Trendy Modular Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Kitchens in Dubai


Trendy Modular Kitchen Design Ideas for
Small Kitchens in Dubai

If you have been to Dubai even once, you know how beautiful and amazing the city is in every aspect. And if you happen to live in this wonderful city, you know how much effort the people of this city put in to keep their home look beautiful.

Today in this blog, we will discuss the various small kitchen design ideas that can make that tiny space in your home look awesome. After all, the size of the kitchen does not matter. What matters is how you keep it and all the delicious meals that are cooked there. Let us take a look at the various small kitchen design tips that can turn out to be really helpful.

modular kitchen design ideas


    • Mirrors in your kitchen: We all know the aesthetic effect of mirrors. And when you apply this idea in the kitchen and get cabinet doors with mirrors, your small kitchen will look bigger. It is one of the latest small kitchen design ideas that has been widely accepted in Dubai. The light reflects on the mirror, and gives more illumination to your kitchen.


    • Metallic sheen: One of the most attractive small kitchen design tips is going for stainless steel surfaces. The kitchen island and even the countertops made of steel are easy to clean and disinfect. Don’t worry and give it a try; you will absolutely fall for it.

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    • Saturated colors: One of the amazing small kitchen design tips that you cannot say no to is the idea of saturated color. All that you need to do is to take a color like black, white, yellow, bottle-green, and choose a color theme that you want to apply in your kitchen.


    • Electric cooktop: As we are talking about small kitchen designs which should also look trendy, we cannot miss out on getting an electric cooktop installed. Well, it will actually not only upgrade your kitchen but also make it look spacious due to the flat look.


    • Wooden floor: Those looking for luxury small kitchen design tips will certainly appreciate the idea of wooden flooring. After all, not everyone can afford it, and it actually looks classy, doesn’t it? So, do not waste time thinking a lot about it, and get the wooden flooring done.


    • White and light: This point is quite related to the previous point of wooden flooring. If you are getting the wooden flooring done, you can stick to an all-white color theme in your kitchen. The combination of white on wooden can never go wrong. You can easily pair the white-colored cabinets with a contrasting color to make them stand out.


    • Shallow cabinets: Going for a shallow cabinet helps you store a lot of goods without occupying the much-needed floor space in a smaller kitchen.


modular kitchen design

If you want better assistance, you can get in touch with the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. They are seasoned and offer some of the best tips to homeowners. To get in touch with these small kitchen experts, you can give them a call at +97142944803 and discuss in length.


7 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas that to Beautify your Kitchen in 2021


7 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas that to Beautify
your Kitchen in 2021

Gone are the days when the kitchen was used only for cooking meals and washing dirty dishes.  Today, it is not the same.  The kitchen is now one of the most important places in the house from where the guests are entertained, where the family cooks together over the weekend, and a personal space that reflects our style.

If you are someone who believes in keeping your kitchen simple and organized, you will be amazed by the simple kitchen design ideas that you will find in this piece of writing today. These simple kitchen design tips will enable you to keep the kitchen minimalist yet stylish. So, let us check out some of the ideas here:

simple kitchen design ideas


    • Cabinet designs: Choosing the right cabinet design can make or mar your kitchen. If you are looking for attractive simple kitchen design tips, then you need to pay attention to cabinet designs. Choosing the design depends much on your taste but if you have especially a small kitchen, then go for cabinets that are sleek and going all the way to the ceiling. This will not only give a spacious look to the kitchen but also give you enough space to store things.


    • Cabinet colors: Just like the design, the color of the cabinets also matters a lot. Going by the latest simple kitchen design ideas, you should choose a dark color for the cabinets. They look bold and definitely stylish.

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    • Materials and textures: Simple Kitchen Design does not mean you have to keep it boring. This is why you should go for textured floors or walls. You can also get textured cabinets or the cabinets can be beveled for a more classic approach.


    • Storage: Storage is one of the main factors when we talk about the kitchen. One of the amazing simple kitchen design tips is getting a pantry where you can get the maximum storage space. You can also keep everything organized in the pantry.


    • Wooden flooring: Wooden flooring perhaps will never go out of fashion. It is one of the luxury simple kitchen design tips that you can opt for. In fact, if your kitchen is especially white, the wooden floor will make it look classy overall.


    • Add a pop of color: If white or black is just not your thing and flashy colors make you feel energetic, you can even choose yellow or other bright colors for your cabinets. Some other colors that you can go for are green, cyan, and red. These are the colors that look good in the kitchen and instantly improve the style of the space.


  • Accent lighting: Can accent lighting ever look bad anywhere? Absolutely not! Get the right accent lights added to your kitchen and let the admiration of your friends and family come your way.
simple kitchen design

A beautiful kitchen is a sign of our good taste. And if you have a unique look in mind for your kitchen, you can discuss your ideas and work together with the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs for a beautiful kitchen. Give them a call at +97142944803 and let their experience guide you to make the best decision for your kitchen.


7 Fabulous Open Kitchen Design that will Inspire you


7 Fabulous Open Kitchen Design that will Inspire you

Kitchen designs have undergone a lot of change over the past few years. Earlier, the kitchen used to be in a relatively isolated area of the house. These days, it is fashionable to make it visible right from the living room. And ever since the concept of open kitchen design has been introduced, the majority of the homeowners are opting for it. Open kitchens are actually a boon for the small apartment owners as it creates a lot of space in the kitchen and also make it look bigger and more welcoming.

If you too are someone looking for applying the open kitchen design ideas to your kitchen, here are some tips that can turn out to be helpful for you.
open kitchen design


    1. U-shaped: One of the most common open kitchen design tips is to keep it U-shaped. To give it a Scandinavian look, you can go for white on the wood combination. This will also make the kitchen look spacious.


    1. Straight walled: Straight is one of the latest open kitchen design ideas which is ideal for the small apartments where making a lot of corners in the kitchen can be a little difficult. And if you find the all-white designs boring, you can use dark colors such as total black in your kitchen. These two colors of black and white make a great backdrop for your kitchen.

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    1. L-shaped: Whether you have a big house or a small apartment, an L-shaped kitchen can never go wrong. You can add a lot of tall cabinets in the kitchen to make rooms for your chinaware and other essentials.


    1. Kitchen Island Table: One of the attractive open kitchen design tips is adding a kitchen island table. This will give you enough space to prep for the meal, and a part of the island can also be used as a dining space where the family can have their meals. You can also a beautiful breakfast bar on the island with tall chairs.


    1. Shallow Cabinets for storage: You can add a lot of shallow cabinets in the kitchen. If there is space, you can extend the cabinets going to the ceiling. This will enable you to store a lot of things in the cabinets making the kitchen look tidier.


    1. Open shelves: This is definitely one of the most amazing open kitchen design tips. This tip won’t sound new to you but keeping open shelves will help you create a spectacular display in your kitchen. You can also decorate the shelves with planters and add some greenery.


    1. Add accent lights: It does not matter whether the size of the kitchen is small or big, you need to add the right kind of lights to it. Going with the trend, you can add some accent lights added to the kitchen and it will make the ambiance of this space way better than what it is.


open kitchen design

To get some more of these best luxury open kitchen design tips, you can get in touch with the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Designs. With years of experience and well-tested ideas of designs, they can do a quick and effective makeover of your kitchen. To contact them, you can call at +97142944803.


Modern Kitchen Design: 7 Simple Ideas for Every Home in Dubai


Modern Kitchen Design: 7 Simple Ideas for
Every Home in Dubai

If you have a family of food lovers, you certainly need quite a lot of space in your kitchen. If you spend even just a few hours in the kitchen, you will realize how important it is to keep this room organized. Although the modern kitchens are mostly modular and you can hardly see anything lying on the counters, yet if you want not only a functional kitchen but a beautiful one as well, the following modern kitchen design ideas will help you.

modern kitchen design


    1. The cabinets should be smooth and streamlined: One of the important modern kitchen design tips is that the cabinets should be super smooth as well as streamlined. If the cabinets are smooth, you can even try removing the knobs. Instead, you can get the magnetic strips installed on the cabinets with a pop-out mechanism, as they add a modern look.


    1. Cabinets till the ceiling: There is no point in wasting the space above the cabinets. You can in fact extend the cabinets to the ceiling. This even makes the small kitchen look bigger. Also, you can store a lot of unessential things in those cabinets. You can also go for the shallow cabinets which do not have a lot of depth so that you can free up the important floor area so that your kitchen looks much bigger.

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    1. Open shelves: If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can get some open shelves installed on the walls. This is one of the most attractive modern kitchen design tips as it will make the kitchen look airier and you can show off those unique crockery sets that you have been collecting all these years.


    1. Get shiny touch: It is your kitchen, and it should not look dull. One of the amazing modern kitchen design tips for you is to add some reflective and shiny surfaces to the kitchen. Even if you have a comparatively smaller space, the reflective materials will create an illusion of space. To implement this tip, you can get mirrors installed or get glass doors on the wooden cabinets.


    1. Go white or black: One of the luxury modern kitchen design tips is to get everything in the kitchen in white or all black. Whether you have a small kitchen or a big one, your kitchen will look stylish. Also, the color will provide an excellent backdrop for the other interesting fixtures such as brass taps to stand out.


    1. A dining corner or a small bar: For a modern kitchen design, you can incorporate a dining corner in the kitchen or a small bar where you can relax. The simplest way is to add two stools to the free counter.


    1. Add greens: The color green soothes us when we are stressed for some reason. And the more you see the color around you, it will keep you pacified. You can add some plant pots to your kitchen and make it look attractive. It will not only make the kitchen look great but you will also cook all the meals in a happier mood.


luxury kitchen design trends 2020

For more such ideas that you can implement in your kitchen, you can head to the Snaidero Kitchen Designs and get a professional take at the kitchen designs that suit your style well. You can get all the advice you may need by calling +97142944803.


6 Most Popular Types of Kitchen Layouts that are Used in Dubai Homes


Used in Dubai Homes

Planning a kitchen that stands out is often not as easy as it seems. It is the layout of your kitchen that is going to help you to make the right decision on all the aspects of the kitchen. Since many of us live in houses and apartments that we don’t build from scratch, we can’t decide on the kitchen layouts. However, you can get some of the remodeling or renovation work done later as well. Here are a few of the latest kitchen layout ideas that might be helpful to you.

kitchen layout


    • Straight Modular Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout design does not include a work triangle. The workflow will be in a straight line. If you have a studio apartment, this is an apt design that you can go for, since it will not take a lot of space and you can work efficiently.

    • L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout

You will often come across this kind of kitchen layout. If you have a small house, this is one of the ideal layouts you can go for. The Amazing Kitchen Layouts Tip that you can get for this type of kitchen is the availability of the floor space. You can get enough space that can be used for storage. And if there is any space left, it can even be used for incorporating a small dining table

    • U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout

One of the most attractive kitchen layout tips for large houses is a U-shaped modular kitchen layout. There is absolutely no dearth of storage space when you have one such layout. Also, you get enough space to maintain the workflow.

    • Galley Kitchen Layout

Also called the parallel-shaped kitchen is one of the most efficient payouts that one can get. You can split the two workspaces into wet and dry. It is much easier to keep the kitchen as organized as possible. No matter what kind of a house or apartment you have, this layout design can be opted for by almost any shape and size.

    • Island Modular Kitchen Layout

If you are looking for some luxury kitchen layout tips, you are suggested to go for an Island modular kitchen layout. However, to get an Island modular kitchen layout, you would need quite a lot of space in your kitchen. The Island countertop can be used for various purposes, such as you can get a sink installed on it, or an oven, or even make it a breakfast bar. It all depends on the size of the Island countertop you have.

    • G-Shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen

A G-Shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen also comes with a countertop that can be used for various purposes. This kitchen is usually accessible from three sides, and the floor space is less used.

kitchen layouts
To get clearer ideas on kitchen layout tips, you can get in touch with Snaidero Kitchen Designs. The experts in the company can be contacted through the phone number at +97142944803 to help you choose the best layouts to transform your kitchen.


Design the Most Functional and Sensible Kitchen Island in 2021


Design the Most Functional and Sensible
Kitchen Island in 2021

If you have a large kitchen, you must get a kitchen island so that you can give it a modern and trendy look. Why a Kitchen Island? Well, a kitchen island is useful in many ways apart from looking great. It increases counter space, makes more space for storage, and you can even add dining space by adding a breakfast bar. You can even get a sink installed in a kitchen island to make a washing space out there. Many other things can be installed on a kitchen island such as drawers, microwaves, or even a dishwasher. You can call it an extension of your kitchen in which various activities can take place.

Nevertheless, when you get one installed at your home, you can keep the kitchen island design ideas mentioned below to improve the workspace:

kitchen island


    • Size of the kitchen island: Before you finalize a kitchen island design, you need to make sure that the size is right. If it is larger than required, it may inhibit movement and look useless. The workflow will also get affected. Therefore, you need to first understand the size of a kitchen island that is needed and be sure that space of at least four feet space is left on each side for movement.


    • Appliances: As we talk about the attractive kitchen island design tips, appliances add a lot of beauty apart from making the island more functional. However, installing appliances such as a stove, dishwasher, microwave, and a sink, depending on the size of the kitchen island. Whatever you are getting installed, make sure it does not get overcrowded. If you are installing a sink, you can also get a dishwasher installed to plan the work easier and with less movement.

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    • Workflow: Although not one of the latest kitchen island design ideas, maintaining the workflow is of utmost importance. You need to understand what all activities are to be carried out on the kitchen island. You of course cannot put everything on this counter. For example, if you are creating some space for a breakfast counter on the kitchen island, then you should not be installing a stove on it as people having their breakfast there can be directly exposed to fumes. Also, those who are putting high-chairs for breakfast should keep some space between two chairs, so that people can eat properly without feeling cramped.


    • Storage: One of the amazing kitchen island design tips is optimizing the storage space there. Kitchen islands are great for making a lot of storage space. You need to ask your designer to make the storage space in a way that does not create a problem for the people while having meals. If storage is your primary concern, you can just forget the idea of creating a breakfast bar and have storage accessible from all sides.


    • Lighting: One of the most useful Kitchen Island Design Tips is choosing the right lighting. In fact, lighting is something that enhances the beauty of any place. As it is a kitchen island, you can get installed pendant lights or any other statement lighting piece. This will not only make your kitchen look overall awesome but you will also be able to see clearly while cooking the meals.


kitchen island design

For more luxury kitchen island design tips, you can get in touch with Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can make a call at +97142944803 and share your preferences with the experts. You can get a lot of new ideas on the kitchen island designs which will help you to decide on the one that is perfect for your home.


What Elements Should be Considered While Designing Kitchen Ceiling?


What Elements Should be Considered While
Designing Kitchen Ceiling?

These days, homeowners everywhere pay a lot of attention to beautifying every part of their house. One of the prime spaces that most of us want to decorate is our kitchen. Making a kitchen look beautiful not only enhances the look of the space but also improves the workflow of this important area where you end up spending a considerable amount of your day preparing delicious meals.

However, as we talk about kitchen designs, many of us focus on the cabinets and lights that we are going to get installed; while seldom paying close attention to the kitchen ceiling ideas which play an important part in making your kitchen beautiful. Therefore, we can say that the kitchen ceiling is something that needs as much attention as the rest of the areas of the kitchen. So, let us some of the latest kitchen ceiling ideas that we can opt for to elevate the appeal of our kitchen.

kitchen ceiling design


    • Regular ceiling: One of the best kitchen ceiling tips is keeping it minimal and regular. You can just get some recessed light and pendant lights installed and the color of the ceiling can be white. This will give a minimal yet classy look.


    • Vaulted Ceiling: If you have the option, you can go for a vaulted ceiling. This will make your kitchen look much bigger than its actual size.

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    • Drop ceiling: Not many of us go for a drop ceiling but it is the easiest one to go for if you are not convinced with any other option. It can bring down the height of your ceiling but give it a beautiful look.


    • Tray ceiling: Another one of the most attractive kitchen ceiling tips to go for is choosing a tray ceiling. It is especially good for the small kitchens. This will make your small kitchen look bigger.


    • Beams: Having beams is definitely one of the amazing kitchen ceiling tips that you can utilize today. There are two options when you have beams in the kitchen; either you can keep the rustic wooden beams as it is, or you can color the beams as the color of the ceiling.


    • Coffered ceiling: If you are looking for a dynamic design, you can go for a coffered ceiling. There are a lot of textures in this design. To get this done, you need at least 8 feet of clearance.


    • Shed style: It looks almost like a vaulted ceiling; the only difference is it angles up on one way. There is no center in this type of ceiling.


  • Groin vault: One of the luxury kitchen ceiling tips is choosing a Groin vault. The look of it is more like a cathedral and is perfect for kitchens that are huge in size. It may cost you a bit more but looks absolutely majestic.


kitchen ceiling design

There are many kitchen ceiling design ideas that you can employ in your kitchen. However, sticking to the expert ideas will help you get the ceiling design of your choice installed easily. And as you look for experts, you can consider Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You contact the seasoned professionals here by giving them a call at +97142944803. You will be presented with some of the best professional advice and ideas regarding all aspects of kitchen design.


A Quick and Easy Guide to Getting the Right Kitchen Cabinet for Home


 A Quick and Easy Guide to Getting the Right
Kitchen Cabinet for Home

Kitchen designs over the ages have changed a lot. The major change has been brought in the kitchen cabinet ideas which have contributed to give the modern kitchens a sleek and stylish outlook. Earlier not every house had kitchen cabinets, and those who had them did not have the sleek designs. This is why not many of the people were interested in getting kitchen cabinets.

The kitchen cabinet designs you will find these days not only look great but are also helpful in keeping things in an organized manner and saving space. Let us take a look at the various types of latest kitchen cabinet ideas that can help you to decide on the one that will be a good fit for you and your home.

kitchen cabinet ideas


    • Wall kitchen cabinets: One of the luxury kitchen cabinet tips is getting the wall cabinets with glass doors. The wall cabinets are mounted on the walls and you can even install lights in these. You can extend the cabinets to the ceilings. This kind of cabinet is not only good for storage but also looks very nice. You can store kitchen items here and you can use ribbed glass to give it a classic look.

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    • Tall kitchen cabinet: This also acts as a great pantry or utility cabinet. The cabinet starts from the floor and extends all the way to the ceiling. For space-saving, it can be an amazing kitchen cabinet tip as you can choose this cabinet for installing many shelves and organizers to store various items. From cleaning items to food supplies, you can store several things inside this cabinet. If there is less space in your kitchen, you can even install equipment such as a microwave oven inside this cabinet. It is up to you whether you want to get a door for this cabinet or not.


    • Under-counter kitchen cabinet: This is one of the most common types of kitchen cabinets that you will find in most kitchens. This is a great idea if you wish to not have cabinets above the counter and want to install open shelves only. There are several types of designs of base kitchen cabinets that you can choose from. One of the best things about this type of kitchen cabinet is that you do not have to worry about keeping bulky utensils in them as these are sturdy enough to bear the weight.


kitchen cabinets

One of the most useful kitchen cabinet tips is that whichever type you choose, you need to be sure about the color. Also, going for the sleek designs will make your kitchen look bigger freeing up more floor space. All the cabinets should be of the same color theme and if the size of your kitchen is small, it is always a better idea to go for a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. For more attractive kitchen cabinet tips, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Designs. You can give them a call at +97142944803 and talk to the experts who have in-depth knowledge of kitchen cabinets and can provide a gorgeous makeover to your kitchen.


Expert Kitchen Design Ideas that are Most Used in 2021


Expert Kitchen Design Ideas that are Most Used in 2021

Food works in instantly improving our mood, doesn’t it? No matter how strictly we are dieting, we definitely wait for that one day when we can try those favorite food items of ours, which shows the importance of food in our lives. When we are cooking, we definitely need a space that is well-organized and beautiful. This is why implementing the latest and greatest kitchen design ideas is an all-important part of renovating your kitchen and home. The beautiful, trendy, and stylish kitchen designs showcase a lot of your taste and personality. So, if you want to make your kitchen design the next talk of the town, here are some of the amazing kitchen design tips that may help you.


    • Dark kitchen: Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be bright. Now, from the countertop to the cabinets everything is preferred dark keeping in line with the latest style. This is one of the latest kitchen design ideas that many people are opting for. Just the word dark does not mean you need to design everything in Black. The colors can range from earthy walnut to midnight green as well.


    • Return of the Dutch door: One of the awesome kitchen design tips is keeping the Dutch door. If there is a Dutch door in your kitchen, you can have it repainted and keep it as a vintage feature.

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    • Give a try the open shelves: Open shelves are not by any means, one of the new kitchen design ideas but it is seeing a strong comeback. Open shelves not only make it easier to keep the kitchen organized but you are also bound to make your kitchen look great.


    • Keeping the kitchen natural: Many people now prefer natural wood. This has been a kitchen design that used to be liked by people in olden times. The idea is again in much demand. If you think your kitchen cannot accommodate a lot of woodwork, you can at least get a kitchen island installed that is made of natural wood with a natural finish.


    • Adding art to the kitchen: If you have frames of art pieces, you can place them in your kitchen. This is one of the attractive kitchen design tips that you will not regret even for a bit.


    • Add the right lights: Lights do wonders to any place. If you want your kitchen to look great all the time, you must add some beautiful ceilings lights. There are also several types of pendent lights that you will find in the market as well as online. You can choose a multi-level lighting scheme to bring that glow to your kitchen. You can also add lights under the cabinets to make them appear modern and stylish.


home design ideas

Just like the above, you can get more luxury kitchen design tips from experts by contacting Snaidero Kitchen Designs. They have experienced consultants who would guide you through some of the best tips that can provide a great makeover to your kitchen. You can give them a call at +97142944803 and get their insights.


Kitchen Renovation Tips: 6 Amazing Design Trends in 2021


Kitchen Renovation Tips: 6 Amazing Design
Trends in 2021

While we plan to renovate our kitchen, there are certain challenges that all of us face. One of the biggest challenges is often keeping up with the recent trend. As the kitchen renovation is concerned, it is very important to be sure whether you want to renovate the entire kitchen or just some areas. Here are some kitchen renovation tips that will help you to get a new and fresh kitchen.

kitchen renovation tips


    • Adding dark shades: Gone are the days when white was the most sought after shade for kitchen counters and cabinets. With the changing trend, dark shades have made their place in the market and many people are choosing them. And as we talk about dark shades, you can even go for completely Black which is a great backdrop for the other colors that you might add to your kitchen. It does not only add a touch of sophistication to the kitchen but also speaks loud and clear about your bold taste.


    • Bringing vertical appearance: If you are bored of the current tiles in your kitchen, you can go for tiles that bring a vertical appearance. As you choose the tiles, you can consider choosing the ones that look trendy and not the commonplace ones. One of the attractive kitchen renovation tips in fact is going for bright colored pattern tiles that contrast with the rest of the kitchen.

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    • Giving a try to open shelves: If you want to follow the latest kitchen renovation ideas, then you must try open shelves. This is not a new concept, but this surely looks trendy. You can further decorate those shelves with kitchen decorative items and various centerpieces that create focal points in your kitchen design. You can still have cabinets but try to get them at a sidewall and keep the wall facing the kitchen door only for shelves.


    • Make room for greenery: Lush greenery is not a very common decoration concept in Dubai, but you can certainly add some green indoor plants in your kitchen. Therefore, you can get some shelves installed in your kitchen where you can keep the plants. You can also add wrought iron hooks on the walls of your kitchen to hand plant pots. This is one of the most amazing kitchen renovation tips that will soothe your eyes and instill a sense of serenity in your kitchen.


    • Let natural lights get in: When we talk about luxury kitchen renovation tips, it is not only the cabinets and counters that matter, how much natural lighting is coming to your kitchen also matters. There should be enough natural light in your kitchen, so the space looks fresh and welcoming.


    • Add the right lights: We all know that light plays a significant role in brightening up any space. However, when we talk about kitchen renovation ideas, we need to find the right lights for that space that boosts the look of the kitchen. Create a lighting theme with multi-layer lighting that will leave your kitchen well-illuminated and with no corners and nooks that remain in the dark.


kitchen renovation ideas

These amazing kitchen renovation ideas can be easily implemented if you can find a kitchen designer who can understand your vision and advise you accordingly to implement it. Snaidero Kitchen Designs is one of the best kitchen designers in Dubai who can support you in this regard. Contact the kitchen renovation experts of Snaidero today at +97142944803 today to leverage their expert advice.