Top 5 Best Kitchen Furniture for Dubai Homes


    Top 5 Best Kitchen Furniture for Dubai Homes

The kitchen has slowly taken the place that was reserved earlier for the living room or dining room. With the integration of the social aspect of the kitchen, the modern kitchen is an aesthetically appealing space that is visited frequently by the guests of the home. To accommodate this newfound attention the kitchen needs to be upgraded from a place purely dedicated to the preparation of food to a hospitable place to entertain guests. To upscale your kitchen one of the most vital points is choosing the right kitchen furniture that can make the place come alive and communicate powerfully the tone of your personality and taste. Let us look at some of the modern kitchen furniture in Dubai that you can find and how can you choose the right one to strike the right chord between aesthetics and functionality:

kitchen furniture
    • Kitchen Cabinets: One of the most common kitchen furniture in Dubai is also one of the most essential parts of a modern kitchen. It is easy to hit and miss on this undervalued and underused piece of kitchen furniture. The kitchen cabinets can add a lot of space to your storage and therefore it makes practical sense for you to install them in your kitchen. The trick is to match them with the overall color theme of the kitchen to make them stand out in a good way. Do consider wooden finish for cabinets that can give a rustic look or a thin wall cabinet from floor to roof to add a bold visual element to the overall kitchen look.


    • Kitchen Island: The kitchen islands are one a great addition to most modern kitchens provided they have the space available. Do consider the size of the kitchen island carefully and ensure that it is not too small or large for the overall kitchen. Another consideration is the right worktop finish and color that you should think well before choosing.


    • Breakfast Bar: As the dining space and kitchen are merging frequently, breakfast bars have gained a lot of popularity. If you have a kitchen island you can consider adding the breakfast bar at a slightly higher level or extend it past the island at an angle to give it a signature look.


    • Chest of Drawers: If your kitchen lacks a pantry, this can be an excellent addition to your kitchen to increase the storage easily and effectively as one of the best kitchen furniture in Dubai. Choose your chest of drawers in a contrasting color to make it a centerpiece instead of trying to blend it in with other furniture. Also, buy the unit separately so that you can move it around later to try different layouts.


    • Kitchen Trolley: Never underestimate the power of a perfectly matched and mobile kitchen trolley in a modern kitchen. As it comes in a variety of designs it can also be one of the most attractive kitchen furniture in Dubai that you can own. You can have a nice tea or Arabic coffee setup ready on it to present to your guests or use it as an extension to the breakfast setup. Do match the color of the trolley’s metal parts with the kitchen fixture colors such as brass, copper, steel, or gold.


kitchen furniture

This kitchen furniture are sure to make your kitchen look and feel more classy and sophisticated while serving their purpose well. You can buy kitchen furniture in Dubai, such as these and many more by contacting Snaidero Kitchen Design. We specialize in kitchen furniture that matches the kitchen layouts perfectly and new custom designs can be created for you. Contact us at +971 42944803 to book a consultation with us today.

Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinets in Dubai, 2021?


    Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinets in Dubai, 2021?

Dubai is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in the world today. The stylish living spaces in the city reflect the perfect amalgamation of the new world with the old. As Dubai prepares to host the Expo 2020, rescheduled to 2021 now and the economy gradually gets back to shape, the search for newer kitchen designs for the year 2021 also gathers speed for many homeowners. One of the best ways to raise the style quotient and give your kitchen a new identity is to upgrade the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets can easily make your kitchen appear more organized, tidy, clean, and sophisticated. There are several options these days of the design, finish, and layout of kitchen cabinets that you can choose from. That is why we have compiled some of the most important factors to keep in mind while you go about buying kitchen cabinets in Dubai.

kitchen cabinet


    • Match the kitchen theme: The kitchen cabinets cover a lot of surfaces in the kitchen and play an important part in setting up the look and feel of the kitchen. While some people prefer a wooden finish on their kitchen cabinets, for a more modern look you may also consider laminate, engineered wood, and metal finishes. Do consider the color of your flooring, fixtures, and wall and ask your kitchen designer to share a computer-generated 3D render, a virtual showroom, or finished projects.


    • Lighting plan: Do work with your designer to work on the lighting that will be placed along with the cabinets. Do consider the lights that you may want to place under the cabinets above the worktop. This helps in providing adequate lighting for the work taking place in the kitchen. If you are choosing glass doors for your cabinets, you can also place some lights inside of the cabinets to create an interesting look which is also a popular design for an attractive kitchen cabinet in Dubai.


    • Consider the use: It is easy to get carried away with the fancy designs but do keep in mind the functionality of the cabinets. It is pragmatic to determine the amount of storage that you are likely to need. A lot of storage is utilized in the modern kitchens to keep the equipment, cookware, and other necessities of the kitchen out of sight to maintain the clean and tidy look in the modern kitchen cabinets in Dubai.


    • Choose the modules well: To ensure that every bit of kitchen is being used, do consider going for a modular kitchen design where you can install the modules according to the available space. For the blind corners, consider cabinets with shelving such as Lazy Susan.


    • Go for minimalistic design: The Shaker Style cabinets are very much in style due to their sleek and minimalistic appeal. The recessed handles and push up cabinet doors are also popular due to the handle-less look and feel.


kitchen cabinets

When it comes to designing some of the best custom kitchen cabinets in Dubai, you should trust the job to a professional such as Snaidero Kitchen Design. We specialize in creating the best kitchen cabinets in Dubai which are bespoke according to your needs. Book a consultation with us today by calling us at +971 42944803, for our consultants to provide the inputs you need in optimizing your kitchen cabinets.


Tips for Best Kitchen Interior Design in Dubai


 Tips for Best Kitchen Interior Design in Dubai


The kitchen is certainly not the only area in our home but is one of the most important ones. Gone are the days when the kitchen was used only for cooking. These days, people put a lot of effort into designing their kitchen since it is also visited by the guests often. If you are also looking for a kitchen interior design in Dubai but are still confused with too much information on the web, here are some tips that may help you.

kitchen interior design


    • Color of the cabinets: The color of the cabinets is one of the main things to focus on while we talk about kitchen interior design. Choosing a light color like off-white is one of the ideas to opt for as it will make your kitchen look bigger and cleaner. And if you have a small kitchen, the light shade will make it look bigger. You can also opt for glass door cabinets which are perfect for showcasing curious things with lighting added inside.


    • Choosing the worktops for the kitchen: To decide the kind of worktop for your kitchen, you need to consider the kind of kitchen you want. If you want a modern kitchen interior design, you can go for stones such as an Italian marble worktop with a high gloss finish. If you want to go for a traditional design, you can go for a wooden worktop. The stain-resistant finishes such as engineered wood and metal are also a great and practical option.


    • Focus on the kitchen storage: One of the significant points is to keep the storage in the kitchen right. To get an attractive kitchen interior design right, there should be enough storage space, so that majority of the things can be kept inside. The more things you keep in the cabinets, the cleaner your kitchen looks. You can get some storage space with pull out drawers or designs such as Lazy Susan installed in the corner cabinet spaces.


    • Pay attention to the lights: Lights in the kitchen play a vital role and it is one of the Best Kitchen Interior Design. If there is not sufficient light, you will probably have difficulty finding things or even cooking. Go for multi-layered lighting so that there are not too many dark nooks and corners in the kitchen. You can also get some pendant lights so that you can have some focused lighting on the dining space. For the other lights, you can go for indirect or diffused lighting.


    • Add greenery to the kitchen: We all know that greenery is soothing to the eyes. When you keep succulents or herbs in the kitchen, they add freshness to the area. You can also keep a small herb garden in the kitchen with plants such as mint which can also be used in cooking.


kitchen interior designs

If you are looking for some more of the best kitchen interior designs in Dubai, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen. Our consultants have expertise in designing various layouts and sizes of the kitchen and they can help you make the most of the kitchen space. Call us today at +971 42944803 to book an appointment at the earliest.


Top Best Luxury Kitchen Design in Dubai 2021


     Top Best Luxury Kitchen Design in Dubai 2021

Dubai has always been one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East and that is why it also has some of the most modern and stylish homes in the region. The sophisticated beauty of these homes also permeates their kitchen which is equally stylish and elegant. The best part of having a luxury kitchen design in Dubai is that it is as much functionally efficient as it is visually appealing. Let us acquaint you with the modern kitchen designs in Dubai trends that are expected to remain popular well in the year 2021. Here are the top trends for the future of kitchen designs for the coming year:

italian kitchen


    • Custom-designed cabinets – Quality cabinets do not come cheap, and if you are going to get cabinets as a part of all kitchen designs, it makes sense for you to invest time and money in designing them. Do spend time in creating a bespoke design working with your kitchen designer to get a signature look such as minimalistic shaker style cabinets, or larger than life ornate designs that make your kitchen into a sight to behold.


    • Go for a marble countertop – Nothing makes a bold statement about a luxurious kitchen as marble does it. The beauty of marble has always been a symbol associated with royalty and that is why it is a worthwhile investment. If you are worried about marble being too high maintenance you can also get it on a budget by using engineered stones or even laminates. Go for gold-veined marble for an ultimate luxury statement.


    • Unique splash-back designs – If you are looking to create a signature and luxurious look in the kitchen, make sure to invest in finding a good color theme for splash-backs and taps. When you are choosing the unique look, ditch the boring stainless steel look and go for something exciting such as rose gold, brass, gold, copper, or any other finishes.


    • Island Bar – Since the luxurious kitchens have large spaces, an island bar makes a lot of sense. Filled with storage capacity, the kitchen island will make it super easy to stack away equipment, chinaware, glassware, and other items when not in use. The Island bar is invaluable if you do not have a separate space for a kitchen pantry.


    • Say goodbye to handles – One of the most prominent trends of kitchen designs in Dubai for 2020 has been cabinets and pull-out drawers. To retain functionality you can opt for press up drawers and cabinets or create a clean look and feel in the kitchen with straight clear lines. You can also use recessed handles to create the same clean effect as the handle-less doors.


luxury kitchen design in Dubai

If you are on the lookout for more of such best luxury kitchen designs in Dubai, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Design. We have rich experience working with Dubai kitchens and some of the best most attractive kitchen designs in Dubai that can be customized to meet your unique vision of the kitchen. Give us a call today at +971 42944803 and bring your kitchen design project to life.


What is the Best Way to Renovate a Kitchen in Dubai


     What is the Best Way to Renovate a Kitchen in Dubai?

The kitchen is certainly the heart of any home. Many of the major discussions of the family are carried out throughout dinner. Therefore, keeping the kitchen in the right shape is of utmost importance. If at present you have a kitchen in Dubai that needs a renovation, you can get it done through Snaidero Kitchen Design. Whether it is a modern kitchen renovation or a traditional one, you can talk to the experts at Snaidero Kitchen Design and choose from the various kitchen design ideas that are tried and tested thoroughly. You can also consider the following tips for kitchen renovation in Dubai that can be helpful:

Kitchen Renovation in Dubai


    • Hire a professional: Although DIY renovations save some money and even seem to be interesting, hiring a professional can raise the success rate of the project. Getting a professional on board will help you to understand which design to opt for and what would be the best color and theme for your kitchen. There are so many technicalities related to kitchen design that many of us cannot understand. A professional will always get the job done in the right budget and timeframe.


    • Use all the spaces in your kitchen: Whether you have a small kitchen or a big one, leaving idle space will be of no use. Every corner of the kitchen can be used for some purpose. And if there is any extra space, you can keep some attractive designer pieces that can spark conversations. The mantra is not to leave idle spaces, no matter what.


    • Stick to your plan: Try browsing through several designs but once you have finalized one design or plan, stick to it. If you keep on changing your plans, you may not see any positive results.


    • Set a budget: Everything has a price, and when it is about renovating the kitchen, the prices are usually higher. Therefore, you need to have a certain budget within which you can get the work done. This will even help you to buy the materials for renovating your kitchen.


    • There should be enough storage space: One of the best kitchen renovation ideas is to keep enough storage space. Having a lot of storage space will help you in keeping the kitchen neat and tidy. You can easily arrange all the items in the kitchen without putting a lot of effort.


    • Use light color if the kitchen size is small: Using light color will make your small kitchen look bigger. It will also make the kitchen look cleaner. Therefore, try using a white and lighter shade of colors for a small-sized kitchen. It will also be an attractive kitchen renovation as the kitchen will look compact yet functional.


    • Use of Woodwork: If you are looking for a luxury kitchen renovation, you can include some woodwork. You can opt for a traditional Italian kitchen design in which there is a lot of woodwork and even the walls and ceilings have some great designs. This is apt for bigger homes.


kitchen renovation Dubai

There are a variety of kitchen designs that you can implement in your Dubai kitchen. With the proper execution of your plan, you will certainly get the renovation work done easily and within the deadline. If you wish to get in touch with us at Snaidero Kitchen Design, you can call us at +971 42944803.


The 7 Best Italian Kitchens for Dubai Homes 2021


   The 7 Best Italian Kitchens for Dubai Homes 2021

If you want a blend of style, luxury, sleek, and elegant kitchen design, Italian Kitchen is the one for you. Italian kitchen design has always been one of the most sought after designs that have never gone out of trend. While you put up in Dubai, Snaidero Kitchen Design can bring you some of the best attractive Italian kitchen ideas. The designs can give an elegant touch to your kitchen and get you closer to the dream kitchen you want. Here are some of the luxury Italian kitchen ideas that you might like:

italian kitchen


    • U-shaped Italian Modular Kitchen: A much sought after Italian kitchen in Dubai, this U-shaped Italian modular kitchen has storage cabinets, space for prepping, cooking, a specific washing area, and a glass top table that can be used for dining purpose. There is ample storage area and this design is apt for small to medium kitchens.


    • Traditional Italian Kitchen Design: One of the perfect Italian Kitchens for Dubai homes, especially the villas. This design will consist of the woodwork and a combination of white and golden shade. Even the walls and ceiling will have a golden and white touch. The use of a chandelier makes this design even more luxurious. This design is perfect for villas or bungalows.


    • Italian Kitchen Design for Small Space: Do you have limited space in your kitchen? Snaidero Kitchen Design has got an attractive design for you. The design is sleek, and the cabinets are made of a very neutral shade of grey. Adding the industrial metallic lamp has incorporated even more style to the kitchen.


    • White Italian Kitchen: Who does not like a white Italian kitchen? It is almost everyone’s favorite. Well, do not worry about maintaining it, since the kitchen design is very easy to use. The hardware is sleek and just a wipe with a soft cloth will easily help in removing all the dirt. To make it look even more stylish, a bit of beige color can be added.


    • Industrial Italian Kitchen Design: This kitchen design looks elegant and there is no doubt about it. From the sink to the countertop, from the prepping area to the range hood, everything is made of metal. A rack is fixed above the platform as well as the pot handle make the storage space even double while adding style to the kitchen. The pendant light and the color of the refrigerator add more sophistication yet metallic touch to the kitchen design.


    • Minimalist Kitchen Design: If you are fond of minimalist design, you will love this Italian kitchen design. The cabinets are white and shiny, while the countertop is grey. There is only a cooking space, prepping area, and washing area. Everything else can be kept inside the cabinets.


    • T-shaped Italian Kitchen: This T-shaped kitchen comes in a white finish and metallic surfaces.  The appliances are attached to the wall. The T-shape of the kitchen doubles up the functionality and brings a lot of space for cooking, prepping, and even cleaning up.


Italian kitchen design

There is a lot of demand for Italian kitchen designs in Dubai. And if you are interested in getting one for your home, you can give a call to us at+971 42944803 and talk to our experts. You will get all the necessary information and options that you need to make the best decision regarding your Italian kitchen design.


Top Tips for Choosing Perfect Kitchen Furniture in Dubai


Top Tips for Choosing Perfect Kitchen Furniture in Dubai


A kitchen is one of the most important areas of a house, where not only cooking activities are carried out, but also where the entire family sits together and shares a meal. A kitchen is not all about the cooking range and modular designs; it is also about the right furniture for the specific areas. While kitchen furniture is of prime importance, it sometimes becomes a little tricky to find the right ones that will go well with the design and size of your kitchen. Therefore, here are some tips on getting attractive furniture for the kitchen that is perfect for the area.

kitchen furniture in Dubai


    • No wasting of wall space: It does not matter whether your kitchen is small or large, the wall space should be utilized properly. You can try to find classic wall-mounted cabinets that can go well with various types of interior designs. Try sticking to cabinets that may look good even if you change your interior design after a certain point.


    • Utilize the corners: If your home has lesser space, you can consider using the corners of your kitchen to adjust the dining room furniture. This will not only be the perfect kitchen furniture for your home but you can also have a cozy seating arrangement for your mealtime. Corners can be very useful; thus, you can choose other furniture for the kitchen like a corner cabinet where you can keep chinaware, tableware, etc.


    • Furniture for multiple uses: If you wish to keep the dining table inside the kitchen or go for an open kitchen design that includes dining space, the best kitchen furniture would be a high rising dining table and chair set. The dining tables can also be used for entertaining guests when you are not using it for meal purposes. Some of these may also come with racks in them so that you can store kitchenware in them.


    • No bulky furniture: One of the smart buying options for kitchen furniture is choosing lightweight pieces. Bulky furniture is not only difficult to move but they also take up a lot of space in the kitchen. They may also make the kitchen area look smaller and congested.


    • Light-colored furniture: It has a lot to do with psychology as light-colored furniture appears to be soothing to eyes and will make the kitchen area look spacious. Try keeping the majority of the furniture in your kitchen in white or off-white and it will give a neat and spacious look. You can also match the color of the kitchen furniture with the color theme of the kitchen to create a good blend or contrast.


kitchen furniture

You can add a lot of luxury furniture for the kitchen, and uplift the look and feel of your kitchen manifold. While you are looking for kitchen furniture in Dubai, you can get in touch with Snaidero Kitchen Design. You will receive sound advice from expert consultants who will guide you to make the best decision about the kitchen furniture. In case you want to contact us, you can give us a call at +971 42944803 and talk to the industry experts.


Trending Tips for Designing Modular Kitchens in Dubai


   Trending Tips for Designing Modular Kitchens in Dubai

Many people wish to have a modular kitchen installed in their home when they are building or designing a house. Even when you are renovating a kitchen, installing a modular kitchen makes a lot of sense due to the many benefits that it has. The modular kitchen designs can help in keeping your kitchen looking organized due to their smart storage capacity. They are also easier to install and maintain which brings down the time spent in the renovation and design while providing longer durability. Along with the above benefits, some attractive modular kitchen designs can make your kitchen look stylish and sleek. If you too want to benefit from these ideas and go for a modular kitchen when it comes to your kitchen design, here are some top modular kitchen design tips to give your kitchen a new identity:

modular kitchen design


    • Choose the right layout – Based on the available space in your kitchen, you can choose the layout that fits your needs. If you are cramped for space, you can go for a single wall kitchen which is a popular modular kitchen layout for the studio apartments. If you have more space, you can decide between the Galley kitchen, U shaped kitchen, L shaped kitchen, Open Kitchen, Kitchen with island, and many other layouts. Based on your layout you can determine the storage space, equipment, and which modules can help you get the ideal luxury modular kitchen design.


    • Identify the work triangle – No matter which layout you choose for your kitchen, you should work to identify the kitchen triangle. In simple terms, the work triangle, also called the kitchen triangle is the triangle that is formed with the ends on the hob, the sink, and the refrigerator. This is one of the best modular kitchen design ideas, which enables the ease of usage of the kitchen and helps in maintaining proper workflow. Based on the placement of these, you can decide on placing the cabinets, drawers, and other modules based on that.


    • Counter-top height – One of the key benefits of going for a modular kitchen design is the high level of customization that becomes possible. Invest some time in choosing the height of the counter-top so that you can easily work without straining yourself. It is also a good idea to keep other counters at the same height.


    • Choose the colors and finishes – Choose the finish as well as the color of the work surfaces to create a cohesive theme. These days there are some great surfaces such as engineered stone, metal, laminate, engineered wood, and many more which can be deployed to create a signature look.


    • Determine the lighting – Since you will be spending a lot of time working in the kitchen, it is important to maintain the functionality of the kitchen by choosing the right lighting. Ensure to have enough overhead lighting so that no dark corners are making your kitchen look dull. If you have glass door cabinets you can also install lights inside to create a brighter look.


modular kitchen design

With these best modular kitchen design tips, you can be sure to cover the most important parts of your modular kitchen design. If you are looking for some greater modular kitchen design tips in Dubai, be sure to consult with Snaidero Kitchen Design. You can book a consultation with us at +971 42944803 to advise you about implementing some great modular kitchen ideas.


The Best Open Bar Kitchen Design Trends of 2021


The Best Open Bar Kitchen Design
Trends of 2021

There are many ways in which you can transform your kitchen into one of the most social areas of your home. As you set up your kitchen in a way that is well-equipped to receive and entertain visitors, it is also necessary to add some elements that make it comfortable for your guests to spend some time there.  One of the easiest and best ways you can accomplish this is by executing some of the open bar kitchen design ideas. The open bar kitchen design is very much in fashion and adds a lot of style to your kitchen without compromising on the functionality. There are several ways of adding an open bar kitchen design at your home, and we have listed here some of the best luxury open bar kitchen design trends of 2021 for you.

Open Bar Kitchen


    • Tall seating – The furniture of the bar has to occupy less space in the interest of ease of work-flow. It is therefore sensible to go for a tall seating arrangement such as bar stools or bar chairs. You can determine the height of the chair that you would need, by looking for a chair that comes to your waist as a rule of thumb. Some of the best open bar kitchens master this design trend to determine the entire look of the kitchen.


    • Focused lighting – Whether you would like to go for multi-layer lighting or any other light theme, it is sensible to add some lights that focus on the bar counter. Since this area doubles up as a dining space as well, getting some pendant lights that focuses on the counter works well for all kinds of setup. You can choose an attractive color of the pendant light and also match it with the color theme of the rest of the kitchen to get a uniform look.


    • Blend with the worktop – Match the color and texture of your bar counter with the kitchen counter and other worktops. It is a good idea to design and order all of these at the same time so that you can find everything to be consistent. You can consult your interior designer or kitchen designer so that you can create a cohesive theme.


    • Bar counter with kitchen island – If your kitchen design includes a kitchen island, you can easily add a bar counter to it. The two popular designs include an elevated bar counter above the kitchen island, and a bar counter extended from the kitchen island.


    • Open and closed design – As a top open bar kitchen design trend, you can go for an enclosed design where you can place a lot of cabinets, pull out drawers, or other modules under the bar-counter to maximize the utilization of space. Do keep in mind that this option will not allow for the furniture to be slid under the bar counter unlike the design with the extending slab.


open bar ktichen

If you too want to have some of the best open bar kitchen for home, you can consult Snaidero Kitchen Designs that specialize in this area. At Snaidero, there are many attractive open bar kitchen designs to choose from, and our consultants can make a custom design for you to fit your needs. Give us a call today at +971 42944803, and get closer to designing your dream kitchen.


5 Tips for Planning the Design of Kitchen in Dubai


    5 Tips for Planning the Design of Kitchen in Dubai

Designing a kitchen is not as easy as it first looks. The biggest challenge in planning the layout of the kitchen is to determine the workflow of the kitchen since based on this you can plan everything else, from storage to dining space. If you too have decided to undertake the task to accomplish a design of a kitchen in Dubai, you must prepare by doing your research beforehand and work with consultants who you can trust. To help you out we have compiled a list of tips that can guide you to make the right decisions. Here are the top kitchen design ideas that can help you make the most out of your available resources and make your new kitchen great to look at while amazing to use.


    • Outline your budget – One of the most important decisions to make early in the designing process will be to decide on the investment that you are willing to make on the project. Although you may believe that money will not be an issue since you have enough for the kitchen designing or renovation expenses, allocating a budget will help you stay on track and decide on things such as the cost of material and equipment.


    • Kitchen layout – Finalizing a layout is one of the most important parts of creating the design of the kitchen. There are several layouts that you can go for based on the availability of space, the equipment, and the flow that you would like to maintain in the kitchen. If you want to choose between layouts, you can explore layouts such as single wall layout, galley layout, L shaped layout, U shaped Layout, Island kitchen layout, etc.


    • Consider the lighting – Since you are located in Dubai, you have the luxury of clear blue skies through most the year and you can take advantage of the natural lighting in your kitchen as one of the modern designs of the kitchen. After sundown, you can consider switching to multi-layer lighting which does not leave any dark corners. You can also consider utilizing the other light sources shared with other rooms if you want to have an open kitchen design.


    • Appliances of your choice – If you want to get a modern and luxury design of the kitchen; you must use appliances that fit well the color theme of your kitchen. This means that you need to carefully match the colors of your kitchen walls, work counters, other fixtures such as taps, and even the floor. You also need to minimize and choose only the bare minimum appliances that you want to keep out in the open and fix storage space for the rest.


    • Save enough for storage – Do make sure to reserve extra area for storage so that once you have started working in the kitchen the area does not feel cramped. Do consider the fact that you may still make impulsive purchases later and would need dedicated storage space to keep things out of sight. A pantry in these cases may come in handy.


design of kitchen

Apart from these best designs of kitchen ideas, it is also important to work with a trusted consultant who has expertise in kitchen design. In Dubai, you can doubtlessly go for Snaidero Kitchen Design, where the expert consultants would partner with you to help you make the best decision on every step of the plan. You can give us a call at +971 42944803 and come to a step closer to perfecting your kitchen plan.