What is an Open Space Kitchen and is it Right for Your Home?


      What is an Open Space Kitchen and is it
Right for Your Home?

Out of the many attractive modern kitchen layouts, one that has come to perfectly symbolize the social evolution of the kitchen as the heart of the home is the open space kitchen. The open space kitchen concept is one of the best things that have come up in recent years for the homeowners who are looking for improving the functionality and look of their kitchen. The new-age open space kitchen ideas are perfect for people who spend a lot of time, attention, and money into remodeling their kitchen and want to showcase it to their guests in a more prominent way. Let us understand the basics of open space kitchen designs and how can we determine if they are the right layout for our home.

open space kitchen


What is an open space kitchen?

The open kitchen design merges the kitchen with a room that is adjacent to the kitchen. Usually, that is the living room or the dining room which provides some extra space to the kitchen. It also means that the kitchen has a maximum of three walls and opens to the house from at least one side. This design relies heavily on the aesthetics of the kitchen and also uses clever design elements such as a kitchen island and dining area to mark where the living room ends and the kitchen begins. You can also add some additional elements such as a brightly colored rug or different flooring to identify the kitchen space. The open space kitchen allows for the appearance of a bigger space than an individual living or dining room and kitchen. Some additional considerations to keep in mind are that the design and color of the kitchen and the living space have to match in an open kitchen so that it does not look out of place.

Is the open kitchen design going to work for my home?

The best open space kitchen design can be executed in most of the homes safely while keeping the original structure of the kitchen more or less intact. Here are the top reasons why you should be choosing an open kitchen design for your home:

    • The lighting and ventilation are easier to maintain in an open kitchen, due to the design. The absence of walls allows you to leverage the lighting of the living room to add to the illumination. The lesser dark nooks and corners mean that the attractive open space kitchen looks a lot brighter and prettier.


    • The social involvement of the person who is cooking is not compromised as they can be involved in the discussions and talks. For facilitating this aspect even better, you can add seating close to the kitchen or even at the kitchen island through space-saving furniture such as bar stools so that your guests can sit closer to the attractive open space kitchen.


    • Your home looks bigger and more aesthetically appealing. This is especially true if you are going for a stylish open space kitchen such as modular kitchen design.


    • If you are cooking and have kids who need supervision, you can easily keep an eye out on the children. You can even watch television or entertain visitors without leaving your kitchen.


open space kitchen design

There are several open space kitchen for Dubai homes that can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen and home. If you too want to see how can this design help you in designing or renovating your kitchen, give us a call at Snaidero Kitchen Design on our number, +97142944803, and let our consultants help you make the best decision.


Top Unmatched Uses and Benefits of a Modular Kitchen


     Top Unmatched Uses and Benefits of a
Modular Kitchen

There are many homeowners these days who spend all their life’s savings into buying an apartment, especially if they are taking one in a metropolitan area. In a lot of these apartments, the kitchen has to be renovated according to the requirements and plans of the new owner. A modular kitchen provides a quick and easy solution to redesign your kitchen due to the easy customization and installation. There are many benefits of the modular kitchen, a few of which have been discussed here, but let us first try to understand the modular kitchen concept a little better.

Modular kitchen refers simply to a kitchen arrangement where components are designed into several modules, built-in factories, and installed according to the personal taste and choice of the homeowner. Almost all components such as cabinets, islands, shelves, drawers can be customized to give the kitchen a unique look and feel. Often the units are interchangeable so that you can interchange them without damaging the permanent structure of the kitchen walls. There are plenty of uses of the modular kitchen that make it an ideal solution for any modern kitchen designs. Here are the modular kitchen benefits that you can leverage to build your dream kitchen:

modular kitchen


    • Easy installation – Since it doesn’t involve any construction to the main kitchen structure, a modular kitchen can be installed in a few days completely. The installation is also a lot less messy than the traditional kitchen redesigns. The major inconvenience of looking for an alternate kitchen while the renovation is carried out can be curtailed to a few days.


    • Space Saving – Due to their compact size and well-defined modules, the modular kitchens take up lesser space and fully utilize the available space. The clever designs can help you use every inch of the kitchen smartly.


    • Customization – With a modular kitchen design you can exercise complete control on the layout of the kitchen. You can also adjust the layout of modules to suit your available space whether you want to go for an L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, Island kitchen, Parallel or Gally kitchen, or a single wall kitchen. There are also various materials, color schemes, and finishes to work with and create an attractive modular kitchen.


    • Easy to maintain – The modular kitchen is easier to clean and maintain due to the resistant material that is used in it. Sorting and organizing are easier to accomplish with the modular kitchen use due to the many available storage options.


    • Cost-effective – Although the initial cost of installation of the modular kitchen is high, it provides a better return since the maintenance cost of the modular kitchen is very less. This makes the modular kitchen a one-time investment so it requires less money after installation.


modular kitchen design

If you are looking for a modular kitchen in Dubai, one of the best places to get it from is the Snaidero Kitchen Design. The Snaidero modular kitchens have some of the best Italian kitchen designs and can be customized based on your preferences. To book a consultation with the Snaidero kitchen consultants, you can call us at +971 42944803 and design the kitchen of your dreams.


The Advantages of Having Italian Modular Kitchens


      The Advantages of Having Italian Modular Kitchens

When it comes to renovating one of the modern social hot spots of our homes, the kitchen has an array of smart renovation ideas. These can be combined to create the perfect kitchen for you that feels as intimate as a signature of your taste and style. One of the smartest design ideas that you can implement at your kitchen today is the Italian modular kitchen. This smoothly blends the warmth and sophistication of the Italian kitchen with the sleek appeal of the modular kitchen. The results are some stunning Italian modular kitchen designs that do not compromise functionality; however, look stunning due to the usage of innovative materials and concepts to beautify the kitchen.  There are also some huge advantages of the Italian modular kitchen, which justify investing your time and money into this kitchen renovation or design project. Here are the top Italian modular kitchen benefits that can make it worthwhile for you to employ these into your kitchen renovation and give a face-lift to your kitchen.

Italian modular kitchen


    • Organized – With full marks for neatness and organization, well-executed Italian kitchen design will have easy access to most used utensils and equipment with an appropriate storing place. One of the important Italian modular kitchens uses is that there is plenty of pull out drawers, under-counter storage units to stack everything. With such an organized kitchen, doing mise-en-place before your guests begin to arrive will be a breeze.


    • Stylish – An area where the modular kitchen shines is that the look and feel of the Italian Kitchen are very stylish, sleek, and clean. The color theme and variety of finishes such as engineered stone, metal, laminate, and engineered wood give you total control over the look and feel of the kitchen. This also results in optimizing the look of the kitchen to make it look brighter and bigger.


    • Functional – Many of the kitchen design principals are involved to make it easier for you to move and work in the kitchen. For example; one such principle is the golden triangle or working triangle which theorizes that the three main work areas of the kitchen refrigerator, cook top, and sink should be on three apex points of a triangle. You can benefit from utilizing designs that make it easy to operate in the kitchen.


    • Easy to maintain – Many of the components of the Italian modular kitchen are removable so that deep cleaning of the kitchen is not an impossible task. The modular kitchen is also made of resistant material, instead of traditional wood which makes it resistant to stains and water. The maintenance cost of the modular kitchen is also much lesser for this reason.


    • Easy Installation – Since many components of the modular kitchen are made in factories and already come neatly packaged making it a quick and easy job to have them installed. Chances are that with careful planning you won’t even have to spend a week dependent on the replacement kitchen.


italian modular kitchen design

These reasons make having an Italian modular kitchen in Dubai a great idea. If you too would like to see the various options and designs that you can employ to renovate your kitchen, you should definitely give a try to Snaidero Italian modular kitchen. Call us today at +971 42944803 for a quick consultation so that we can present some great options while our consultants will collaborate with you to get every little detail of your dream kitchen and make it a reality.


Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas – Best Way to Design a Kitchen Pantry


     Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas – Best Way to
Design a Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen pantry is an essential part of most modern kitchens that are built for only accommodating the essentials in the storage areas and have limited space for storing the bulk of kitchen supplies. For the people who are looking to save money for groceries by buying in bulk or those who are fond of baking, need to resort to having a kitchen pantry to stock their supplies. This does not mean that it has to be a boring place that looks unkempt and unstylish. There are plenty of kitchen pantry designs that can make the pantry look beautifully organized and even add extra storage space. We have attempted to discuss here some of the best ways to design a kitchen pantry so that the functionality and accessibility are maintained along with the good looks. Here are some of the top kitchen pantry design ideas that will make the most out of your Kitchen pantry.

kitchen pantry design ideas


    • Slide-out baskets – Install a slide-out mesh basket on the lower levels of the kitchen pantry which you can use to keep vegetables that you don’t want to refrigerate such as onions, potatoes, and garlic. You can also store fresh fruits in these for easy accessibility and keep them fresher for longer periods. This is a must-have feature for the chefs who also enjoy entertaining guests.


    • Bakery style shelves – Go for this timeless, functional, and bare industrial design by installing some metal shelves which can provide pocket-friendly storage option. You can club it with the wicker baskets to give it a classic pantry look. Do ensure to apply for some protection on the metal to prevent stains and rust.


    • Add color to your shelves – You can choose from a variety of wallpapers or colored tiles to give a great background to the back walls of the shelves of your pantry. You can change the whole look and feel of the kitchen pantry through this stylish kitchen pantry design.


    • Custom decal labels for jars – Get a fresh look of your kitchen through this beautiful kitchen pantry design of getting several transparent poly carbonate or glass jars and adding custom decal labels on them. This also improves the efficiency of the kitchen by reducing the time you spend looking for the right ingredient or condiment for your recipe. Transfer everything from their original packaging to these to give it a uniform and neat look.


    • Get a sliding door – Save the space by opting for a sliding door that takes lesser space to operate. You can paint it in a contrasting color to also add plenty of character to the kitchen. It is also easier to operate than the regular door since it stays secured and does not obstruct any passage when not in use.


luxury kitchen design trends 2020

These best kitchen pantry designs can make a big difference in the look and feel of the kitchen. If you want to browse through some of the best kitchen pantry design in Dubai, the best place to start is Snaidero Kitchen Design. We have great experience working in Dubai kitchens and our consultants can completely change the way your kitchen looks now. For a quick consultation, you can call us at +971 42944803.


Kitchen Layout: Various Kitchen Designs to Make the most of your Kitchen Space


      Kitchen Layout: Various Kitchen Designs to Make the
most of your Kitchen Space

Designing a kitchen involves a lot more than randomly placing the various pieces together. Just like every other part of your home, it deserves careful consideration and kitchen design planning which helps you make the most out of the place. The idea of kitchen layouts is to study the existing structure of the kitchen and look at what alterations can be done to fully utilize the space for best aesthetics and functionality. Here are the best kitchen layout design ideas that you can adopt when renovating or redesigning your kitchen.

kitchen layout


    • Single-wall kitchen – This is one of the best kitchen layouts that you can use for smaller flats or apartments where you usually don’t have a separate kitchen. Taking one of the walls as the base, various appliances, cupboards, shelves, and counters with sink are added to make a single wall kitchen layout. Since space is limited and all appliances are arranged linearly, the homeowner needs to be very picky about what to add to their kitchen. You can make the over-the-counter cupboards go all the way to the roof, or use the space above the cupboards to store items in wicker baskets for some extra storage space with aesthetics.


    • L Shaped kitchen – This is one of the most common as well as being one of the most attractive kitchen layouts that can be applied in a variety of kitchens. The design simply makes an L where two arms of the kitchen are joined at a 90-degree angle. It doubles the space of the single-walled kitchen effectively. For taking maximum benefits of the corner space, a design like Lazy Susan can be used in the cupboards. You can even add a dining table here for a functional dining space.


    • Parallel or Galley kitchen – This design is great for utilizing the space on two parallel walls making a Galley with two separate counters facing each other. This design is great to add extra space if your single-wall kitchen is facing an empty wall leading to a balcony or a utility space. For a functional design place the sink, refrigerator, and hob equidistant to one another while maintaining a distance of at least 3 feet.


    • U Shaped kitchen – This is one of the best kitchen layout designs when you are renovating a traditional kitchen which was built into a separate room or nook. This has three continuous walls which can be used to mount counters. This is the perfect layout when you need to accommodate multiple people working at a time. You can mount cupboards on the wall which can run along with the entire room, or mount on two walls and have open shelves on the center wall.


kitchen layout design

You can add an island to the L shaped and U shaped kitchen easily for extra working and storage space. It also helps to fill the blank space that would be otherwise left empty. For some of the best modern kitchen layouts in Dubai, you can contact Snaidero Kitchen Design. The Snaidero kitchen layouts can be customized based on your available space and transform it to give it a sleek and modern looks. For booking a quick consultation to upgrade your kitchen, get in touch with our consultants at +971 42944803.


Increase the Style Quotient of your Kitchen with Stylish Ceiling Design Ideas


          Increase the Style Quotient of your Kitchen
with Stylish Ceiling Design Ideas

When you are redesigning a kitchen, you get the opportunity to upgrade all parts of the kitchen and that includes the ceiling. Although traditionally very little attention was paid to the beautification of the kitchen itself, these days it is as much an aesthetic need as it is a social phenomenon. The kitchen ceiling design is an important part of the kitchen that can add a lot of beauty and grace to the bare kitchen. These are various kitchen ceiling design ideas that you can adapt to your kitchen ceiling so that your kitchen gets spiced up.

kitchen ceiling design


    • Regular Kitchen Ceiling – The regular kitchen ceiling is the simplest of all ceiling designs and great for keeping things simple. One of the best kitchen ceiling design ideas to beautify a simple ceiling is to use appropriate lighting. As the color of a simple ceiling is best left as white, there is always scope to add some pendant lights and light fixtures in a shade such as black or brass to add some flavor.


    • Drop Kitchen Ceiling – Also known popularly as the two-tier ceiling, it gives a lot of lighting options to the homeowners. The hidden lights are put inside the skirting of the lower ceiling which gives an amazing lighting effect. It does take a lot of maintenance since it may be difficult to clean the in-between hard to reach area.


    • Vaulted Ceiling – For the homeowners who do not have a floor above their kitchen can maximize the space by going for a vaulted ceiling. You can even opt for some skylights for taking the full advantage of natural lighting during the day but this kitchen ceiling design in Dubai can make the kitchen quite hot.


    • Beams Ceiling – With the beams being clearly visible, this rustic feeling is a great option for homeowners who are looking for ways to add more offbeat elements to their kitchen. The concrete beams give an industrial and urban feel to the kitchen while providing a stylish look. This quality kitchen ceiling is as functional as it is attractive.


    • Exposed Wooden Beams in Vaulted ceiling – Adding wooden beams to any ceiling can give it a great color combination; however, adding them to a vaulted ceiling is even better. It creates the illusion of a larger kitchen and also makes the perfect setup for some interesting pendant lighting choices.


    • Designer Kitchen ceiling – The designer kitchen uses designs with geometric shapes such as curves, angles, and patterns to add a chic feel to the kitchen. This is one of the modern kitchen ceiling designs that you can use at your home if you have a good architect.


kitchen ceiling designs

As with all kitchen ideas, the lighting plays an important part in determining the best setup for your kitchen. Go for multi-layered lighting for the maximum effect and to effectively illuminate these attractive kitchen ceiling designs. As for the color of the ceiling, white and off-white turn out to be the most popular ones. Snaidero Kitchen Ceiling Designs integrate several of these amazing kitchen ideas and gives a lot of options to personalize your kitchen design. You can contact our consultants at +971 42944803.


5 Beautiful Modular Kitchen Ideas for Dubai Homes


      5 Beautiful Modular Kitchen Ideas
for Dubai Homes

Kitchens around the world have evolved to become a place of social interaction filled with the spirit of bonhomie. This requires that the kitchen should be as compact as possible to accommodate people and also easy to maintain since you can get some visitors dropping by for an impromptu rendezvous. For these and many other pragmatic reasons, it is highly recommended to opt for one of the modular kitchen designs. The modular kitchens are a smarter and easier way of designing a fully functional and stylish compact kitchen. They have a lot of benefits attached to them that make them an excellent choice for most modern homes which do not have a lot of space dedicated to the kitchen. There are many great modular kitchen ideas that you can go for when designing your kitchen.

To familiarize you with the concept, let us first discuss what is a modular kitchen and how is it different from the traditional kitchen. The modular kitchen is made of factory-built units also called modules that are built using a variety of lasting and resistant materials that can be easily installed. The process involves very little carpentry compared to a traditional kitchen involving woodwork and does not produce any mess.  Another benefit is that you can use a lot of stylish modular kitchen ideas to make your kitchen look great. Here are some of the Best Modular Kitchen Ideas which are easy to implement and make a lot of positive impacts.

modular kitchen ideas


    • Plan your storage layout – Once you have determined your storage requirement, you can plan a way to have a sufficient number of pulling out drawers, shelves, cupboards, and even a pantry to stack everything. You can determine then what kind of layout can you go for to have the maximum working area in the kitchen.


    • Choose your colors – The timeless classics are black and white while the gray color is becoming very popular. You can then look for pieces and fixtures that can stand out. One of the best modular kitchen design ideas can be seen as implemented in white in the Kelly design by Snaidero Kitchen.


    • Glass cabinets – A great way to add beauty and grace to the kitchen design is to add glass door cabinets above the counter. This beautiful modular kitchen idea gets even better looking if you add lights inside the cabinet to illuminate them sufficiently. Finally, go for frosted glass if you are not happy with displaying the contents of your cabinets.


    • Cupboards without handle – For a sleek design you can go for cupboards without handles. To operate you can go for a pop-up mechanism on the doors or recessed handles that are not very visible. This sleek look is well executed in the Vision by Snaidero Kitchen Design.


    • Kitchen Island – If space allows, one of the best modular kitchen ideas is to go for a kitchen island, provided you have enough space. It can dramatically improve the storage of your kitchen and provide extra working space.


modular kitchen design

There are many modular kitchen ideas for Dubai homes such as these at the Snaidero Kitchen Design, which you can implement to have an outstanding looking kitchen. You can contact us at +971 42944803 for easy to implement modular kitchen ideas and beautify your kitchen in just a few steps.


Top Kitchen Cabinet Design Trending in Dubai


Top Kitchen Cabinet Design Trending in Dubai


There are many benefits to having kitchen cabinets in your kitchen. While most rightly designed kitchen cabinets serve the purpose of providing extra storage space, they also have a huge impact on the look and feel of the kitchen. Therefore, an important part of your kitchen design is to pay attention to your Kitchen Cabinet Designs. There are plenty of Kitchen Cabinet Designs Ideas that you can effectively leverage in your kitchen to get an attractive and modern look and feel of your kitchen cabinets. Here are some of the most Trending Kitchen Cabinet Designs that will make your kitchen cabinets sophisticated and stylish.

kitchen cabinet design


    • Go for Shaker cabinets – One of the most popular styles of cabinets these days, the shaker cabinets are by no means a new development. They have been here since the time of Shakers, a community of religious people who believed in maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle. Their carpentry inspired this style which provides a clean and sleek look with a frame and panel style cabinet design. These designs are now popular amongst modern and attractive kitchen cabinet designs and used frequently.


    • No visible handles – If you are looking for a sleek design for your kitchen cabinets, go for lesser or minimal handles. If you want to go completely without handles opting for pop-up doors on the cabinets is an option. If pop-up doors are not something you want to opt for, you can get a beveled edge as a door handle such as the VISION by Pininfarina Design available at the Snaidero Kitchen Design.


    • Glass doors – Another sweeping trend that has given rise to some of the best kitchen cabinet designs of modern times is using glass doors for kitchen cabinets. If you want to improve the aesthetics you can add some lights to illuminate the inside of the cabinets that can give uniform illumination. If maintaining the clutter inside the cabinets seems to be too much effort, you can opt for frosted glass instead of regular glass.


    • Lighting Under-Cabinet area – Using the lights below the cabinets can help you get the right focus lighting on areas such as the sink, the hob, or the counter. The illumination can also make sure that the under-cabinet areas are also well lit and presentable. You can opt for bars or strips of lights to cover as much area as you want and choose the look and feel as you want.


kitchen cabinet design

Several other modern kitchen cabinet designs can help you create a bespoke look and feel for your kitchen. You can consult professional kitchen designers at Snaidero Kitchen Design who are experts in kitchen cabinet designs in Dubai. We have a variety of designs of kitchen cabinets and all other parts of the kitchen to help you define the thematic décor of your kitchen. You can contact us at +971 42944803 for a quick and easy consultation appointment.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen


         The Advantages and Disadvantages of
Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens have become the way of the future in kitchen designing, thanks to the many advantages that the homeowners can get. It brings a perfect solution to the small homes where the kitchen is open and therefore needs a lot of storage space. While the modular kitchen comes with a host of benefits it may still have a few drawbacks that may affect your kitchen plan. It is very important to keep these disadvantages and advantages of a modular kitchen in mind so that we can choose the best design for our home.

modular kitchen


Benefits of Modular Kitchen

    • Sleek design – The modular kitchens look very stylish and classy. Their modern design translates into a luxurious feel for the kitchen with the modern and futuristic Italian kitchen designs. This is one of the biggest reasons why modular kitchens in Dubai have shot to popularity.


    • Freedom of design – Another big benefit of choosing a modular kitchen is that you get a lot of flexibility in terms of finishes, design, and colors. According to the layout that you opt for you can get metal, carbon fiber, laminate, engineered stone, granite, quartz, marble, lacquer, wood veneer, and many other materials to customize your kitchen. You can also choose the color combinations and layouts that you wish to have.


    • Space-saving – While the quality modular kitchen looks stylish, it does also save a lot of space. With the proper module to keep things and efficient usage of storage space, the kitchen is de-cluttered and the functionality is improved. Some of the modern kitchen layouts can have attachments such as Lazy Susan or carousel installed for corners while the cupboards can be Larded cupboards which result in sufficient saving of space.


    • Durable and quick to install – If you are going for a kitchen renovation you can reduce your installation time for the new kitchen in comparison to hiring a carpenter. The biggest time saving comes for cabinets. The best modular kitchens are also very easy to maintain and are durable due to the usage of material such as plywood that is resistant to most elements. You can also use waterproof materials such as aluminum which can be used as a lining under another material to match the rest of the unit as well.


The drawback of Modular Kitchen

    • High initial cost – The biggest disadvantage of going for a modular kitchen is that some types of modular kitchens can turn out to be costlier to get than the conventional kitchen. Although most of the people who have gone for the modular kitchen claim that it is easier to maintain and more durable than the conventional kitchen.


modular kitchen

The modular kitchens are definitely gaining popularity due to the many benefits that they provide to the homeowners. If you want to know more about the modular kitchens and how can they fit the plan of your home, you can give a call to +971 42944803 to discuss it with the Snaidero Kitchen Consultant.


Top Best Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas in the United Arab Emirates


        Top Best Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
in the United Arab Emirates

Luxury is a constantly evolving process that sets a person or places apart from its contemporaries. The beauty of the idea of luxury is that it goes beyond the simple concept of money and enters the realm of class. When one is looking for a luxurious life, they want to surround themselves with the finest that life has to offer and seek to build a lifestyle that reflects their personality. To expertly capture that in the place that you spend some of the most important time of your life, luxury kitchen design ideas can help you out. These ideas will help you design a kitchen where you, your family, and friends would feel relaxed and comfortable, while also giving the place a larger than life appeal. Here we go with the top luxury kitchen designs that can transform the place –

luxury kitchen design idea


    • The second island – While having an island in the kitchen is pretty functional and even a requirement, adding another island is definitely luxurious. The second island can easily function as a breakfast bar to give you added functionality and even work as a party place for house parties. The additional storage space that comes with it also helps big time to minimize the clutter in your new luxury kitchen. In case you have enough area you can also install an inside pantry to keep away the kitchen supplies away from the prying eyes of your guests.


    • Marble worktop – There is something about marble that communicates luxury like nothing else. The rich textured stone has been a favorite of regency and you can add that to your kitchen. It makes a great surface to work on but if you want a more stain-resistant stone you can also go for polished granite. This is one of the easiest and best luxury kitchen designs to execute.


    • Rose gold fixtures – Adding fixture such as taps and sinks in a rich color such as copper or rose gold is a great upgrade from the stainless steel fixtures. Paired with some rich nature-inspired lighting it looks great in any kitchen. You can also choose the pendant lights in the same color to add on to the theme for a luxury kitchen design.


    • Add a rug – If you are looking at an open space that you want to fill without creating clutter, put a rug with a lot of character and appeal. Thanks to the great selections of rugs available, it is one of the best luxury kitchen designs in UAE. You can also choose an antique rug with an interesting pattern to make for a great topic for small talk.


luxury kitchen design trends 2020

For other quality kitchen designs that exude luxury, you can get advice from a professional kitchen design consultant. In UAE, one of the best in this field is Snaidero Luxury Kitchen Design who provides great insight into how to design your luxury kitchen. You can connect with us at +971 42944803 and discuss how would you like to proceed with your kitchen design.