Best Kitchen Cabinets that will Add Style to Your Kitchen


Best Kitchen Cabinets that will Add Style to your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important parts of the contemporary kitchen design especially as far as storage space is concerned. The kitchen cabinets are not only the perfect solution to the storage option in the kitchen but they also improve the aesthetics of the kitchen design thanks to the attractive kitchen cabinets. There are several types of kitchen cabinets that are available which the homeowners and designers can choose from based on the functional needs and available space. Here are the best kitchen cabinet ideas that you can opt for if you are on the lookout for renovating your kitchen and installing new cabinets.

kitchen cabinets


    • Black on Black design – The black on black kitchen cabinet design is trending these days. One of the big reasons for the popularity of this design is the many combinations that can be paired with black cabinets. They also make a great backdrop for your signature pieces and help these standouts. These modern kitchen cabinets are especially favored by homeowners who are looking for adding the ceiling in black too for a complete dark design.


    • Handle-free design – The handle-free designs are extremely popular due to the minimal appeal and sleek look that they provide. The alternative to handle comes in the form of pop-up doors for the cabinets or recessed bezels that can be used for operating the doors. The handle-free design creates a neat look for the cabinets almost like a clear wall made of cabinet door pieces.


    • Choose Drawers over Cabinets – This tip is especially important when choosing a design for the under-counter storage space. Under the counter, the area is easier accessed by using drawers and it also provides more area for storage of equipment and kitchenware. For the storage space above the counters; however, kitchen cabinets and shelves are preferred due to the easy storage options available.


    • Textured Doors Cabinets – While going for matte finish laminate or painted design are commonplace for kitchen cabinet door designs, do experiment with other design options. Some of these options may include engineered wood and even stone veneer panels. These luxury kitchen cabinets add a lot of texture and richness to the kitchen and provide a great tactile treat to handle the cabinets.


    • Punctuate with Open Shelves – When designing the over the counter cabinets, it is a good idea to mix and match the open shelves with the cabinets to provide a visual variety. This is also a great option to keep the most used condiments and equipment handy and accessible while cooking. Apart from cabinets, there are other modules that you can experiment with to create a unique design for your kitchen.


kitchen cabinet design

The homeowners who are looking for getting some good-looking and practical kitchen cabinets for Dubai homes can benefit from doing thorough research as well as assessing their storage needs accurately. The Snaidero Kitchen Design provides top luxury kitchen designs in Dubai for all parts of the kitchen include kitchen cabinet design. You can give us a call at +97142944803 to discuss kitchen design ideas and a step-by-step guide to designing your dream kitchen.


Make a Modern Home with a Modern Kitchen in Dubai


   Make a Modern Home with a Modern
Kitchen in Dubai

The role and essence of the kitchen have evolved from the one that has been carrying on for years and was even present just a decade ago. The modern kitchens are not only an epitome of style and sophistication but also boast of the improved workflow. Today, there are various types of modern kitchen designs that are available and which can be integrated by homeowners and designers while carrying out kitchen renovations or design projects. If you too have been searching for designs of modern kitchens for Dubai homes, you will find this writing useful where we have listed some popular design elements that you can explore.

modern kitchen in dubai


    • All White and All Black Designs – The all-white or all black designs have been immensely popular for creating an attractive modern kitchen. The all-white kitchens have been popular among homeowners who want to make their kitchen appear bigger, due to the optical effect of the color white. The all-black design on the other hand looks immensely classy and makes the kitchen look smaller. The key in both of the designs is choosing a countertop and backsplash of a different contrasting color including wooden textures that accentuate the design and create a focal point.


    • Waterfall Islands – The waterfall island design is one where the countertop edge flows down to the ground. Waterfall islands are popular due to the unique design they offer which integrates them with a breakfast bar. The best part of waterfall islands is that they look extremely streamlined and stylish with a neat geometric connected line.


    • Colorful Fixtures – It is time that we must bid a humble goodbye to the sturdy yet age-old stainless steel taps and sinks. The time for variations such as copper, bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, teal, turquoise, and even matte black has come. These faucets are as varied in colors as they are in function and you can choose from a wide range available today for a unique luxury modern kitchen design.


    • Open Wooden Shelves with Curios – The wooden shelves are a kitchen design classic and in no way new to the homeowners and designers in Dubai. They have been used for a long time now. The newer trend for a modern kitchen uses open wooden shelves in the kitchen for keeping curios and other interesting pieces instead of storing kitchen goods and equipment. This gives the open shelves an aesthetic quality which gives a unique character to the kitchen.


    • Welcoming the Greenery – If you are designing a modern kitchen in Dubai, one of the welcome tips is using a lot of greenery and plants. The plants make a great addition to the windowsill since they also provide ample sunlight. They provide natural color to your kitchen and additionally you can plant edible herbs to add some flavor to your food.


modern kitchen in dubai

These modern kitchen design ideas are great for homeowners who want to give their kitchens a contemporary look and feel without spending an insane amount of money to do so. For a great custom modern kitchen design for your home, you can contact the Snaidero Kitchen Design in Dubai who can take care of your entire kitchen designing needs. Just give us a call at +97142944803 for our consultants to familiarize you with many other designs and walk you through the decision-making process to design a unique modern kitchen.


8 Modular Kitchen Design Tips for First-Timers


   8 Modular Kitchen Design Tips for First-Timers

Modular kitchen designs are some of the most practical kitchen designs that are available for homeowners around the world. One of the key benefits of using modular kitchen design tips is that it is a great option for homeowners to get their kitchen renovated or remodeled for the first time. In the modular kitchen design, the various components of the designs such as cabinets and drawers are precision made in factories and installed in the designated place. This not only brings down the remodeling time drastically but also is much easier to maintain and clean. There are several types of modular kitchen designs such as L shaped, U shaped, G shaped, Parallel, Straight, and Island style kitchen designs from which the homeowners can choose. Here are some of the best modular kitchen designs from which you can implement to make the most of your modular kitchen design for Dubai homes.

kitchen design tips


    • Choose the right layout – Choosing the right layout or design is the key to having a well-functioning modular kitchen. You need to have a clear estimate of the space that you need and choose the right layout according to the available space.


    • Countertops – One of the biggest advantages of having a modular kitchen is the use of various materials that can be used while designing. For countertops, you get some interesting choice of materials such as marble, quartz, granite, acrylic, laminate, and many others. You also get a wide variety of colors and textures.


    • Appliance sets – Instead of getting each appliance separately, you can order integrated appliance sets. These come in matching colors and the kitchen is built to accommodate them perfectly creating a more luxury modular kitchen design.


    • Colors – Choose a color theme that gets you the desired effect. The lighter colors generally give an illusion of more space. You can also use a two-tone design for mixing and matching colors for an attractive modular kitchen design.


    • Wall tiles – Very useful if you want to preserve your walls, using wall tiles and other backsplashes on the wall can make them easier to clean and stain-resistant. You can also keep them the same color and material as your countertop.


    • Pull Out Drawers – The drawers are a common sight in modular kitchens everywhere due to their versatile application. You can design them according to your needs to store most of your kitchen equipment.


    • Customized Sink – Customized sinks are one more important design input you can provide to customize the look and feel of the kitchen. You can choose the color of the sink along with the tap and decide on the compartments and depth that you want to have. Porcelain and stainless steel are two popular material choices.


    • Lighting – Instead of dull ceiling lights you can choose to have lighting across different levels also called multi-level lighting. You can also install them under the top cabinets to illuminate the countertops for ease of work. Multiple lights ensure lesser shadows and dark corners.


kitchen design tips

These tips will give you a great idea of the things that you can try in the modular kitchen. For getting more of the best modular kitchen designs you can contact the consultants at Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803. Our modular kitchen design experts will provide first-time homeowners with all the information to help them make the right decision regarding their modular kitchen.


Best Kitchen Makeover on a Budget in Dubai


   Best Kitchen Makeover on a Budget in Dubai

Many homeowners sometimes wish to have a kitchen makeover but can’t proceed further due to constraints posed on them by their budget. There is a general perception that an attractive kitchen makeover must also cost a lot of money. That is not always true as most kitchens can benefit from the help of budget kitchen makeover ideas, where with a few tweaks you can save a lot of money compared to a traditional kitchen makeover which requires a lot of money. This is accomplished by focusing on refurbishing instead of replacing and with minimal intrusion to the kitchen. Some of the kitchen makeover ideas that have been listed in this article provide insights about what to keep, what to throw, and what to add to make the most of your existing setup and give your kitchen a facelift. Here are some of the kitchen makeover for Dubai homes that provide the maximum value for your investment.

kitchen makeover


    • Wooden or Acrylic Countertops – It is not a must to have the countertops in marble or other luxurious materials. You can get a good stain resistant and heatproof countertop in wood or acrylic material. For mid-range options, you can also check engineered stone options. If you want an industrial look, you can also opt for a concrete countertop.


    • Remodeling Cabinets – Remodeling the cabinets can save you a ton of money instead of replacing the whole cabinet. You can have a professional kitchen designer take a look so that you can get a good idea of whether you can preserve the inside of the cabinets and replace the cabinet doors or vice versa. You can install cabinets with glass doors to give the cabinets a fresh feel or even get them repainted.


    • Concealed appliances – If your new color theme of the kitchen does not go well with the color of the appliances, you don’t have to discard an appliance in fine working order. Instead, you can have them put away from the visitor’s eyes by placing them inside a pantry or have them placed behind drawers, cabinets, and other areas. You can also invest in buying a set that matches the color with the current costliest appliances.


    • Explore Flooring options – If you do not need to change your flooring, as you can just have it thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed. You can also install inexpensive solutions such as getting a nice broad rug to give your flooring a new look like part of the kitchen renovations.


    • Walls and layout – You can choose to keep the current layout and instead just have different modules installed in them instead of breaking walls. Instead of an open kitchen layout, you can choose to go for a semi-open kitchen by cutting a large square space from a wall and have counters installed for a breakfast bar design.


    • Strategic Lighting – When it comes to lighting, simply increasing the number of lights to maximum can have the opposite effect. It is not recommended to have too many lights in the kitchen since it can give the appearance of a showroom. Instead, the homeowners are advised to place lights strategically to illuminate food preparation counters and install under cabinet lights. You can also use LED bulbs to save on your electricity bill.


kitchen makeover

These best kitchen makeover ideas can save you a lot of money and even time while giving your kitchen a new visual identity. The other option for you is that for your kitchen renovation in Dubai, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Design who can help you choose the right things to replace keeping in mind your budget. You can give us a call at +971 42944803 and get a professional opinion and advice on your kitchen remodeling project.


Top Best Luxury German Kitchen Designs for Dubai Homes


Top Best Luxury German Kitchen Designs
for Dubai Homes

Kitchens have evolved as some of the most elegant social spaces and it has also become the perfect space for the homeowners to showcase their good taste and affluence. That is why it is commonplace to adapt more design influences from different places such as Europe. When it comes to European kitchen designs, Italian kitchen definitely have a huge influence; however, the German kitchen designs have also played an important part. The modern German kitchen designs draw a fine line between technological superiority and the warm rustic style of the old world. The German kitchens are characterized by high quality, sleekness, and refined designs which translate into a well-planned kitchen that is highly efficient and easy to maintain.

luxury german kitchen design


    • Soft-closing drawers – The Soft-closing drawers are one of the nice touches of German engineering that have become a prominent feature of kitchens everywhere. The effect they have is very soothing as the drawers close without a sound and with the slow gliding movement. With these, you can say goodbye to the drawers left halfway open thanks to the self-closing mechanism.


    • Integrated appliances – Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be stacked with the various kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, food processor, and more. The modern attractive German kitchen designs integrate the various appliances in the different modules creating an inconspicuous kitchen with invisible yet ever ready appliances.


    • Fluted Glass – The fluted glass used in the cabinetry doors can create a very vintage feel which is making a comeback. The curious 3D effect that the fluted glass generates makes it an interesting cabinet door choice while providing complete privacy to the contents of your kitchen.


    • Discreet lighting – Instead of lights that stand out and create a focal point in the kitchen such as the one seen in pendant lights, discreet lighting is the way to go for the best German kitchen designs. This involves fitting the lighting in the kitchen walls, under cabinet lighting, along with the woodwork, and recessed lighting.


    • Concealed Storage – A key idea to get a luxury German kitchen design is going for more concealed storage. This easily puts away the clutter while maximizing the storage space that the kitchen has. To implement ideas such as pull out pantries, deep racks, Lazy Susan, walk-in pantries, and many other ideas to use the space more creatively.


german kitchen design

Many types of German kitchen design are well suited to the needs of homeowners in Dubai. If you want to choose from more German kitchen designs for Dubai homes, you can consult Snaidero Kitchen Design having expertise in German kitchens as well as a proven track record of designing several luxury kitchens in Dubai. Our consultants are available at +971 42944803.


The 5 Most Used Kitchen Interior Design in UAE 2021


 The 5 Most Used Kitchen Interior Design in UAE 2021

Gone are the days when kitchens were used just to prepare meals and not much heed was paid to the look and feel of it. These days a kitchen is more than just an area to cook food. The kitchen interior design for UAE homes has undergone a lot of changes in all these years. Because of the increased size of the kitchen area, it has become very convenient and interesting to design this part of the house. There are several types of kitchen interior design ideas, and understanding and picking the right one at one go for your kitchen can be a little confusing. Therefore, here are some of the best kitchen interior design ideas that will make it easier for you to decide the one that you would like to choose to beautify your kitchen in 2021.

kitchen interior design


    • Use of natural materials: While you are putting a lot of effort to find an attractive kitchen interior design idea, you can make use of natural materials like wood, and stones. These materials give a natural look to the kitchen and make it look more appealing.


    • Multipurpose spaces: In many modern UAE homes, you will find kitchen space merged with the living area. Though it can look a little congested, you can keep only the useful appliances in the kitchen and curtail all the other things that you do not use usually. You can also add cabinets to store all your kitchen stuff as a part of a neat kitchen interior design. Using a breakfast table partitioning the living space and kitchen area can also bring some good results to visually mark the kitchen area. This is one of the modern kitchen interior design ideas that you can opt for, and which is perfect for small or studio apartments.


    • Add colors: Why colors should be restricted to only the other areas of the house and not the kitchen. To make your kitchen look livelier, you can add a lot of colors to the walls and other stuff. If you are not in favor of making the kitchen very colorful, you can use at least two to three colors, and the kitchen will surely not look bad.


    • Kitchen Island: For a luxury kitchen interior design, you can choose to get a kitchen island. You need to consider the size of your kitchen and choose the one that is suitable for your kitchen area. The kitchen island can increase the storage space of the kitchen as well as providing more work areas through the added countertop.


    • Multi-level lights – Instead of the traditional lighting which only has one or two light sources, you can have many light sources, all at different levels. This minimizes the dark corners and large shadows giving the appearance of a well-lit kitchen.


kitchen interior design

These kitchen designs will help you elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. You can get access to more such designs and ideas through the Snaidero Kitchen Design. Our consultants are experts in working with kitchens in Dubai and other Emirates, designing some of the most unique, elegant, and hospitable kitchens in the UAE.


Types of Kitchen Countertops: All the Options for Kitchen Counters

 Types of Kitchen Countertops: All the Options for Kitchen Counters

There are as many types of kitchens as there are homeowners, since everyone models a kitchen adding their unique preference, lifestyle, and personality into the kitchen design. One of the key areas where customization can be carried out to give a kitchen a unique identity is a countertop. The countertop is one of the most important parts of kitchen design as one can argue because it add s a lot of color, texture, and artistic appeal to the kitchen and because the main cooking takes place here. That is why a kitchen countertop has to be practical apart from being appealing. There are many types of kitchen countertops depending on the material used for making the countertops. Here are some of the best kitchen countertops types that you can opt for based on your preference and the unique properties of each material type.

kitchen countertops


    • Ceramic Tiles – Although it is considered to be the least expensive one, getting the right kind of tiles can do wonders for your kitchen. It is a durable material that can withstand elements such as heat and water. It is also known for being very low maintenance and ease of cleaning. It is difficult to get a completely smooth surface through tiles since the lines in between attracts dirt proving difficult to clean thoroughly.


    • Wood/Butcher Block – A wood or butcher block gives a great natural look thanks to the warm color and appearance of wood. There are many options including maple and oak available which are more durable due to the usage. The benefit is that you can reseal them to keep the integrity of the wood. The downside is that bacteria can easily make it their breeding ground and the water can lodge spoiling the wood.


    • Quartz/Engineered Stone – Quartz is an engineered stone that has turned up to become a great choice for attractive kitchen countertops. Despite not being a natural stone the quartz is much expensive and very heavy. It has a long life being resistant to most of the elements including heat, water, and acids. A variety of colors and patterns are also available which makes it a versatile choice for any kitchen layouts.


    • Marble- Synonymous with the luxury kitchen countertops, the marble is no doubt a high maintenance worktop finish being affected with stains and impact. With unique patterns, it provides a great unique appeal for the kitchen. It can also be very expensive to have all countertops in marble so most homeowners limit its use to the kitchen island.


    • Stainless Steel – Producing an industrial type look, stainless steel is a great option for the kitchen counters. It is easy to clean and sanitization is a breeze but the problem lies in the steel being scratch-prone which may distort the look of the countertop. It also tends to be noisier and expensive compared to other materials.


    • Acrylic – Acrylic and other solid surface materials are common these days and although they do not look bad and can be available in various colors, they are considered an economic choice. They are also prone to heat damage.


kitchen counters

These modern kitchen countertops are great options for homeowners looking to give their kitchen an aesthetic upgrade. You can also consult with Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803, who are experts in designing amazing kitchen countertops for Dubai homes. We will make it easier for you to choose the right countertop material and design to suit your kitchen’s needs.


Kitchen Furniture That Make a Big Impact


 Kitchen Furniture That Make a Big Impact

The kitchen plays an important part in making a home hospitable for guests and improves the quality of life for the residents. One thing that homeowners need to pay a lot of attention to while they design the kitchen of their dreams, is the kitchen furniture. The right kitchen furniture design can make a kitchen appear more organized, welcoming, and functional. Choosing the right furniture according to your kitchen design takes some work; however, it can also be a rewarding process as it can transform the entire look of the kitchen at a fraction of the entire remodeling cost. Here are some of the best kitchen furniture ideas that make a big impact on your kitchen design.

kitchen furniture


    • Incorporate kitchen drawers – Kitchen drawers can be a big space saver as you can replace the kitchen cabinets under the counter-top with pull out drawers. They can prevent the things from accidentally dropping on the floor and increase the storage space of the kitchen. You can even put the trash bin as a pull out drawers so that the kitchen looks near and the trash is not visible to all. One modern kitchen furniture design includes installing power points in a shallow pull out drawer to charge your phone and also get additional power points for kitchen appliances.


    • Smooth cabinet designs – As you install the cabinets on top of the kitchen counter; opt for a smooth and sleek design, one preferably with no visible handles. The cabinets should blend in enough to make it appear as a smooth design flowing through the kitchen. Go for a single color or two-tone cabinet surface and experiment with different materials to get a signature design and a luxury kitchen furniture look. You can also get innovative modules such as Lazy Susan or Accordion-style pull out cabinets for easy access.


    • Open shelving options – Open shelves are a great way for showcasing the key pieces that you want to highlight in the kitchen. Although they need to be dusted and cleaned regularly, they add a lot to the aesthetics of the kitchen. The open shelving is also great for easy access to the chinaware and cookware stored there.


    • Dining Corner and Bar – Adding a dining corner on the kitchen windowsill or as an extension of the kitchen countertop can provide an excellent place to entertain guests or for a casual dining space. The breakfast bar as it is otherwise called is a great addition to any modern kitchen. Another attractive kitchen furniture design for the breakfast bar is adding it as a raised platform to the kitchen island.


    • Tall and sleek chairs – With the breakfast bar, getting the regular dining chairs which occupy a lot of space is not a very apt solution. The better option is going for sleek and tall bar stool-like chairs which take lesser space and allow more movement space around them. You can also choose chairs and stools that can be tucked under the breakfast bar to be put away when not in use.


kitchen furniture

The kitchen furniture for Dubai homes are great for adding a touch of class to any kitchen while making it more practical and easier to work in. If you too want to implement designs such as these in your home, you can connect with Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803. Our kitchen design specialists can advise you about the latest kitchen design trends so that you can choose the best designs for your kitchen.


Fantastic Kitchen Design Trends for Dubai Homes


    Fantastic Kitchen Design Trends for Dubai Homes

Designing a kitchen is not only a matter of choosing the most exquisite materials but also planning them well so that they work well together to create the desired effect. In this day and age, several kitchen designs can help you alleviate your kitchen and give it a refreshing new look. In 2020 many kitchen design trends rose to prominence and which are likely to continue in 2021 as well. Creating the perfect look for the kitchen will be much easier when you are armed with the knowledge of these best kitchen designs. Here are the top design trends for you to consider while designing your kitchen.

kitchen design trends


    • Open Shelves – Open shelves have come back in the flavor and despite being dust magnets their appeal can be hard to deny. They are also not a great option for stacking chinaware and glassware at heights since they tend to topple and fall. However, if you have a curious design piece that you want to make the center of attraction of your kitchen, you need to get these shelves.


    • Marble Counter Top – A cornerstone of luxury kitchen designs, a marble countertop is one of the most elegant designs that you can opt for. To counter the porous and easily stainable properties of marble you can now opt for many other engineered stones and materials that can help you get this look.


    • Customized and Integrated Appliances – If you are having your kitchen redesigned by a professional agency, it is highly recommended that you also get your kitchen equipment integrated into the design. This involves getting all the equipment in a color that goes well with your kitchen theme and then having them installed as a part of the kitchen modules.


    • Kitchen Bar – A kitchen bar is simply a casual dining space that you may want to include in your design for easy appeal and utility. Whether you get one as an extension of your countertop, raised above your kitchen island, or even attached to the windowsill, you need to be mindful of the kitchen themes. They have been much popular lately due to their universal appeal to most homeowners.


    • Colorful Fixtures – This is one of the most attractive kitchen designs, as you add interesting colors to your kitchen fixtures such as taps, hobs, and lights. Some innovative colors that have been popular lately include dull brass, copper, champagne gold, rose gold, silver, and black matte finish.


    • Slab Backsplash – A slab backsplash is a great option for modern kitchen design if you wish to give your walls some exciting textures and colors. The best part is that they create an optical illusion of space since they are of the same material and design as the kitchen slabs.


kitchen design trends

These are some of the best kitchen design for Dubai homes which can make designing your dream kitchen a breeze. If you want to know more about how to integrate these designs in your kitchen, you can contact the experts of Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803. Our insights about the latest Italian kitchen designs and our experience of working in Dubai will surely add value to your kitchen design plans.


5 Ways to Create an Open Bar Kitchen in Dubai Homes in 2021


    5 Ways to Create an Open Bar Kitchen in Dubai Homes in 2021

There are several areas in your house where you can entertain guests, and thanks to the beautiful modern designs with the reimagining of home design concepts, the kitchen has been added to the list. The kitchens have become a symbol of hospitality and finesse with equal parts function and aesthetics. One of the features that are often added to modern kitchens is the open bar kitchen. The design is popular due to the changing in the dining habits of the people with the consideration in mind that the dining space in many homes is less used and people prefer a casual dining place adjoining the kitchen. At the basic level, the breakfast bar is just a designated area that has been designed keeping dining facilities in mind with seating arrangement and appropriate height. Many open bar kitchen design trends provide us with ready insight into how best can we add a breakfast bar to an existing or upcoming kitchen design. Here are the best ones:

luxury Italian kitchen


    • Breakfast Bar at Windowsill – The windowsill in your kitchen can be a great place to have a bar installed which can create an amazing dining space for your family. The biggest benefit of this best open bar kitchen idea is the flooding natural light which can add a great view to enjoy with your meals. Just ensure to get the bar stools or chairs of the right height since the height of the bar are fixed by the windowsill height already.


    • Kitchen Bar with Cut-in Wall – A wall-cutout is a great way to convert the closed kitchen into a semi-open kitchen without completely removing the wall. All you need is to remove a rectangular section in the wall and use the opening to install a counter. You can then add some seating to make it a great breakfast bar setup. It is also easier on the building than removing the wall completely however needs careful planning and proper execution.


    • Bar with Kitchen Counters – By extending your kitchen counter from a corner wall and installing support in form of a stand or wall, you can have yourself an inexpensive kitchen bar. It is also an attractive open bar kitchen idea since the theme of the counter can be extended to the bar counter with a consistent design.


    • Breakfast Bar with Kitchen Island – This luxury open bar kitchen idea is perfect for bigger kitchens that have a kitchen island. The bar can be slightly elevated to mark it as a dining space as well as avoid spillage on the bar counter. Tall stools are often added to this design for comfortable seating and enabling movement around the kitchen.


    • Open Bar with Trolley – Another choice that is not as popular as other designs involve a trolley which can be pulled out of the drawer space and can be moved around for a flexible setup.


luxury kitchen design trends 2020

You can contact Snaidero Kitchen Design to learn more about open bar kitchens for Dubai homes such as the ideas discussed above and many more. Our experienced consultants will provide you well researched and practical advice to install some of the best open bar kitchen designs in your kitchen. You can contact Snaidero Kitchen Design at +971 42944803.