But with time, the room has shrunk to a closet. The panty is very helpful to keep all the ingredients in one place and safe from pests. Hence, when you design your modular kitchen, keep a pantry closet along with the food prepping range.

Consider a kitchen island:

A kitchen island enhances the space and storage management of a kitchen considerably. In count to cabinetry, it adds a storage area, also can be used for food prep and serving. It provides a smooth workflow inside even a small kitchen area as well as opens up the whole usable space.

Think about heating and plumbing:

Heat is an obvious factor for the places that deal a lot with fire. Place the near an air-outlet or install a kitchen chimney over it to eradicate the heat and smoke. Also, drainage is another basic requirement for kitchens, and the latest modular units ensure smooth water outlets. So, you can wash all the utensils at ease.

Proper ventilation is essential:

As we have discussed, smoke is usual in kitchens, and only a proper ventilation system can ensure healthy indoor air quality. Keep sufficient windows and air outlets in your kitchen to keep the inside fresh and airy. Also, it will help to keep your kitchen free from cooking fumes and help in emergencies like fire or gas leaks.

Choose good-quality hardware materials:

When you are designing a modular kitchen, then you need to invest a reasonable amount of money. So, you will expect good longevity against your investments. The chip-quality cabinetry and kitchen hardware won’t last more than ten years, and you need to replace those to keep the kitchen functional. That will affect your time and money.

Keep an adequate source of light:

Food prepping requires sufficient light, and you can select a bright color combination to make the inside look clear. Consider the spots where maximum light is needed and install bright lights on the focused spaces. The luxury modular kitchen designs suggest several spotlights to make it look attractive with full of light.

Fit backsplashes around the wet areas:

The fancy and colorful backsplashes are not only a decoration but also helps to keep the wet areas safe from any water damage. Places with heavy water flow tend to get damaged after extensive use. Hence, backsplashes are incorporated in modular kitchen design ideas to enhance the durability of wet areas.

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These are the most effective modular kitchen design tips to help you plan and set up your smart modern kitchen flawlessly. You can contact the Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803 for more details.


15 Crucial Tips for Designing a Kitchen You’ll Absolutely Love

15 Crucial Tips for Designing a Kitchen You’ll Absolutely Love

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned while planning it. The modern kitchens focus on placing the latest cooking appliances and sleek modular cabinetries in a practical order to enhance the functionality.

If you are struggling to fix a perfect layout, here are 15 crucial kitchen design tips that will help you to set up a beautiful and well-designed modern kitchen.

kitchen design

Improvise a thoughtful kitchen design:

The kitchen is the busiest place in our homes, and we usually spend a considerable amount of time in it for food preparation. Kitchen islands are perfect spaces for serving breakfast, prepping the meal, or can be used to keep modern appliances. So, plan your kitchen thoughtfully because every family has different requirements.

Keep Wide Workspace:

A large kitchen with minimum workspace doesn’t really helps, while broad countertops in a tiny space can provide better functionality. Hence it is better to open up the workspaces by creating multiple flat surfaces inside the kitchen area.

Determine the Functions of the Kitchen Island:

Almost every latest kitchen designs include an island to add up the functional area. The kitchen island serves several purposes, like cutting vegetables and meat, serving hot food, keeping some latest cooking appliances, and many more. When you get some extra functional space in your kitchen, you will know how to utilize it.

Analyze the functionality from a practical perspective: 

Design and appearance are secondary requirements for the kitchen, while functionality comes first. Everything in the kitchen is designated as per their respective utilities. So, a practical perspective will help keep a good workflow between the amenities inside the kitchen area, and you can finish food preparation at ease.

Focus on tiles and backsplash:

Cover the wet areas inside the kitchen with heavy water flow with porcelain tile or the other backsplash materials. Else, the water may damage the surrounding walls within a maximum of a couple of decades.

Utilize the corners:

Modular kitchen cabinetries include perfect corner drawers for utilizing the corner areas inside the kitchen. You can plan an L-shaped design of the kitchen in corner areas, and that will enhance the overall space management of your modern home.

Specifically, arrange the cooking range:

Generally, a kitchen has three separate areas with different functions. Those are the cooking area, washing area, and storage. Among them, cooking is of primary requirements, and hence you should arrange all the necessary utensils and ingredients neat the oven range.

Choose a simple design for low maintenance:

Kitchen cabinets with a simple design and straight panels are easy to clean and maintain. It will save your time and energy for cleaning. Also, straightforward design is popular for its considerable durability if you use high-quality materials. Simple cabinets and countertops can also lead to an attractive kitchen design.

Boost the storage capacity with modular cabinetry:

Modular accessories and fittings help to organize the stuff in the kitchen in smaller spaces. It has separate drawers, shelf cupboards, and tall units to boost up the storage capacity.

Plan the electrical outlets near countertops:

Modern kitchens include several hi-tech culinary appliances like microwave oven, mixer, grinder, juicer, blender, etc. So it will be convenient if you position the power outlets near the amenities.

Install a wide kitchen sink with a tall water faucet:

Dishwashing is a hectic task in the entire food prepping procedure, and a wide sink with a tall water faucet will considerably cut your cleaning efforts.

Emphasize the minimalist style:

Modern minimalist-style amazing kitchen designs are mainly focused on the base functions and cut the extra items. The angular, sleek and geometrical designs are easy to clean and also look pretty gorgeous.

Windows are perfect for good ventilation:

You may install the modern electric kitchen chimneys to clear the smoke while cooking, but a large window will help to circulate and purify the indoor air much easily and quickly. Excess smoke can damage your lungs, so it is worth focusing on ventilation.

Try to source maximum possible natural lights:

Food preparation is one of the finest tasks, and that requires an adequate amount of light for cutting the ingredients, cooking the foods, and decorating the plates. Hence try to keep some large windows in your kitchen area to maximize the brightness indoor.

Maintain decent landing spaces near culinary appliances:

The luxury kitchen designs usually include landing spaces near the appliances to keep the food before and after preparation. Landing space will protect you from any unwanted accidents while cooking and help you organize your food.

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Getting interested? Have more queries? Contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for expert advice. You can call them at +97142944803 for more exclusive kitchen design ideas.

8 Easy and Effective Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Dubai Homes


8 Easy and Effective Small Kitchen Design
Ideas for Dubai Homes

You can efficiently utilize your small kitchen area using appropriate small kitchen design ideas in your Dubai home. The super-organized modular cabinets and spacious countertops make the most of the workspace and improve the workflow. So, space won’t be an issue once you position and organize every amenity smartly and strategically in your kitchen. To aid in your pursuit, we have listed the top 8 effective and attractive small kitchen design ideas, and you can select the layout that mostly fits your requirements.

kitchen design ideas


A Galley or Corridor-Style Kitchen:

It is the best layout for narrow and long kitchen spaces with two parallel wall cabinets, countertops, and base cabinets’ rows. In this setup, you need to cluster the kitchen amenities like the stove, sink, dishwater, microwave oven, mixer/grinder, and refrigerator in a small area to utilize the whole workspace. You may use the different rows for distinct purposes, and that will further organize your kitchen skills.

Kitchen with a Small Island:

No matter how tiny your kitchen space is, you can add a multifunctional island inside it. The island with a flat countertop and base cabinets will provide you highly required work and storage efficiency in small kitchens. A suitable island will turn your small kitchen design into an amazing experience, where you can attend to your guests or have dinner parties. Kitchen Island is also applicable for the food prep area, or you may keep any modern kitchen appliances on the countertop.

Linear or One-Wall Kitchen:

It is a tight layout with half of the cabinet and counter space of a galley kitchen. So, you may need to compromise some of the heavy kitchen appliances like roasting ovens, dishwashers, salamanders, coffee makers, etc. But these amenities are generally not included in the household kitchen. If you use the upper and lower cabinets of your linear kitchen for storage purposes and reserve the counter space for food prep, then you can enhance the functionality of your small place.

Corner or L-Shaped Kitchen:

The latest small kitchen designs in Dubai emphasize corner or L-shaped kitchens for improved functionality. L-shaped kitchen enhances the walk area, and hence it supports smooth traffic in the kitchen workspace. You can reduce the stretch of your kitchen as per your requirement and make the kitchen a stunning corner of your apartment. Attractive color schemes will make the corner kitchen more gorgeous and separate it from the rest.

Modular Kitchen with Transitional Design:

If you dream of luxury small kitchen designs, the transition kitchen with modular cabinetry is the best choice. Modular kitchen cabinets ensure high storage capacity in small spaces so you can keep all the culinary appliances and ingredients in order. Also, the transitional shapes have geometric and practical lines in cabinetry, countertops, and shelves, which are easy to clean and maintain.

Kitchen with Cabinetry up to the Ceiling:

You may push the wall cabinets to the ceiling in short kitchen spaces to utilize the whole area. Generally, the kitchen cabinetry has open spaces on the top, and in most cases, those spaces are left unused. The wall along cabinetries will significantly boost the storage capacity within a tiny area.

The Dining Kitchen:  

It is a modified concept of combined kitchen and dining, which is especially effective for small areas. The layout suggests installing all the culinary appliances by the wall to utilize the floor for dining purposes. In this way, you can open up the maximum spaces of your small apartment in Dubai. Also, you can serve hot meals to your family in a dining kitchen setup.

The U-Shaped Kitchen:

It is the most convenient layout to keep lots of amenities in a small kitchen design. The U-shape helps to place cabinets and countertops along three adjoining walls, which significantly expands the functionality and storage capacity. Also, it provides the renowned kitchen triangle for smooth workflow during food preparation.

small kitchen design ideas

So, no matter how small space you have, never step back from your dream kitchen setup. You can construct an impressive layout with great functionalities as per your available apace by following these ideas. Feel free to contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for more effective small kitchen design tips. You can call their representatives at +97142944803 for expert opinions.


7 Simple Kitchen Ideas for a Beautiful Minimalist Home in Dubai


7 Simple Kitchen Ideas for a Beautiful Minimalist
Home in Dubai

Modern minimalist style is primarily focused on the base functions by cutting the extra items and designs. It makes the layout simple with minimal interior walls, modest storage areas, and maximum daylight. The other important characteristics include open floor plans, minimum or no ornamentation, geometrically designed cabinetries to deliver a positive emphasis on the appearance. These simple and modern kitchen design ideas will make your minimalist home in Dubai more beautiful and functional.

simple kitchen ideas


Focus on Empty Spaces: 

The empty focal points are a crucial element in minimalist style décor, as the free spaces help the visual balance and define spacious looks. You can place sleek and angular shelves to occupy empty walls, but too much congestion may occur unwanted distraction. Light colors in white and gray shades are intrinsic to the latest simple kitchen design with minimalist decor.

Remove Kitchen Clutter:

Clutter-free kitchens always have clear and accessible countertops as well as a clean and hygienic appearance. Only keep the most essential and daily used commodities on the countertops, store everything else in the kitchen cabinets. In this way, you can thoroughly organize the wide range of utensils and ingredients for food prepping.

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Use Restrained Color-Combination:

For minimal kitchen décor, you can use a white background with gray shades or any other light color shades, and that will make your kitchen visually simple, yet attractive. For this reason, some amazing kitchen design ideas include the application of light-color palettes with matching cabinets and countertops.

Install Simple Kitchen Cabinets:

The color or texture of kitchen cabinetries should match with the wall. Else, that won’t match properly and look odd. Also, the modern cabinets and countertops are very effective for boosting the storage capacity and aids in removing the kitchen clutter. The simple design and perfect geometrical alignment of kitchen cabinets are pretty essential for minimalist home décor.

Use a neutral base:

Neutral colors and designing materials are the primary requirements for creating a minimalist environment. Under-toned white wall paint with countertops made of marble or porcelain tiles makes the kitchen look spacious and full of natural light. Matching cabinetries will further enhance the appearance, and you can improvise this simple kitchen idea to make your kitchen modern and minimalist.

Emphasize sleek design and flat surfaces:

Straight-defined lines with clean corners or curves are the primary features of furniture and amenities of minimalist kitchen décor. Also, the luxury kitchen design ideas include simple but well-defined windows, cabinets, countertops, and focused on flat surfaces. These characteristics are very soothing to the eye and make the interior simple yet gorgeous.

Prefer quality over quantity:

It is the last of the minimalist kitchen design ideas, but not least. The modern minimalist kitchen decoration suggests keeping the interior as simple plus free as possible. Low-quality products usually have lesser longevity as compared to high-quality materials. Hence, it is better to keep the good and reliable amenities for better performance and maintenance.

simple kitchen design

So, why wait for more contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs by giving them a call at +97142944803 for more effective and attractive kitchen design ideas. Always remember right interior design will significantly enhance the overall utility of your minimalist Dubai home.


6 Smart Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Every Home


6 Smart Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Every Home

Some easy makeover ideas can change the functionality and appearance of your kitchen immensely. You can turn your old kitchen into a modern kitchen that features simple, sleek, and geometrically formed cabinetry and flat-surfaced countertops with little or no ornamentation and hardware. These attractive modern kitchen renovation ideas will help you update your kitchen with practicality.

modern kitchen renovation ideas


Remodel the Cabinetries:

Usually, lots of things like utensils, cooking ingredients, dry foods, and others we store in the kitchen. If they are not in order, then it will make your culinary initiatives more hectic. The modern kitchen cabinets considerably enhance the storage efficiency, along with adding a stunning appearance. The cabinets are generally roughly used, so always choose a durable product like solid woods. Also, high-quality engineered woods are more moisture-resistant than solid woods and reliable materials for the latest modern kitchen cabinets.

Add a Kitchen Island:

Whether your space is large or small, a kitchen island will open up your functional area and provide you a smooth operation during food preparation. The integral storage drawers in an island are convenient for storing utensils and tools, while the countertop aids in meal prepping and serving. Adding a small island in your L-shaped kitchen will enhance the looks of your old setup, along with several added benefits.

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Install Updated Hardware in the Kitchen:

The latest kitchen hardware will significantly shape your luxury modern kitchen renovation idea and add stunning details. Updating the kitchen metal hardware like knobs, handles, metal pipes, hinges, etc. is a cost-effective option to give your kitchen superior looks and functionality. The new hardware will be more reliable for the rough operation in the kitchen and will last longer.

Update the Splashbacks:

Updating the kitchen backsplash is a simple and cost-effective way to give your old kitchen a new expression. A good quality backsplash will protect the kitchen walls against any damage from inadvertent water splashes. Splashback with a suitable texture matched with cabinetries will fulfill your modern kitchen renovation idea to give your kitchen a stunning appearance. If you are planning a budget-friendly venture, then you can simply paint the splashback areas.

Focus on New Kitchen Flooring:

Changing the kitchen floor is a lengthy and costly procedure, but the parceling tiles will impressively change the form of your old kitchen. The smooth and shiny tiles make the area full of natural light, which helps in the extensive work like food prepping. Also, you can choose the other flooring materials suitable for modern kitchen renovation like timber, laminate, carpet, vinyl, or bamboo. The tiles are perfect for preventing the water, so it’s better to cover the wet areas with matching tiles.

Indulge in Smart Appliances:

Smart kitchen appliances will help to make your culinary efforts much effortless. Modern-day kitchen gadgets include a food processor, microwave, smart refrigerator, kitchen chimney, dishwasher, blender, water purifier, automatic rice cooker, mixer & grinder, electric kettle, etc. You can choose suitable gadgets as per your need, and these will improve the culinary efficiency significantly.

modern kitchen renovation

These amazing modern kitchen renovation ideas will help you make your kitchen more lively and eye-catching, along with impressive added functionalities. You can renovate your entire kitchen at once will all these suggestions, or you may improvise partially, depending on your time and budget. Call Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803 for more ideas to make your kitchen an attraction of your home.


5 Best Kitchen Cabinet Design for Dubai Homes


5 Best Kitchen Cabinet Design for Dubai Homes

Attractive kitchen cabinet designs can raise your culinary interest significantly. Rows of cabinetries provide the structural foundation, enhances the functionality, and look of your kitchen. It offers an excellent storage solution, and you can store all of your non-perishable items in your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinetries include large drawers with compartments, pull-out buckets with racks, dish rack and corner buckets, which provides smooth operation. So, if you plan for smart and trendy cabinetry, these top 5 kitchen cabinet design ideas will make it more functional and attractive.

kitchen cabinet design


Silvery-grey shaker cabinets:

It is a simple design with excellent durability that makes your kitchen look luxurious. The flat centre panels with minimal profiling or detailing in silver-grey makes the cabinets look elegant, dramatic and trendy. The rail frame and square-edged recessed doors make it a convenient design with immense functionality.

Cabinets with Wooden Panels:

Wooden cabinet panels and countertops will add a sheer attraction to the kitchen cabinet design. You can decorate the interior of your kitchen with polished woods to provide a country-style finishing or use radiant wood finishing for a modern appearance. Dark-oak panel cabinets will give your kitchen a sophisticated and traditional look.

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White panel cabinets:

White panels are in use since ages, and it’s still in trends, as it will never go out of style. White counter panels with graphite or wooden countertops will make your kitchen look attractive. Also, white cabinet panels will give a clean look to your kitchen. You can use some antique and luxurious kitchen cabinet design on the white panel for a stunning look.

Use the attractive color combination on cabinet panels:

A suitable color combination can make your kitchen cabinets vigorous and eye-catching. The latest kitchen cabinet designs incorporate color combinations like Navy blue & white, red and yellow, black and grey, light green and brown, red and white, cream and grey, etc. Also, you may use textures like wood and grass, stone and water, etc.

Technical black kitchen cabinets:

Dark-colored kitchen cabinets are in current fashion in Dubai. If you think the black color is a bad idea for kitchen cabinets. Black is easier to keep clean than white or other light colours. Also, it will hide the wear and tear, so easy to maintain. The matt-black finished amazing kitchen cabinet designs will need more light than the other setups. But when filled with high-tech gadgets that will enhance your personality and make your kitchen a speculate part of your dream home.

kitchen cabinet design

The modern kitchens are becoming the centre for socialization, where you can attend to foods and the guests simultaneously. Give a call to Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803, and their expert designers will suggest a spectacular kitchen cabinet layout for your Dubai home. Also, if you are planning to renovate your old kitchen, you may select any of these useful and attractive cabinet designs as per your home décor. Proper kitchen cabinet design or layout will wider your workspace and provide you with more functionality.