Top Ideas for Kitchen Remodelling in Dubai 2020


Top Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling in Dubai 2020

Kitchen design in Dubai has gone through so many changes in 2020, it’s hard to isolate one particular trend as being the major driving force behind them. But what is clear is that designers and renovators are now giving functionality and space optimization just as much attention as the aesthetic appeal inherent in color and texture choices. This has led to new ideas and top tips for kitchen renovation in Dubai which are increasingly adding practicality and ambiance in equal parts to the kitchen design mix.

The kitchen is seen as the culinary landscape that binds the home as well as the family that lives in it. A kitchen is more than just the storage, production and supply point, both in terms of the food and beverages which feed the family members, it stores in the smells, tastes, and memories of home that nurtures. When it comes to preserving your precious kitchen, you must keep it updated with latest trends and tricks that come in handy when remodeling your Dubai kitchen in 2020. Read on.

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Have Fun with Colours

There’s been a definite move away from the clinical nature of an all-white kitchen. While sections of white remain a favorite, there’s been a move towards mixing-and-matching cabinets in different colours, or painting or sealing wooden cabinets to make a bold statement. There’s also been a switch to black or stainless steel appliances, and turning necessary splashbacks into attractive features by using stone, and brightly coloured or textured tiles.  

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Optimize the Layout to Make the Best Use of Space

The kitchen is first and foremost a workplace. Think carefully when planning your renovation to make sure the kitchen will operate smoothly, and that it has enough free space to facilitate easy navigation between food storage areas, preparation spots, and the stove.

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Make the Most of your Cabinets

While it is easy to get carried away by colour, texture, finish, and style when thinking about renovating or replacing kitchen cabinets, it’s important to remember that their primary importance lies in what’s kept behind their closed doors. Optimizing the use of that space has become a big trend in kitchen design in Dubai during 2020, giving rise to increasing use of cabinet space to house unattractive and intrusive recycling and waste disposal containers, and accommodate appliances that would otherwise clutter the countertops.

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Choose your Worktops Wisely

 It’s tempting to choose worktops based on how good they will look once your kitchen renovation in Dubai is completed. But it’s far better to consider how long those tops will last, as well as how easy they are to clean and maintain in a work area that’s all about cleanliness and hygiene. Though beautiful, marble involves more maintenance and is harder to clean than composite stone, which has a beauty of its own and tops marble for durability.

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Take Plumbing and Wiring into Account

When renovating your kitchen, try where possible to take the existing wiring and plumbing into account for easy installation of new sinks or appliances and to avoid the cost of redoing it completely.

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Hiring the Best Kitchen Remodeling Company

Finding the company offering the best kitchen design in Dubai could involve a certain amount of research online and reading a few reviews. With Snaidero kitchen designs you know that you are covered for all your kitchen remodeling needs! It also helps to do some background research as to what your expectations are with your kitchen renovation in the UAE, or set up face to face consultations with Snaidero and see how they can transform your kitchens.