11 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas That Make a Big Impact


11 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas That Make a Big Impact

Simplicity is the best solution to make your life more comfortable. Design the interior of your Dubai home in such a way, so you can easily avail all the amenities. It’s vital while planning your kitchen because it’s always that one small place with lots of utensils in your house.

The following simple and attractive kitchen design ideas will make your culinary experience fantastic, and you will love working in your kitchen.

simple kitchen design


Always choose an open kitchen for simplicity:

Open kitchen layouts make them multifunctional and provide them with a broader look. Also, you can socialize with your family and friends while working in an open kitchen.

Choose a simple layout:

Many kitchen layouts are complicated, like a Peninsula or G-shapes Kitchen. So if you choose a simple kitchen design or layouts like a Straight Kitchen or L-shaped Kitchen, you can access all the cabinets and drawers easily and make good use of the floor space.

Maintain the Kitchen Triangle for efficient workflow:

Many Kitchen Planner or Interior Decorators place the stove/oven, sink and refrigerator in three corners of the kitchen or golden triangle to provide the best workflow. Even if you create a very simple kitchen layout, you can set up this triangle to ease operation.

Keep enough floor space:

You should be comfortable while working in your kitchen. The floor space will allow you to move freely within your kitchen, and more than one person can work freely. Also, it will make the kitchen look wider and full of light as well as the area will be easy to keep clean.

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Use the floor space for dining: 

If you choose simple kitchen design ideas like straight or L-shaped kitchens, you can use the floor space for dining. It’ll allow you to spend time with your guests while cooking. Also, if the floor space is adequate, you can hold get-together parties around your open kitchen.

Minimize the unnecessary appliances:

Never make your kitchen too crowded by filling it with all the modern culinary appliances. It will make your movement in the working range very hectic, and you won’t be comfortable while cooking. Instead, minimize kitchen accessories apart from the essential appliances like oven, refrigerator, juicer, etc.

Keep a large window near the cooking range:

The large window will keep the kitchen’s indoor air clear, allow enough light to come inside, and make the kitchen look wider and more hygienic. Also, you may install skylights in place of a large window in case you don’t have adequate space.

Install a simple Kitchen Island:

If your kitchen space is not ample, you can install a Kitchen island in an open layout to make your kitchen design simple. The island can be used for food preparation, serving and eating purposes. Also, you may look after your children’s homework on the counter while cooking.

Install kitchen cabinets and drawers:

The modern kitchen cabinets and drawers help to keep many utensils in a small place. In addition, it’ll help you organize your kitchen in lesser time, and for this reason, the simple and latest kitchen designs incorporate rows of cabinetries.

Design Parallel Kitchen in small space:

Parallel or Galley Kitchen will be the perfect option for a smaller space. In this layout, two rows of cabinets and counters are placed in a parallel manner. You can thus use most of the area and it also looks clutter-free and organized.

Create a visual divider with color:

It is utmost applicable for the corner kitchens in one-room or studio apartments. You can use a different color combination in the kitchen space to make it easily identifiable. It will save your space for separators and make your kitchen more attractive.

simple kitchen design

For more simple and amazing kitchen design ideas, contact Snaidero Kitchen Ideas at +97142944803 and renovate your kitchen.


6 Types of Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Home Interiors


6 Types of Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Home Interiors

When planning your home interior, you should design your open kitchen based on practical and functional aspects. The open kitchen has numerous benefits, as it allows you to spend good family time while cooking. Also, you can attend to your guests in an open kitchen and will never feel like cooking alone. Hence, an amazing open kitchen design will turn your food prepping into an enjoyment.

You will find the top 6 types of open kitchen design ideas in the following section. Go through that to plan a perfect kitchen based on your available space.

open kitchen design ideas


Straight or Linear Kitchen:
It is a simple and space-efficient open kitchen design without forfeiting any functionality. In a straight kitchen, the cooking range, sink, wall cabinets, base cabinets, refrigerator and others installed in a single wall, and for the linear pattern, many refer to it as a one-wall kitchen. It is perfect for shallow spaces and saves a lot of floor space. Straight kitchens also used for outdoor setups.

L-Shaped or Corner Kitchen:
L-shaped open kitchens are trendy worldwide, which is the perfect design to utilize the corner spaces. The open area in the middle provides a smooth operation in the kitchen for more than one person. You can install striking color-combination, pattern or design of the cabinet cover to make the kitchen a gorgeous corner in your home.

Galley or Corridor Kitchen: 
It is an attractive open kitchen design, with very economical use of space. Galley Kitchen includes two rows of cabinets positioned in parallel order and allows you to get everything within your arms reach. For this reason, this layout provides an excellent utility for space management. You can place the cabinets, kitchen appliances, sink and others systematically in this layout.

U-Shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen:
In a U-shaped kitchen, three adjacent walls used to install cabinetries and countertops. It is a very functional layout for larger kitchens and provides the famous work triangle. Also, it gives the maximum working and storage space for keeping the utensils. You can maximize the wall space by creating a U-shaped kitchen and furnish your kitchen with a compact look.

Island Kitchen:
The latest open kitchen designs incorporate an island in the kitchen space to maximize the space utility. The island in the middle provides a wide work surface and storage option. It can be used for meal prep, serving, eating purposes, or you can keep your kitchen appliances on the countertop. Also, you can attend to your guests at the counter without interrupting the food preparation.

G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchen:
In this layout, one sidewall includes the cabinetries, while the opposite side has countertops, and an island connects both these sides. You can use this peninsula from both sides for food preparation, eating and other storage purposes. This open kitchen design or layout is applicable where no independent space is available to install the kitchen island.

open kitchen design ideas

The kitchen layout is a crucial factor for your home interior, and proper planning can ensure the perfect utilization of your indoor space. Feel free to contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs for simple one-wall to luxurious open kitchen design ideas at +97142944803 and make the kitchen the heart of your home.


15 Latest Open Kitchen Design Mostly Used in Dubai Homes


15 Latest Open Kitchen Design Mostly Used in Dubai Homes

The modern apartments in Dubai are spacious, full of light with all the latest amenities available inside, and the kitchen is the heart of their homes. The latest open kitchen designs have several benefits. It makes the home spaces wider, and while cooking, you won’t feel enclosed in a room. Also, it makes the kitchen more versatile for everyday activities and socializes you with the family and guests.

Open kitchens are made as per the characteristic of the home, and these following amazing ideas for open-kitchen design will make your food preparation a more delightful experience.


    •  The L-Shaped Kitchen:

If you want to use most of the available floor places, an L-shaped kitchen design will be perfect for you. It is also the most popular kitchen design worldwide, and you can fit in a small dining table within the kitchen space.

    •  The Island Kitchen:

The island in the middle of the kitchen provides an extra work surface and storage space. You may use it as a cooking surface, breakfast table, bar or wine fridge, and for other purposes.

    •  The Galley Kitchen:

It is a long and narrow kitchen layout with two rows of wall cabinets, base cabinets, counters, and cooking range in a parallel manner. You can use both rows for different purposes like you can split it into ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ workspaces.

    •  One-Wall or Straight Kitchen:

If the kitchen space is shallow, then one-wall is the best open kitchen design with great functionality. This simple layout consists of wall cabinets, drawers, base cabinets, and a cooking range set up on a single wall.

    •  The U-Shaped Kitchen:

Larger open kitchens in Dubai usually have this layout. The U-shaped kitchen has cabinetry installed along three adjacent walls, which provides the most efficient work triangle and lots of storage space. More than one person can work simultaneously in this kitchen layout.
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    •  The Peninsula Kitchen:

The G-shaped design of this kitchen layout provides an extra workspace. The kitchen counters are accessible from three sides, and like the U-shaped kitchen, more than one person can work freely.

    •  Double-L Shaped Kitchen:

This open kitchen layout has evolved from an L-shaped Kitchen, with two separated workspaces facing each other. It provides an extra work surface and breakfast table, making this an attractive open kitchen design.

    •  Transitional Kitchen:

The contemporary and traditional designs are combined aesthetically in a transitional style of decoration. You can use wooded or rock style to design the cabinets, shelves, and workspaces of the kitchen.

    •  Corridor Kitchen:

It is like a galley-style kitchen, with two rows of workstations facing each other. You can place the cabinets on the wall on one side and place a counter on the other.

    •  Traditional Kitchen:

In Dubai, people are very conscious about their culture and tradition. This open kitchen design can incorporate arches, ancient walls, and roof design.

    •  Large Open Kitchen:

If you prefer wide spaces for living and performing household work, a large kitchen will match your needs. You can create a luxury open kitchen design with lots of cabinets and workspace.

    •  Corner kitchen:

If you have minimal space for your household requirements, a small corner kitchen will serve you the best. This layout allows you to create useful counter spaces and walking areas, perfect for a one-room or studio apartment.

    •  Luxurious Kitchen:

Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle, so the kitchen decoration should match the scale. Kitchens with modern appliances will make your life easy and comfortable.

    •  Dining Kitchen:

You can add a dining table within your kitchen space to help you serve hot food while cooking.

    •  Wooden Kitchen:

Decorating the interior with polished wood will add a sheer attraction to the open kitchen design layout. You can use radiant or country-style wood finishing based on your other home décor.

open kitchen design

These open kitchen design ideas will match every type of interior in Dubai and make food preparation easy and a fun factor. You can also discuss more ideas with the experts from Snaidero Kitchen Designs by giving them a call at +97142944803. You will surely get some useful insights about implementation of these ideas at your home.


8 Inspiring Kitchen Island Designs those are perfect for Dubai Homes

8 Inspiring Kitchen Island Designs those
are perfect for Dubai Homes

Kitchen islands help organize the food preparation procedure efficiently and serve as an additional workspace and a storage area. You can use the island area for meal prepping or as an eating counter, or for both. Also, kitchen island designs add a beautiful touch to the interior decoration of modern Dubai homes.

In the following section, we have mentioned the best kitchen island design ideas suitable for every type of kitchen.

kitchen island design

Kitchen Island with a built-in table:
A table within the kitchen will increase the workspace for your culinary purposes. The table may consist of cabinets and drawers, providing extra storage space to keep kitchen appliances. You can install a refrigerator or an oven in the base of the built-in table to save some space in the kitchen area.

Kitchen Island combined with breakfast bar:
The modern Kitchen Island design layouts provide a comprehensive solution for food preparation and consumption. Especially if you have space for either a kitchen island or a dining table, you can combine both of them. You may place some chairs on the opposite side of the kitchen counter for eating and tuck them under the table when not in use.

Kitchen Island with a movable table:
A movable table will provide versatility in your open kitchen, and you can shift it as per your preference. If you need more floor space in your kitchen, you can move the table outside and use the entire area. Movable Kitchen Island is perfect for the smaller kitchens to maximize utility.

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Kitchen Island with additional cabinetry:
Storage space is always a problem for the utensils and other appliances in the kitchen. The latest Kitchen Island designs can eradicate the storage issue. You can incorporate additional cabinets, drawers, and shelves with the Kitchen Island to make a proper accessible space for meal prepping.

Kitchen Island made of stainless steel:
Stainless steel islands are pretty common in modern-day modular kitchens in Dubai. Stainless steel provides a slim look and makes an amazing Kitchen Island design in small areas. Also, steel is very resilient and easy to clean, which keeps the kitchen area spotless and hygienic.

Kitchen Island with a butcher block:
In Dubai, people are fond of non-vegetarian food items, and they consume lots of meat. A butcher block in the kitchen island will help in chopping, slicing, and mincing so that you can prepare the dishes with ease. You should select the size of the block that fits into your kitchen without making it congested.

Kitchen with two islands:
If you plan for a luxury Kitchen Island design and have sufficient space, you can place two islands in your kitchen. You can use both counters for different purposes, like separate them into ‘dry and ‘wet’ areas and increase the storage space considerably.

Kitchen Island with gathering space:
Kitchen islands help in large family get-togethers when you have to attend many persons while preparing the dishes. The space around the table can seat 2 or 6 persons, which become very useful when you have many guests for dinner.

kitchen island

So, these attractive Kitchen Island designs will inspire your culinary efforts significantly. Also, it can function for serving breakfast to the kids or as a tea counter for adult’s get-together. If you still can’t pick any designs for your Kitchen Island, contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs at +97142944803 and make your modern kitchen innovative and functional.

Beautiful Modular Kitchen Ideas for Dubai Homes in 2021


Beautiful Modular Kitchen Ideas for Dubai Homes in 2021

Dubai homes are very popular due to their beautiful and spacious designs. And as the home is so beautiful, the kitchen has to look equally appealing and stylish. The best way is to go for a modular kitchen. The modular kitchens not only make the kitchen look neat and clean but you can easily keep all the items organized. So let us discuss some modular kitchen ideas today in this blog:

modular kitchen idea
    • Integrated hob: One of the attractive modular kitchen ideas is going for a hob that integrates with the kitchen surface instead of a separate unit. When going for a modular kitchen layout, try to have it installed on the kitchen counter for ease of work as well as better aesthetics.


    • Kitchen island: We cannot just miss out on mentioning modular kitchen layouts, and one of the best layouts that will give your kitchen a modern yet luxury touch is the kitchen island. Dubai homes mostly have big kitchen spaces. And if you have one too, you can choose a kitchen island design that upgrades the overall look of the kitchen. The island can further be used for several purposes and one of them is installing modules like drawers and cabinets. Also, if you have a kitchen island, you can choose pendant lights to be focused above it.

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    • Shelves: Do you know the open shelves are back in the trend? It is in fact one of the latest modular kitchen ideas that you can opt for. The only effort that you have to put with the open shelves is of organizing them. You need to always keep them organized as they are in full view of the whole kitchen. However, there are several other types of shelves as well, such as the glass shelves, which are in trend too.


    • Housed appliances: The beautiful kitchen modules can also have special cabinets that can house the kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher, toaster, blender, refrigerator, and coffee maker. The concealed appliances are great if you do not want to spend extra on getting matching colored appliances, as they can be kept out of sight.


    • Regal fixtures: As we talk about luxury modular kitchen ideas, the fixtures play a vital role. Taking for example, if it is an all-black modular kitchen, you can choose old brass or spun copper fixtures. Even the sink and faucets can be of the same material and you can have them installed on the kitchen island. This will give a regal touch to the kitchen.


    • Walk-in pantry: If you are still left with plenty of things to be stowed away, you definitely opt for a walk-in pantry. Contrary to the popular notion, a pantry does not have to be inside the kitchen at all. You can instead have it installed in an adjoining room or a wall opposite the kitchen. This inconspicuous storage space is an amazing modular kitchen idea that you can opt for without a second thought.


modular kitchen design

There are several beautiful modular kitchen ideas that you can get to make your kitchen the next talk of the town. For more interesting modular kitchen ideas, you can get in touch with the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Ideas. You can give them a call at +97142944803.


Modern Kitchen Design Elements that make an Impact


Modern Kitchen Design Elements that make an Impact

Over the years, the designs of the kitchen have undergone some radical changes. People experiment a lot with modern kitchen designs so that they can arrive at unique ideas that suit their needs. If you are looking for modern kitchen design ideas, it largely depends upon you what kind of designs you want to incorporate in your kitchen. There is not one or two but a myriad of designs that you can choose from. Let us discuss some of the big design elements that define modern kitchens.

modern kitchen design


    • Kitchen layout: Whether you are renovating your kitchen or getting it made from scratch, you need to decide on a suitable layout for your kitchen. There are various types of modern kitchen design layouts that you can go for which include U-shaped, L-shaped, G-shaped, Parallel shaped, Straight kitchen, Island kitchen, etc. You need to choose a layout that is perfect for the kitchen space you have. For example, if the kitchen space is too small, there is very little benefit of installing a kitchen island.


    • Cabinets: If a luxury modern kitchen design is what you want for your kitchen, you must focus on the kind of cabinets you are getting. There are base kitchen cabinets, tall cabinets, wall cabinets, etc. Choosing among these depends on the layout of your kitchen; and also the amount of storage space you want in your kitchen. Apart from this, you also need to be sure about the kind of texture you want for the kitchen cabinets.

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    • Lighting: If you look at the attractive modern kitchen designs, you will always find lighting playing a vital role. No matter which layout you are opting for or cabinets you are getting installed in your kitchen, if you do not get the right lights, the kitchen will look dull. There are several types of ceiling lights or you can even give a try to the pendant lights. These will make your kitchen look absolutely gorgeous with multi-level lighting.


    • Color theme: Just like lighting, color is very important for the kitchen to look great. Sticking to the latest modern kitchen design, you can go for all-black theme or an all-white theme. This means, there will not be any other colors on your kitchen surfaces. From the cabinets to the countertops, there will be only one color that will dominate the entire kitchen. This makes an excellent backdrop for accessories.


    • Greenery: If you ever find your kitchen looking a bit boring, despite installing the best cabinets, light, and getting the apt layout and even colors, you can add some greenery. Even if there is not much sunlight that comes in your kitchen, you can get plants that are meant to be kept indoors. You can also get hanging pots that can be hung in the kitchen. This will overall give a very soothing look to the kitchen space.


modern kitchen layouts

To get some of the most amazing modern kitchen designs in Dubai, you can get in touch with the industry experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. The experienced professionals at Snaidero Kitchen Designs will guide you through and even come up with the latest kitchen design ideas for your kitchen. To contact them, you can give them a call at +97142944803.


Kitchen Cabinets Design Layouts for your Dream Kitchen


Kitchen Cabinets Design Layouts for your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are one of the significant additions that can add a sense of uniqueness to every kitchen. In fact, installing kitchen cabinets is also very easy in today’s day and age when modular kitchens are utilized extensively. The cost of the entire setup depends upon the kitchen cabinets layouts and the kind of material you choose for them. One of the best parts about getting kitchen cabinets is that apart from the aesthetic benefits, your kitchen will be more organized.

If you are planning to get the cabinets installed in your kitchen, here are some kitchen cabinets design ideas that may help you.

kitchen cabinet design


    • Base kitchen cabinets: Base kitchen cabinets are positioned on the floor. The sink and other appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine can be installed in the base cabinet. The other things that can be installed in base cabinets are pullouts, think drawers, lazy susans, shelved cabinets, to name a few. This is one of the latest kitchen cabinets design which you may find in many homes. There is a lot of storage scope in the base kitchen cabinets.

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    • Wall kitchen cabinets: These attractive kitchen cabinets are mounted on the wall. Wall kitchen cabinets look very stylish and add a lot of beauty to the kitchen. To make them even more beautiful, you can install a glass door for the cabinets. If you want to add more storage space to this kind of cabinet, you can extend them up to the ceiling.


    • Tall kitchen cabinets: Also called the pantry or utility cabinets, this is one of the most versatile and amazing kitchen cabinets that you can get installed in your kitchen. These cabinets start from the floor and go up till the ceiling. The best part is you can even get your microwave and ovens installed inside these cabinets. Apart from this, you can also store all your grocery items in these cabinets.


kitchen cabinet design layout

There are also several designs of kitchen cabinets that can make modern kitchens look even better. However, before you decide on installing any particular kitchen cabinet type, you must be sure about the size of your kitchen. For example, if you have a small kitchen, you need more storage space. In this case, choosing just the wall cabinets cannot serve the purpose well. You need base kitchen cabinets or tall kitchen cabinets. These two are the best for maximizing the storage space. On the other hand, if there is a lot of space in your kitchen, you can go for the luxury kitchen cabinets, which may even include the wall kitchen cabinets. You can also experiment with other designs.

If you are confused or doing it for the first time, you can even discuss it with the industry experts. You can give a call at +97142944803 and talk to the seasoned professionals at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. The team at Snaidero Kitchen Designs is experienced and comes up with some of the best ideas when it is about kitchen cabinets. If you feel like, you can also share the ideas you have and together with the team here bring out some great results.

Fabulous Kitchen Layouts Design Guide for your Dubai Home


Fabulous Kitchen Layouts Design Guide for
your Dubai Home

Kitchen designs have evolved over the years. Nowadays it doesn’t matter anymore whether you have a big kitchen space or a small one, you can get any kind of kitchen design layout in that space. The only thing that you need to consider is the shape of the kitchen. If you are in the wonderful city of Dubai and renovating your kitchen or space is getting constructed from the scratch, you can try some of the latest designs of kitchen layouts. Here are some of them discussed:

kitchen design layout


    • Parallel kitchen: One of the most attractive designs of kitchen is the parallel kitchen also called the galley kitchen. The design is built along two parallel walls, facing each other. This layout can be opted by even those who have a very small kitchen space. However, when you choose this layout, you need to make sure that you get adequate lighting work done. Under-cabinet lighting can also be used in this layout.


    • L-shaped kitchen: As the name suggests, in this design of kitchen, the kitchen looks L-shaped. This layout is perfect for rooms in which one side is at least 96 inches and the other side is at least 36 inches. This layout can be incorporated even in a small kitchen space. The layout design makes the kitchen look spacious.


    • U-shaped kitchen: In a U-shaped kitchen the counters flow around three sides of the kitchen space. This is one of the most amazing designs of kitchen as you get a lot of space for storage.

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    • G-shaped kitchen: A G-shaped kitchen almost looks like a U-shaped kitchen; however, the only difference is the partial fourth wall or the peninsula. The peninsula turns the U shape into a G shape. In this layout, the cooking area gets streamlined and the base cabinets increase in numbers.


    • Kitchen Island: If you are looking for a luxury design of kitchen, then the kitchen island is the ideal one. As you get a kitchen island installed, you get sections in the kitchen space. On the kitchen island, you can get many things installed, which include sinks, a cooktop, dishwasher, or drawers. However, you should not get installed all of these installed on one kitchen island as space can get really cramped. You can choose any two of these and get them installed.


kitchen layout design

There are several kitchen design layouts that you can choose for your kitchen space. Nevertheless, you must focus on other areas as well such as lighting and storage space. No matter which option you choose, if there is not enough storage space, it will diminish the value of the entire design. Lighting also plays a vital role and you can choose lighting as per the layout and design of your kitchen space.

To get an even better idea of the concept of all these designs and understand them before finalizing one, you can talk to an expert at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can exchange ideas with a seasoned professional here and be sure of what you are planning with your kitchen is feasible. To reach out to the team at Snaidero Kitchen Designs, you can give a call at +97142944803.


5 Fantastic Modular Kitchen Design Ideas that will Work for Dubai Homes


5 Fantastic Modular Kitchen Design Ideas that
will Work for Dubai Homes

If you live in the beautiful city of Dubai, you are not only accustomed to the fast-paced life and luxury of the city but also the spacious houses with quite big kitchens. While living in a smaller 2 BHK apartment or even a studio apartment, you can still create your dream kitchen with amazing modular kitchen design tips. Anything is possible in Dubai, and if you are looking for modular kitchen design ideas, then you have some great sources to get your kitchen designed. All that you need to do is to get in touch with a company that can make it happen. When you are looking for a stylish modular kitchen in Dubai, nothing can beat Snaidero Kitchen Designs. Before we start talking about the company, let us first discuss some latest modular kitchen design ideas that will certainly woo you.

modular kitchen design


    • Kitchen Island: You know what is the best thing about a kitchen island? You can get it installed both in a large as well as a small kitchen. Only the size of the kitchen island will change. And as you are looking for Modular Kitchen Design ideas, you can get units like a sink, hob, and even dishwasher installed in it. Wait, there is more! You can even get cabinets or shelves installed in it for additional storage.


    • Hidden Appliances: If you have appliances that are a bit old but working fine, or they are of different colors, you can conceal them. Wondering how would you use them then? Well, you can house them in cabinets and keep them away from prying eyes. For example, you can get a tall cabinet installed and keep your refrigerator inside it. It is one of the most attractive modular kitchen design tips that will let you use your existing appliances without compromising the kitchen theme.

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    • Drawers: Instead of cabinets, for the under-the-counter areas you can get drawers. The drawers come with more space and you will get more area to organize your utensils. You do not even have to bend down to access them.


    • Integrated Power Outlets: The power outlets sometimes create a lot of hindrance in designing a kitchen properly. One of the very useful modular kitchen design tips is to get integrated power outlets. Once you pull the cabinets, you will get to see the power outlets. Be prepared to see that surprised look on the face of your guests as they will keep wondering how you manage your kitchen without any power outlet.


    • Pull-out Pantry: A pull-out pantry is one of the most sought-after modular kitchen ideas as this helps a lot in saving space. You can get a tall pantry installed in your kitchen, which can be less in width but more in depth. There won’t be any door, and you have to pull it out every time you want to take something out from the pantry. This is an amazing space-saving idea that helps you stack away plenty of condiments and ingredients.


modular kitchen design ideas

Like these five, there are heaps of luxury modular kitchen design tips that you can get from the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can contact them at +97142944803, and even exchange your ideas with them. The ideas shared by the experts here will actually help you get a one-of-a-kind modular kitchen in Dubai.