Free eBook – Top Luxury Kitchen Designs in the UAE

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Free eBook – Top Luxury Kitchen Designs in the UAE

The kitchen is the heart of your home and should be a place you love to be, sharing unforgettable times with family and friends. If your kitchen needs a makeover, or if you’re looking to build a new kitchen, look no further than our free eBook, Top Luxury Italian Kitchens in the UAE.

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Here you can explore some of our top luxury modern kitchen designs, including:

  • Way– characterized by minimalist elegance and continuity between elements, the Way design offers smooth contours, a sophisticated range of finishes and high customization potential.
  • Lux– featuring clean lines and advanced technical solutions, the Lux design combines classic Italian craftsmanship with advanced intelligent function.
  • Idea– defined by understated elegance and simplicity, the Idea design reflects contemporary chic and durability and creates a lasting sensation of solidity and style.
  • Frame– boldly contemporary and classic, the Frame design combines iconic elements with stylish functionality.
  • Opera– an expression of quintessential Italian luxury and stellar architecture, the Opera design is elegant, solid, practical and comfortable.

Whether your taste is for luxury or minimalist, modern or traditional, Snaidero offers a wide range of designs, materials, colour combinations, accessories and finishes to choose from. Get an inside look into luxury modern kitchen designs in Dubai and be inspired to transform your home with timeless Italian craftsmanship.

Why Snaidero is your Top Choice for Luxury Kitchen Design in the UAE

Snaidero is one of the leading Italian manufacturers and distributors of fitted kitchens in Europe, with over 70 years of experience in kitchen design. We collaborate with leading designers to bring the world’s finest kitchen concepts to your home.

Snaidero UAE commenced operations in 2015, to bring the finest ‘Made-in-Italy’ contemporary kitchen designs to UAE homes. We delight in assisting our customers in the creation of a kitchen that perfectly balances style and function and will keep you enthralled! Our custom-made designs are moulded to perfectly maximize and transform your kitchen space.

Our commitment to minimizing environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials is deeply rooted in our everyday operations. We’re also committed to using partners and suppliers that have adopted environmentally-aware manufacturing processes.

We pride ourselves on commitment to quality, ethics and environmental sustainability. Using innovative technologies and eco-sustainable materials and processes, quality is a value we simply never compromise on. Snaidero offers a 10-year warranty, giving our customers the peace of mind that their kitchen will stand the test of time.

Download our Free eBook now and let Snaidero make your new dream kitchen a reality.


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