Tips for Picking Perfect Kitchen Design Layout for a New Kitchen


Tips for Picking Perfect Kitchen Design Layout for a New Kitchen

When planning your new kitchen design in Dubai, you’ll want to spend some time considering the layout that works best for you and your kitchen space. The layout will be determined by the arrangement of kitchen countertops and the major appliances. This floor plan creates the work triangle – the route between the stove, prep area, and sink and this should be direct and unencumbered.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, a kitchen island can be added to many of these layouts to increase storage and add extra counter space. It can also serve as a useful shield for the cook, keeping children away from danger spots and stop guests from getting in the way whilst cooking is underway. Your kitchen designer will be able to help determine if you have enough space to accommodate an island.

Removing a wall to expand your kitchen space is an option will give you additional options for your modern kitchen design in Dubai. But even if you have to work within the space you have available, most of these layouts are versatile enough to be adapted to a kitchen of any size, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

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The L-shaped Kitchen – with continuous counter space and work stations on two adjacent walls, the L-shaped kitchen design creates a natural work triangle. This layout is perfect for incorporating a kitchen island, provided there is sufficient space available.

Single Galley Kitchen or I-shape Kitchen  – in this simple layout, the stove, sink, and prep area are all in a straight line. The ideal solution for small spaces, and often the only possible solution for lofts and small apartments. 

U-Shaped Kitchen – probably the most practical modern kitchen suitable for both large and small kitchens, this layout provides continuous countertops and plenty of storage and keeps everything within easy reach. Adding a peninsula island is a great way to create a U-shaped kitchen design. 

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Corridor or Galley Kitchen – in this layout the workstations face each other on parallel walls, creating a small work triangle. This kitchen design is great for a rectangular kitchen space and utilizes a small space efficiently. It can easily divide the kitchen into multiple worksites, or one side can be adapted to serve as a seating area. 

The G-shaped Kitchen  – this layout is a variation on the U-shaped kitchen, with the addition of a peninsula or partial fourth wall of additional cabinets.

The Kitchen with a Central Island Unit – this kitchen layout is the optimal solution for large kitchens. Providing ample freedom of movement, a central island will complete your luxury modern kitchen in Dubai and allow for the ease of working and cooking whilst facing the living area.


If you have limited kitchen space and expanding is not an option, don’t despair – with some clever tricks and planning you can create the illusion of more space and still have a compact modern kitchen that is a pleasure to cook in.

Incorporate Some Geometric Patterns – geometric patterns are in vogue! These work to draw the eye vertically or length-ways to give the impression of a longer or taller kitchen space. Vertical lines incorporated into the design will also direct the eye upwards.

Add Some See-through Elements – floating islands, glass pendant lighting or glass-front cabinet doors allow an unobstructed visual path which will make your kitchen look bigger

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Use Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces – a large mirror on one wall, mirrored splashbacks or cupboards will make the room seem more spacious and accentuate you 

Open Shelving – removing some cabinet doors or replacing cupboards with open shelves will give the illusion of more space. These need to be kept neat, however, as lots of clutter will make space appear cramped. 

Embrace Minimalism – minimize decorative details and ornamental items, ensure that every item has a storage space and keep your surfaces clear of clutter.

A good layout will make the most of the space available and keep everything well organized. This is why it’s so important to familiarise yourself with the most common kitchen layouts and pick the one that’s right for you. The ideal kitchen layout should allow for more than just meal preparation but also serve as a central hub where family and friends can gather and enjoy some communal time while the meal is being prepared by the cook.


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